Electronic Arts makes a secret game with a unique system of degradability

Electronic Arts делает секретную игру с уникальной системой разрушаемости

Electronic Arts announced to the world that right now is developing a new secret game called Project Atlas, which will rely on newfangled cloud technology necessary for the implementation of a unique system of degradability, which hitherto no one has ever seen.

Specifically, the press-service of the company was written the following: “Cloud technologies are needed to ensure a Hyper-realistic destruction of the environment in new HD terms, almost indistinguishable from what we see in real life.”

All of this will be strictly the network, and ultimately may not be so much a game as some kind of gaming technology. If we are talking still about the game, then they say that it will be a new part of Need for Speed, as in shooters to make photo-realistic graphics, destruction – still difficult, but in a race it is, moreover, now many racing games sometimes are hard to distinguish from real racing.

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Michael Pakter called the timing of the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC

Майкл Пактер назвал сроки выхода Red Dead Redemption 2 на ПК

Not for long music played, not for long lasting affair. Very quickly the story ended with the release of the PC version of Red Dead Redemption 2. No sooner had we still like to be able to argue on this subject as senior analyst Wedbush Securities, Michael Pakter, all messed up, saying that, Yes, RDR 2 will be released on PC, and not just said, but called the timing: April of next year, adding he did not know why the release of the PC port took so long.

If someone does not know what Mr. Pakter is rarely wrong in predictions, but if claims about such things as the timing of release of specific games, as a rule, makes it on the basis of solid information. For example, at the beginning of last spring, he stunned everyone with the announcement that Bethesda until the end of the year to announce The Elder Scrolls 6, what was hard to believe a little, but that’s exactly what happened.

Moreover, Mr. Pakter reports that RDR 2 will be released not only on PC but also on consoles next generation, which are yet to be announced. It is necessary at least in order for people to be able to enjoy the HDR mode, which in the current console versions there, and which, apparently, the first will appear first on PC, and future Xbox and PlayStation.

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In Soulcalibur VI will ban for inappropriate characters

В Soulcalibur VI будут банить за неуместных героев

As we predicted, Bandai Namco had to take action against several players, creating a Soulcalibur VI absolutely cheat characters, which go in the rating battles, inducing fear and terror on opponents.

And these measures proved to be quite steep, although generally logical. Instead of introducing restrictions into the editor, the developers decided to take a simpler approach, declaring that the creators of such characters will be banned.

The creators of misplaced heroes promise to cut the multiplayer. Moreover, it is possible that this ban will be permanent without any time limits. Anyway, this one said nothing.

However, the definition of irrelevance, which was used in Bandai Namco also very vague, and it is unclear who, exactly, will ban: those who create so-called trolling-characters, or those who, for example, produces to fight naked fighters or famous characters copyrighted?

But in any case, all sorts of funny experiments with the editor of this fighting should stop, so to speak, from sin.

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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice gets first review

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice обзаводится первой рецензией

5 months before release, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice gets first review, but without given a mark, but with many interesting details.

Representative publications Well-Played, probably played a lot (actually played, since he wrote the girl) said that Sekiro do not need to compare with any Bloodborne with Dark Souls, because here in the focus on stealth. Most of the game we’ll have to sneak past enemies, performing silent kills periodically.

We also found out that the game has no mechanics standard light and heavy attacks. Instead of a heavy character will use one of the skills of the prosthesis of the left hand.

Despite the stealth, open battles is more than enough. Then the player needs to follow the indicator of the pulse of the enemies, which fills at least they receive damage, after which they would hold an especially powerful attack.

Well, finally it became known that the game actually removed all that can be attributed to the genre of RPG. The weapon has no damage, and the character is not gaining experience, measured in points. So, Yes Sekiro is a daring game that promises to go March 22.

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Is coming restart Blood

Грядёт перезапуск Blood

Looks like Night Dive Studios is ready to announce something associated with old shooter Blood. Nothing that Orgy, which the developers arranged on the page in Facebook is impossible to explain.

There began to publish bloody images, mostly black background, and according to one of them, it seems that we are waiting for a remake or remaster the first part, because one of the pictures was just exactly the same, some put on a box with a disc in the original part of 1997.

Most likely, if we are really waiting for Blood Remaster, it will be similar to Turok Remaster, because many things like sprites, remake is unlikely to succeed. But in this form the game may become a desired pastime for those who are older, and games whose youth fell on System Shock, Doom, Quake and all of the Blood.

It is worth noting that the main project Night Dive Studios at the moment is a remake of System Shock, which was supposed to come out this year, and who moved into the unknown due to lack of funds.

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Agony uncensored debuted on Steam

Agony без цензуры дебютировала в Steam

SUPERIOR Agony, which appeared in the Steam, collects double the best reviews compared to the original version that was exposed at the time censorship: 82% versus 46%.

But not because of the rejection of censorship, the game rated so well, but because of the numerous improvements that the developers have done over the past few months, while staying under the yoke of criticism.

Buyers and owners of the original version who version new got for free, noted a significant improvement in graphics, which ceased to be soap and a darker, more detailed anatomy of characters, a lot of new sound effects, and a new geography levels, which was partially converted with the addition of new decorative elements and new traps.

All this had an immediate effect on the atmosphere: the game has become worse and harder. It is a pity that the developers failed to do from the beginning. But better late than never.

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Fallout 76 will only support the 16:9 format

Fallout 76 поддержит только формат 16:9

It turned out that in 2018, the year, working with the old, ten times the known engine, Bethesda for their Fallout 76 are unable to implement support for other formats other than 16:9.

If you are the proud owner of the monitor or TV with an ultra-wide screen style 16:10 or 21:9, not to mention an old monitor 4:3, normal game you will not work, even if you are additionally going to help her dig deeper into the settings of the monitor. You will still lose the interface to be displayed incorrectly, and sometimes altogether lost. Specifically, we reported that the right and left of the interface elements will come out beyond the screen.

But that’s not all. It seems that the speed of the game here is tied to frame rate, and in the PC version, fiddle with the system files, unlock the framerate will be possible, because of what the gameplay is supposed to accelerate. How this will work in multiplayer, especially in battles with other players who have lower FPS – is unclear.

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Old School Runescape was released on mobile devices

Old School Runescape вышла на мобильных устройствах

The Studio Jagex announced the release of the MMORPG Old School Runescape on mobile devices. The game is already available in the App Store and Google Play.

Old School Runescape — re-release of the original game in 2007, which is developed and supported in parallel with the modern version.

The game also supports cross-play between mobile devices and PC, but this option is available only to owners of a monthly subscription. The title itself will be free.

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World of Warcraft player to resume the 120 level collecting flowers

Игрок World of Warcraft докачался до 120 уровня собирая цветы

When the Battle of Azeroth, was released in mid-August, the majority of players are leveling to max level took about a week. The player with the nickname Doubleagent, the only pacifist WoW, it took 77 days, and his path was not so fun.

Doubleagent is a kind of celebrity in the community of World of Warcraft. Unlike RAID groups and well-known Goncharov Azeroth, Doubleagent is known as the player who pumped exclusively non-combat methods — collecting flowers and ore. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the Pandaren race is starting to play the neutral party and choose Horde or Alliance is not required. Instead, the player has spent thousands of hours walking around the island and collecting all the colors.

Now, when gamers reached the maximum level, he can play other characters and do more fun activities.

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Apple announced the new iPad Pro, a nearly frameless display, USB connector and other features

 Apple анонсировала новый iPad Pro — почти безрамочный дисплей, USB-разъем и другие особенности

At today’s Apple conference, the company announced a new iPad Pro.

The most important difference is the lack of Home button. The new tablet it had lost, but acquired technology Face ID to unlock the device. Also inside the gadget is the processor A12X Bionic. By the way, at the conference the power of iPad Pro compared with the performance of the Xbox One.

 Apple анонсировала новый iPad Pro — почти безрамочный дисплей, USB-разъем и другие особенности

In addition, the new iPad is thinner — thickness is 5.9 mm.

Last but not the least important. Now the gadget is not a standard Lightning connector — in its place is a USB C. it is Possible that the next line of iPhone will follow the same path.

The cost of the iPad Pro with a 11-inch screen is 65 990 rubles. The version with a diagonal of 12.9 inches will cost 81 990 rubles. The device will go on sale on 7 November.

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