Rumor: Titanfall 3 and Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order can go next year

Слух: Titanfall 3 и Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order могут выйти в следующем году

It seems that Respawn Entertainment next year will release two games, and the third might not release, and just announce.

This became known after the performance of Directors of Electronic Arts, which offer investors to make investments, promising in the near future, several AAA projects. Specifically, it was noted that two of them will release electronics owned by Respawn and they will de real hits.

Hard to say for sure, but with high probability we can assume that one of these games is action game Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, which Respawn after you finish the disbanded Visceral Games. Now as to the second, it is likely that we will offer Titanfall 3.

However, there is a less optimistic version, in accordance with which one of the future games will be something for the Oculus Rift, which in Respawn Entertainment is also working.

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In Fallout 76 found racism

В Fallout 76 нашли расизм

After the opened beta tests Fallout 76, the Network was laid out a sob story of one young man, who considers himself old fan of this universe, Eric, who put the children to sleep, got rid of his wife, and sat down, finally, to play, anticipating a lot of fun.

However, as soon as the game started, the unexpected happened: from the speakers came the voice: “Go make a normal, white hero!”. The author writes that immediately thought that it refers to someone from the NPC, but then it turned out that this is one of the Union’s neighbours in the shelter. He clung to him, explaining that with such a hooked nose and curly hair he’s too much of a Jew, which is unacceptable. So he needs to go and remake the hero again.

While the speakers could be heard the voice of a child who tried to argue with, as it turned out, his father explaining to him that this character really looks good, but he did not want to hear, give me this choicest expletives.

In the end, the hero left with no choice but to return to the menu and alter the appearance. And the worst part is that his game from the other room followed by his wife, who was in shock from such treatment.

At the end of the story Eric said that’s not blaming Bethesda, but wants the game has a mute function for voice chat.

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Kojima came to Valve Software hinted at Half-Life 3

Кодзима приехал в Valve Software и намекнул на Half-Life 3

Hideo kojima showed up in the United States, where he began a tour bypass game studios, photoshoots and Dating with the local leadership. On the day he visited Sucker Punch and Pixar, and now paid a visit to Valve Software, and not just visited, and gave a hint of Half-Life 3.

Moreover, it is believed that he did not understand what I did, when photographed with a Studio head, Gabe Newell is pretty emaciated, grizzled, and all the same positive eternal Director. The thing was that Lord Gaben and held up two fingers, indicating the symbol “Vic” and kojima – thumb showing, they say that everything is fine. The result is figure 3 – mystical song, where strongly avoid it, and not firing a Portal 3 or Team Fortess 3, Dota 3, or, most importantly, Half-Life 3.

Separately it is worth noting that tour Kojima had on the company, or otherwise associated with Sony, which apparently has something to do with the Death of Stranding, however, according to the American press, many of these companies produce games for the PC that was somewhat surprising, because the creation of Kojima exclusive for the PlayStation 4. Of course, we don’t know much, but something interesting is happening there by far.

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Bethesda, again, apologizes for the problems with the beta Fallout 76

Bethesda опять извиняется за проблемы с бетой Fallout 76

Heap went. Over the last two weeks it already the third official apology from Bethesda before gamers. Had to apologize, of course, for Fallout 76, beta-the launch of which was accompanied by considerable technical problems.

The audience left the head of the company, Pete Hines, who said he apologizes, expressing hope that “this will be the last bump in the road”. He also said that faced with such problems, which, frankly, did not expect, although unpleasant surprises anticipated, but despite this they had to “push them” to reveal in spite of General discontent.

What could be so wrong? Well, firstly, the performance left much to be desired. Secondly, many people missed the tests because were unable to complete a download that was just stopped. Third, the glitches and bugs with textures and animations have also appeared.

In General, works developers there is still a lot.

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Cooperative horror movie Blackout Club appeared in Steam

Кооперативный ужастик Blackout Club появился в Steam

Released early versions of cooperative horror film called Blackout Club, which we have told you in the last year, and which at the time looked quite promising. And it seems that the game is really good, because now, after 35 years of related it has a 100% positive feedback, which is quite a rare phenomenon for such a project.

Customers praise the developers for an interesting idea with the closing and opening of the eyes, when in the first case, see the enemy, but do not see the world, and Vice versa. More praise for the interesting stealth and atmosphere in the style of teen short stories by Stephen king.

What to the critics, the game went for not the most fashionable graphics, not the best-quality optimization for a modest Arsenal of weapons and recurring bugs.

To bring the project to final release, the developers promise over the next 3-6 months, after which the game will be a big map with lots of regions, new customizable characters, new weapons, and also possible to add PvP mode under the promising title “Stalker”.

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Netflix showed Henry Cavill in the image of Geralt

Netflix показала Генри Кавилла в образе Геральта

More news from the Netflix camp, which is preparing for the filming of the series about the Witch.

At this time, the audience showed Henry Cavill – Superman yesterday, which is now trying to turn Geralt of Rivia, and shown, I must say, approved few.

A short video in which the actor comes out of the darkness, and then begins to drink something from a small bottle, Packed a lot of comments where, of course, passed over by gamers who associate this character with his playing.

In particular, citizens are unhappy with the fact that Geralt is too young, the fact that it was not canonical, not cat eyes, absence of beard, and not the quality of the wig, which was too tidy and, if you like, our bruised, which is good for cosplay, but not for this movie.

Mr. Cavill exudes the joy that awaits him. In a recent interview he noted that he actively meets with the image of Geralt, and he was ready to play it at its best. Well, still, it is rumored in one episode he will receive 400 thousand dollars, and if the show decides to take to the end, then eventually his account will be increased by 3.2 million.

However, there is one big caveat: familiarity is not through the books of Sapkowski, and not even in a video game, but through what was written by Lauren Schmidt – head writer of the project.

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In Devolver Digital has condemned processing in the gaming industry

В Devolver Digital осудили переработку в игровой индустрии

One of the Directors of Devolver Digital, Graham, Struthers, said that, despite the fact that RDR 2 will be a great game, Rockstar would do well to establish conditions of work in the team to, first, to avoid future similar scandals, and secondly, not to torture people.

For example, in most Devolver Digital, as stated by Mr. Struthers, nothing there. Moreover, personally, he always condemns processing and requires employees that they did everything within the time for which they are given real tasks. However, to realize this is not always possible since the company works with studios and just private contractors around the world, and sometimes, in order to control them, do you have to work hard, not having time to eat normally, or sleep because of the constant airplane flights.

However, in his opinion, from some degree of processing affects not only in major gaming companies, but indie studios, whose representatives are also forced to fit within the time grinding away for 15 hours a day, which of course is not good, because the really good games will come out only when all the developers a good health and mood. And then, of course, do not argue.

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Electronic Arts makes a secret game with a unique system of degradability

Electronic Arts делает секретную игру с уникальной системой разрушаемости

Electronic Arts announced to the world that right now is developing a new secret game called Project Atlas, which will rely on newfangled cloud technology necessary for the implementation of a unique system of degradability, which hitherto no one has ever seen.

Specifically, the press-service of the company was written the following: “Cloud technologies are needed to ensure a Hyper-realistic destruction of the environment in new HD terms, almost indistinguishable from what we see in real life.”

All of this will be strictly the network, and ultimately may not be so much a game as some kind of gaming technology. If we are talking still about the game, then they say that it will be a new part of Need for Speed, as in shooters to make photo-realistic graphics, destruction – still difficult, but in a race it is, moreover, now many racing games sometimes are hard to distinguish from real racing.

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Michael Pakter called the timing of the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC

Майкл Пактер назвал сроки выхода Red Dead Redemption 2 на ПК

Not for long music played, not for long lasting affair. Very quickly the story ended with the release of the PC version of Red Dead Redemption 2. No sooner had we still like to be able to argue on this subject as senior analyst Wedbush Securities, Michael Pakter, all messed up, saying that, Yes, RDR 2 will be released on PC, and not just said, but called the timing: April of next year, adding he did not know why the release of the PC port took so long.

If someone does not know what Mr. Pakter is rarely wrong in predictions, but if claims about such things as the timing of release of specific games, as a rule, makes it on the basis of solid information. For example, at the beginning of last spring, he stunned everyone with the announcement that Bethesda until the end of the year to announce The Elder Scrolls 6, what was hard to believe a little, but that’s exactly what happened.

Moreover, Mr. Pakter reports that RDR 2 will be released not only on PC but also on consoles next generation, which are yet to be announced. It is necessary at least in order for people to be able to enjoy the HDR mode, which in the current console versions there, and which, apparently, the first will appear first on PC, and future Xbox and PlayStation.

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In Soulcalibur VI will ban for inappropriate characters

В Soulcalibur VI будут банить за неуместных героев

As we predicted, Bandai Namco had to take action against several players, creating a Soulcalibur VI absolutely cheat characters, which go in the rating battles, inducing fear and terror on opponents.

And these measures proved to be quite steep, although generally logical. Instead of introducing restrictions into the editor, the developers decided to take a simpler approach, declaring that the creators of such characters will be banned.

The creators of misplaced heroes promise to cut the multiplayer. Moreover, it is possible that this ban will be permanent without any time limits. Anyway, this one said nothing.

However, the definition of irrelevance, which was used in Bandai Namco also very vague, and it is unclear who, exactly, will ban: those who create so-called trolling-characters, or those who, for example, produces to fight naked fighters or famous characters copyrighted?

But in any case, all sorts of funny experiments with the editor of this fighting should stop, so to speak, from sin.

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