A new rumor about Sunset Overdrive on PC

Новый слух про Sunset Overdrive на ПК

After may, there was a first leak from South Korea that Sunset Overdrive will be released on PC, now rang the second bell, when this game is in the PC version showed up on the website ESRB rating Agency.

The PC platform has been on the page with the shooter a few hours, while people do not pay attention to it, and the news is not picked up by journalists. Then fixed, leaving, as it was only Xbox, but osadochek, as they say, remains: why change the page it is not a new game, adding a new platform to then return everything back? It is unlikely in the Entertainment Software Rating sit jokers, so most likely this is the case when the smoke without fire does not happen.

Dizzying action game Sunset Overdrive was released on the Xbox One in 2014 year, earning from journalists, and from the players as a whole 8 points: not a masterpiece, but quite soundly. Since then, several times it was talked about the second part, but today the exact confirmation of the development continue there.

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In RDR 2 was forbidden to mention the names of the consoles

В RDR 2 запретили упоминать названия консолей

Posted online dictionary with forbidden words of Red Dead Redemption 2 continues to be under the scrutiny of the public.

In particular, after learning a few hundred words on which the developers have put a taboo, not only in the text chat, but in the other game mechanics, it became clear that the list contains words such as Nintendo, Xbox and PlayStation.

In other words, that you understand your riding a horse it is impossible to give not only a dirty nickname, but to name it after one of the consoles.

This happens probably because horses can be killed, and the horses can fight, giving passing hooves. Both may not look very pretty, if the horse will be called the PlayStation. There is a direct attempt to discredit the fair name of the console.

However, the caveat is that these words cannot be used in text chat, which imposes on gamers of a certain difficulty in communicating what they have to use more sweeping terms, like “console from Sony or Microsoft console”.

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New game by the creators of Limbo and Inside will be three-dimensional

Новая игра создателей Limbo и Inside будет трёхмерной

The head of Playdead, Arnt Jensen, said that he was tired of the limitations of the 2D format, with whom they worked all these years and wants to try something new.

The speech in this case goes about the new game this Danish Studio, which we know from such projects as final fantasy and Inside that (especially the first) was awarded dozens of various awards worldwide.

It is already known that the new game will be “a lonely science fiction, somewhere in the universe”, and it seems that she will show us 2D+: format well-known for the same Little Nightmares, where the characters can run not only on the plane in hand, but in depth. This makes running less comfortable, but expands gameplay possibilities.

But the rest of the game will retain the signature style of the Studio. Mr. Jensen admitted that he likes to leave room for the thoughts of the gamers, who not just play and think about what is happening, finding in this simple answer.

Neither the timing, nor even the name of this game has not been named.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 found “aggressive” monetization system

В Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 нашли «агрессивную» систему монетизации

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, there is a system of micropayments, about what gamers and some gaming publications immediately roared with displeasure, because, as it turned out, to get all possible items, you need to spend hundreds of hours or thousands of dollars.

So, the in-game store the new part of Call of duty are just a cosmetic products. That’s good. The bad thing is that you can unlock them endlessly, because with every new received level opens up new cosmetic items, the purchase of which is necessary constantly, so to speak, “grindeth” coins, spending every day playing for hours, which many considered extremely tedious.

But, there is another option: if the boring accumulation of in – game coin is not for you, you can buy them for real money. Minimum purchase I can do for$ 2, which bought 200 coins. For$ 100 you can buy for 13 000.

Fortunately, the cosmetic does not affect the balance of power, and in the game there is no so-called face-control, which, for example, is not fashionable dressed characters not allowed to be in certain modes. But this innovation, you must believe awaits us in the future.

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Take-Two won a million pounds for the “wrong” opinion about RDR 2

Take-Two получила миллион фунтов за «неправильную» рецензию об RDR 2

A very amusing story happened with one of the reviews for Red Dead Redempion 2, whose author, but rather the publication was forced to pay millions of pounds due to the fact that the review contained prohibited information.

Article million posted a publication Trusted Reviews, which in August last year received secret information from corporate documents Rockstar on gameplay features Red Dead Redempion 2. And then the material is not given as confirmation of the information was not. But in February it is apparently found, resulting in Trusted Reviews has published an article about the fact that RDR 2 will be a Battle Royal and the first-person mode.

And this, apparently, greatly disliked the boss of Rockstar, Take-Two, which seem to have threatened journalists in the court, after which the link where the article appeared appeal that in the edition I’m sorry about the mistake, you know, violating your privacy, and are therefore willing to pay a million pounds to charities that Take-Two will show .

Thus, the industry has become the most expensive game in the world.

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FIFA 19 without the silver medalist of the world Cup because of the greed of Electronic Arts

FIFA 19 без серебряного призёра ЧМ из-за жадности Electronic Arts

Former star striker Davor Suker, but now the head of the football Federation of Croatia from 2012 year, called greedy Electronic Arts company. That is why the Croatian national team – for a moment – the silver medalist of the last world Cup no FIFA 19.

As reported by the local press, the representatives of Electronic Arts approached the local Federation, but was offered too little money. A tiny amount of 100 thousand euros for the right to use licenses amused Mr. Suker, who has not consented to the appearance of the national team, noting that this situation lasts for several years, but pay more electronics stubbornly refuse.

A similar story actually happened to Iceland and to our Russian football Premier League, where officials also did not agree with Electronic Arts for the money, which, again according to rumors, also offered the same amount as the Croats.

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The release of Football Manager 2019

Состоялся релиз Football Manager 2019

Football Manager 2019 appeared in the sale, in which case immediately acquired estimates.

A game for those who love football, who is in a hurry, and who all the days and weeks consist entirely of free time (are there such people?), gets on Steam are surprisingly good rating: 83% positive feedback powerfully contrast with last year’s version, barely stretched by 60%.

Praising the game for the Russian localization, raised the value of tactics, for the great simulation games, which has ceased to look like a set of template scripts, improved graphics, new possibilities of communication with players, advanced statistics, a new, more convenient interface, and a new training regime, which was actually playing in the game.

Scold the Manager for, oddly enough, the minimum differences compared to the previous part, the random results of the games that have to fix the reboots, the characteristics of the players, not changed from last year, and for exhausting system injuries when players fail for many months, for example, for his team.

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THE QUIET MAN gets scathing reviews

THE QUIET MAN получает разгромные отзывы

Cinematic action THE QUIET MAN, the Japanese experimenters from Square Enix, as expected, was absolutely garbage game that not only is that uninteresting, so also has a huge number of technical problems.

The press completely ignored this seemingly innovative game. Journalists so often do, in order not to spoil relations with major publishers, and Square Enix just like that. However, gamers who don’t care about relations, walked through the challenge, providing it in Steam, only 32% positive feedback.

First, buyers absolutely baffled deafness of the main character, because of what they showed long video sequences for 10-15 minutes without sound. This triggered a chain reaction of misunderstanding of the plot. The bulk of the Express announced that the story remained unclear, because on the lips they can not read. Secondly, the battle was named quite uninteresting. Well and, thirdly, the game was quite short, and three hours to completely pass.

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Bethesda is caught in a lie: Fallout map 76 was not so great

Bethesda ловят на лжи: карта Fallout 76 оказалась не так велика

We all remember how Bethesda announced that the Fallout world 76 will be huge, that, well, he’s more than a few times in the world of Fallout 4, and that each player will be able to find a secluded place where no one will touch it, and he will be able to upgrade your camp.

And that’s what happened in beta, the journalists decided to check if is in reality great card, as we promised. To do this, they decided to go it on foot along the longest segment, in fact what happened the following: complete intersection maps Fallout 4 is 21 minutes and 36 seconds. The complete intersection maps Fallout 76 – 33 minutes, 17 seconds. In other words, in the best case, the map 76 more Fallout maps Fallout 4 and a half times, but not even two.

However, the experience was not very clean, because the experimenters repeatedly distracted by the shooting, but in General, plus or minus a few minutes from the Grand piano will not play and we can say that the world of Fallout 76, which in beta was presented in full, so great, as we were told.

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NPD: traditional life cycles of consoles came to an end

NPD: традиционные жизненные циклы консолей подошли к концу

The expert from research firm NPD, Matt Piscatella, said that the traditional life cycles of consoles came to an end, and times like those, when the PS 3 and the Xbox 360 ruled the roost in a period of ten years is not repeated.

Reflections of Mr Analytics is simple: the audience loves variety, and even the basic edition PS 4 Edition Fortnite was able to significantly boost sales as people immediately pulled down all copies of this, in fact, an ordinary PlayStation.

Likewise, a great show Xbox One’s and PlayStation 4 Slim, not to mention the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, X Pro. All these boxes have been successful, establishing in the minds of the producers of new distribution model.

In addition, the “games as services” also drew a line under the old life cycle of consoles, where people constantly want something new. And all this, in his opinion, will reduce the gap between the new generations of consoles that will appear more often than before. And, therefore, will have to pay more too.

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