Review Of Barbie Dreamhouse Party

					Обзор Barbie Dreamhouse Party

Left the project in 2013. The game is a small collection of mini-games with Barbie and her friends in as characters. Everyone knows the idol young girls is trapped behind the iron shutters together with friends in your own home caused by one of her friends that pressed the wrong button. Strange artificial intelligence house by the name “Closet”, appears to us a mechanical eye and mechanical arm hanging from the top, switched to “Party” and offers the maiden company to perform a series of tasks. The only way to switch the smart home in normal mode.

Information about the game

This game is aimed at girls aged from about four to nine years. Supports up to four players simultaneously. In addition to Barbie you can play for characters like Teresa, Nikki and raquelle. If the players is less than four, the remaining Unallocated characters are played by the computer.

Important information for parents: there is nothing violent or obscene vocabulary, but kuclo-like the main characters in the game — this is an extremely small person, which, apparently, are only interested in their own appearance, clothes, makeup and accessories.

First, the player must dress up your character. There are a lot of basic options. Other options open as it passes.

Mini- game

					Обзор Barbie Dreamhouse Party

Only in the game for almost ten mini-games. Their essence is who is faster or better cope with a particular task. There are challenges related to such things as:

  • Makeup. Each player is given three minutes to make up the greatest number. In this mini-game you need to be both quick and diligent.
  • Accessories. You must follow the quick prompts on the screen to change the details of clothes on your character. Some very small players, this job may seem a little difficult, as it requires a no response.
  • Cupcakes. These sweet items scattered around the kitchen floor. To win, you need to lay down on your table as many cupcakes.
  • Dancing. Need a little practice before you will start to receive. The challenge is to press on the buttons that appear on the screen. A little bit of skill and concentration and you will be able to cope with this task.

Other mini-games are similar to the above in its mechanics — is the collection and movement of items, tasks, time and reaction.

Summary of Barbie Dreamhouse Party review

While some adult game may seem strange and even crepaway, children should enjoy it. Best of all it will suit children from 4 years who see their older brothers and sisters play computer games too, and I want to try myself in this matter. Mini-games, though not distinguished by originality, but easy to learn.

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Library Steam: Willy-Nilly Knight

Библиотека Steam: Willy-Nilly Knight

The first ten minutes of the game Willy-Nilly Knight is discouraged.

Imagine that you were among the audience at the children’s matinee. Only instead of poems about the radiant sun, beloved mom and dad and about how interesting to learn all about the world, obedient children diligently play “Romeo and Juliet”. Moreover, the teacher-Director has tried to reproduce the case without cuts. Only, of course, with the scenery, the moon on the bracket and subtle performances in a kindergarten tight.

The trouble’s not even that spinning in the tomb of Shakespeare at this moment can provide electricity to, perhaps, the whole of the UK. The trouble is that you, personally, you instantly recognize the master, and no further serious attempts corpses and no witty yellow balls on a string doesn’t mean anything. Your mind has already moved to a parallel universe, where in the deep caverns of the hollow Earth, Cthulhu sits on the surface and crazy people do with their culture terrible lewdness.

But you just went to a weird children’s party.

Well and if briefly, in the first ten minutes WNK I instantly recognized Divinity: Original Sin, only with worse graphics, limited dialogue, neutered combat and kids on the first cast. Would be better if I didn’t know. But you just see for yourself, how can you not recognize one of their favorite games:

Well if the interface just was like – well it’s still a classic layout. Okay, if it were at the start of the two heroes walked down the path on the coastal nature. Also it is clear that we gamers love this debut. Well, when the role play has hit upon the gold standard starting locations and allowed to you monsters three pieces at a time so you are comfortable with the basic mechanics of the local. But you, WNK, all just a note-to-note, until thrown ashore of boxes of supplies.

When another unhappy critic argues that video game developers need to align with the market leaders, it does not mean a literal retelling.


After some time role-playing the mirror sets in the second round, and deja vu begins to turn in exactly the opposite light. What if our poor retarding relative is never relative, it is the creators of Original Sin in the eye has not seen, and the similarity of the two games is pure coincidence?

At the end of it all, D:OS itself is in full use it is not invented stamps. And developers Willy-Nilly Knight just wanted to make the chamber a fantasy adventure with simple tactical battles and all-references to pop culture.

In General, the budgets and scale of projects is obviously different, enough to push the foreheads of the two weight categories. Who knows what catches the eye.

Oh, this is a cruel joke. WNK does not hesitate to continually say Hello to works of popular culture, but in order for RPG not spent the entire review down, you need it from the same pop culture isolate.

Библиотека Steam: Willy-Nilly Knight

Exhaled. Tactical role-playing game is the first time in my life. It’s all good.

The hero wakes up in a world of sword, magic, and poorly optimized shadows from the trees. The first two steps — and in the hands of the protagonist turns out to be Excalibur, two more steps, and the hero calls for help young and pretty sorceress, which was attacked by goblins. Life has almost failed, left nothing: to bring the lady to the nearest town, to find out there about the troubles of local residents to meet with military dwarves, to travel, to kill the dragon, marry and receive a dowry of half the Kingdom, legendary armor and achievement for completing the game.

WNK never shy neither its budget nor its intimacy. The characters are not exchanged on the persuasive speech, the location is not trying to disguise the usual isometric corridors in the rubble of decorative stuff and Easter eggs instead of having to be hidden at the corners, lined in a row along the storyline of the highway.

All the tinsel. Any good Munchkin knows that the happiness of tactical fun — boevka. Turn-based fights, however, also considerably eased. However, unlike plot-world-all-else, where sincere may be the desire of designers to rid the game of any “excess weight” have backfired and more like a banal combination of laziness and negligence, the fighting managed to shrink it in that concise riddles.

We even left favorite hardcore tricky formulas, spells, and abilities. Well, where’s the “Blow of the Berserker” gets x1.25 of the total strength of the character and leaves the effect for 3 turns, ticking another x0.5 of the total power, but with the condition that the enemy are pre-hung negative status of “Burning”. Do not put accurate descriptions of the abilities in unreadable encyclopedia did not hide the equations from the eyes of gamers, grown-up brought the exact text right on the button with a specific spell.

Библиотека Steam: Willy-Nilly Knight

There would be me completely ignore the outside world and to devote himself entirely Stripping the local forests, caves and mountains of evil spirits, but almost every five minutes in the head surfaced the question of why I play a degraded version of role-playing projects, which even now reinstall, create a new party and prepromote with much more pleasure than it Willy-Nilly Knight.

News hour: the best is the enemy of the good. Especially if this pair lies on the same shelf. Especially if good to good-it falls short with the large-Oh stretch. Especially if a good does not even try something to isolate yourself against the best, except the price tag.


Review Of The Surge

Обзор  The Surge

The German company Deck 13 for the second time trying to jump on the train of Souls, offering players the familiar mechanics with a new sauce. And if Lords of the Fallen , the authors decided only to slightly tweak the mythology, then The Surge a bold move in a radical direction of robotopolis.

It is not surprising that the story of the game follows the route of good intentions on the road to technology hell. But how it all started well: an international Corporation CREO changed the world for the better, restoring the ecology of the planet and saving people’s lives. One of the first people became wheelchair Warrenwho agreed to painful surgery for the opportunity to walk again. The operation was successful, but during his absence something had gone wrong. Hundreds of machines rebelled, turning people into crazy cyborgs, and now only the main character can save the survivors and get out of mechanical madness.

Обзор  The Surge

Following the precepts of the elder brother, The Surge copies a large part of the mechanic of the Souls, sometimes even encroaching on freshly baked Nioh, offers several of their own ideas. The main character is encased in a metal exoskeleton which is powered by an advanced power core. Collecting items from slain enemies and analyzing the obtained components, you can in the special medical room to pump the base kernel, getting the opportunity to hang additional items, each of which requires energy. Arms, legs, torso and head, depending on the modification, use different amount of charge, providing unique benefits: increasing the protection, health, stock up your energy or strength. You just need to find the blueprints and create new modifications of materials and details on a dedicated bench. Armor from the chests in the classic sense on the locations in The Surge there.

You can combine elements of armor from different sets, but the full set will give you some nice bonuses. Drawings, parts and materials fall from the enemies, encouraging you to clean the same locations several times, especially as the genre implies a revival of almost all opponents after a life in the medical station, which replaces here the familiar fire. However, here the Deck 13 has made several controversial innovations. Abandoned after the death items now disappear after a time, but if you are afraid to lose a large amount of mechanical shower, you can save them to a medical station.

Обзор  The Surge

Armor items can be pumped out individually on the workbench, but to obtain maximum protection, stamina or health, you can only closer to the end of the game when you open up access to rare materials. With the growth of the power core and the new levels are opened and the extensions on the exoskeleton. To achieve the forty-fifth level you will have eight available for modifications of cells, which raise your health, energy reserves of stamina or allow you to hang the second set of kits, which restore power due to peaks of energy. Combining armor modifications and weapons, you can build a set that is most appropriate for your style of play.

With weapons like in Souls, you’ll be in speed, style, and damage. Huge metal maces, one-handed, inferior in speed to the blades in two hands but is able to stun or knockback the enemy. The beats themselves are divided into vertical and horizontal and can line up in a combo, which with the growth of the energy of rage can be completed with bloody finishing moves.

Обзор  The Surge

The opponents have vulnerabilities, striking with which you can quickly finish the fight. And if you choose as a target protected by armor legs or torso, the battle will be difficult, but you will have the opportunity to shoot down the element of armor and rare drawing or bonus features.

In addition to chain attacks, your character can through the line of fury to carry out the above-mentioned finishing, use special modifications, or to call for help drone. The last time I can even open doors to previously inaccessible locations.

The combat system is intended to block and counter attacks, and the ability to cushion a fall from a great height, landing on the head of the unsuspecting robot.

From the design perspective, The Surge looks sad because of the monotony of the complex and kishorsinh labyrinths of levels. The opponents range from robotic zombie with sluggish movements to rapid predators and armored enemies with flamethrowers and grenade launchers.

Обзор  The Surge

The emphasis on open and easy to learn environment srepok be welcomed, but for the most part the world The Surge lacks originality. Considerable attention is given to backtracking, and you have to go back to previously completed locations, to experience new skills and continue the journey. The hero explain what needs to be done, but not saying where it is and how to implement it. Given the lack of detailed maps, I had to consistently search the already passed United the downloads area to find the desired passage. Fortunately, the game is very fast loading screens that do not strain.

It is clear that the authors tried very hard to please the player, for example, stopping the timer until the disappearance of lost items during long sections of descent of the Elevator.

Bosses are a different topic altogether. Quite boring from design point of view, giant fighting robots and mechanical spiders offer several options to victory, giving the player the ability to find a weak spot in the armored colossus. In so doing they change the attacks as you destroy them, but such a delight how bosses in Soulsborne, they definitely do not. It is difficult to experience emotions in the address of the next robot-scavenger.

Обзор  The Surge

Especially during the key battles to the forefront one of the main shortcomings of the authors of The Surge. The combat system is not provided the ability to cancel the animation. If you have threatened to strike, the enemy has launched an unlockable combos, you can’t cancel a punch and bounce back, which almost always leads to your death.

Graphics – one of the strengths of the Deck 13 and in the case of The Surge , it looks extremely modern. The owners of PS4 Pro here got two game modes: simplified with a frequency of 60 frames and the most technologically with 30 frames per second. But behind all these explosions, lighting effects and pillars of sparks lacks unique gameplay.

Обзор  The Surge

There were in the world , The Surge and a place for side quests, but they clearly do not have enough detail to find staff for a brave girl or the medicine for the wounded, of course great, but where to find them and what they look like is unclear. They are accidental.

That is worth praise The Surge is great for localization. Russian interface elements, objects and menus worthy of our gratitude.

The Surge is a good attempt to shift the mechanics of Souls in the world of the technological future, but General secondary, monotonous levels, the problem with the combat mechanics and boring enemies leave a touch of disappointment. In addition, the authors have not added multiplayer modes, which can be considered a glaring omission. However, to the credit of Deck 13 , the game does not cause irritation, allowing you to spend time waiting for new additions to Nioh or the next project from Miyazaki.


Overview Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

Обзор  Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

The series Fire Emblem, literally gained a second life on Nintendo 3DS, continues to capture the minds and strengthen the recommended tactical games of this generation. After Fates the part of the Studio went on to create a new game in the series for Nintendo Switch, while the rest of the developers decided to return to the roots.

Обзор  Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

Echoes, Fire Emblem: Shadow of Valentia – rethinking Fire Emblem Gaiden, the second project in the series, released on the NES over twenty-five years ago. To the Western market Gaiden never made it, despite the exit games in the Virtual Console, which, like the original, remained a Japanese exclusive. Traditionally, the release of fresh Echoes died down first on the home market and only now got to the West, allowing the English-speaking fans for the first time to officially dive into the world of Gaiden.

The story of Valentia tells the story of the eponymous continent, is split into two parts. These lands were anciently the home of two dragons, who were United by family ties, but were in a state of perpetual war. Deity Duma represented the government, preferring to solve all conflicts aggression and raw power than stark contrast to his sister Mila, who believe in love and kindness. In the end, the gods had signed an agreement that divided the continent in half and scattered on opposite sides. Subsequently, in the region formed two human state, fully adopted the principles and ideas of its patrons.

Обзор  Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

Unlike the two previous games in the series with Nintendo 3DS, Shadow of Valentia does not provide the player the possibility to create your avatar. Instead, as in the original Gaiden, the main character acts pre-written and voiced character. Or rather, two.

The story begins in one of the southern villages of the mainland, where some of the orphans playing catch-up and walk through the woods. Among the children are the main acting figures of the story – a boy named Alm, who lives with his constantly otlichayuscheisya on the Affairs of a grandfather and the girl Celicathat that the grandfather brought from his last trip. The kids quickly found a common language, and soon the couple vowed each other eternal friendship to the grave. The laws of the genre, the heroes are brutally separated, and Alm, like a real man and a fighter, is going to grow, become stronger and find his lost passion, wherever it was. And while the child learns to hold a sword with the right hand, the continent is immersed in local political conflicts.

A few years later, to the village to matured Alm’visited by anxious soldiers, telling you that the king of the southern Kingdom killed in a coup. Meanwhile, at the other end of the continent, grown-up Celica is sent to the peacekeeping mission to the temple of the dragon goddess. Then follows a series of fairly predictable scenes that lead to further the objectives of the adventures of the main heroes to return peace and order on the continent, gradually driving the gameplay.

Обзор  Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

The player will take control of two separate armies at the same time promoting Western front, driven Alm’om, which, like the precepts of a dark God decides all conflicts by brute force, and the Eastern path, who chose the Celica, destroying most of the evil and the damned witch, bringing good and prosperity.

The story is all fantasy templates projects and offers several improvements relative to the original release. There was a place for new characters, familiar colleagues appeared a little fresh information, and some narrative scenes drawn in the form of cute animated inserts.

Traditional Intro with a plot twist of the last ten minutes of the adventure completely destroys the whole affair, knocking out all possible scenarios even before we start the game. And it’s very frustrating when you realize that unlike Awakening, the final Echoes offers an unexpected and really interesting twists and turns.

Обзор  Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

Being the progenitor of the tactical genre, Fire Emblem remains true to itself in the basic mechanics. The player has at his disposal a group of a dozen brave warriors and with their help tries to overcome the army of the enemy, moving around the map step by step. Correct positioning, combining and understanding of the characters and their abilities opens up huge strategic opportunities in every level for this genre and praised by the fans of thoughtful and intelligent games.

The first thing that catches the eye is the updated visual style. The developers have changed the artists for the style Echoes answer Hidari and Akio Shimada, known for jRPG Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea and the anime series Guyver: The Bioboosted Armor , respectively. As a result, compared to the Fates, the game noticeably decreased the number of visual fan service. Armor and uniforms nicely fit into the surroundings, not peligrosas with unnecessary details or irrelevant pretentious ogrenimi the loin parts of the body. Although it should be noted that these elements still have a place to be.

Обзор  Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

But the design of the directly characters varies from good to secondary. A good part of the party members is absolutely not to remember, because nearly the only distinguishing feature among them is the hair color.

However, the main problem of the impersonality of local heroes is not their appearance, and study the motivations, personal histories and the logic of events. In contrast to later projects in the series, Gaiden characters are mostly not develop relationships among themselves.

The now familiar system of couples and relationships have thinned considerably. The warriors did not come to the aid of their comrades in battle, not combined into more powerful units, and at first glance do not receive any bonuses from rank the friendship that he had lost the letter S, and now amounts to only C, B, A. the relationship between the squad members is strictly prescribed and do not move from a dead point, and the additional dialogs that are opened by the increase of friendship, a very poor, uninformative and mostly not interesting. Wedding system that divided fans into two camps that are not represented in the Echoes of any kind.

Обзор  Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

Widely advertised processing system “stone-scissors-paper” was quite controversial finding. Spearmen have no advantage against swordsmen and swordsmen don’t dominate the warriors with an axe, because axes in the game simply no. Shadow of Valentia was very conservative and haven’t received most of the classes, abilities and weapons that appeared after the release of the original Gaiden, causing variability to the battles, lost a few points.

Moreover, the new revision of the Fire Emblem, still paying tribute to the original, lost system multiCLASS. The characters, with rare exceptions, increase the level and rank of their basic profession and can’t change the vector of its development to match the needs of the player. For example, a situation may arise in which your army may require at least one Archer, and make it unnecessary and the fifth soldier is simply impossible. A similar approach could be taken if the developers tried to create the unique and unrepeatable experience of the Gaiden, which forced the player to adjust their tactics with a fixed set of tools, but changing system classes already announced in a separate paid downloadable addition, completely destroying any chain of logic.

Обзор  Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

A nice addition was the artifact Turnwheelthat allows directly in combat under bad circumstances “undo” several moves ago and use other tactics to pass the level. On the one hand, this is an obvious simplification. On the other – Fire Emblem is a game with many random situations in which one successful critical hit the enemy with a chance of a few percent completely destroys a player build a tactical plan that can be implemented over an hour, and in this case unpredictable combination of circumstances is unlikely to bring positive emotions. So this innovation had to be very helpful. But here, the developers made a mistake. At the death of the main character, the game instantly ends, making it impossible to use the wheel.

Another significant innovation was the system of caves where the main character is completely left to the player, as in most modern representatives of the genre of Japanese role-playing games. Dungeony are a set of floors and narrow corridors, which move the enemies guarding the chests with valuable items. On unsuspecting enemies, you can attack it proactively and get a bonus advantage, but because of the abominable range of drawing there are often situations when enemy troops appear right in front, giving no chance to react.

Обзор  Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

Monsters can attack groups, and, again, due to the small range of visibility, you can inadvertently attack the two, and then three armies of evil, reducing its chances of winning significantly. Considering that of the battles in the dungeons it is impossible to retreat, usually such clashes lead to the end of the game and reload the save.

Found in the dungeons of the money can be spent on better weapons, which now has no strength parameters and, accordingly, does not break. If earlier each fighter could have in the Arsenal of several instruments, be it magic or sword, and combine them based on the benefits in the current situation, in the Shadows of Valentia refused it. One unit can carry only one artifact, a weapon or defensive item that doesn’t break and gives permanent passive bonuses.

Learning new magic and skills typically occurs with increasing grade level. Since spells no longer require flow strength of magic books, the main resource for creation of fireballs is health, and the stronger the spell, the more damage will take the magician. Some types of items may also give your vehicle a new skill. For example, a little war with a Leather shield becomes available skill Swap, swap target and directly by a user. However, these weapon skills are quite few and they are mostly useless, especially if you don’t play at a high level of complexity.

Обзор  Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

Graphics, though not made a giant leap forward, but got a couple extra weather and lighting effects. Maps sometimes look quite empty and featureless, but it’s apparently made in favor of the similarity of the build levels with the original, where the tools landscape display was quite poor, due to the limitations of the system. Accordingly, the entire geometry of the field of combat is quite simple, and the majority of the main characters fight with enemies in the middle of nowhere.

English localization Shadow of Valentia brings only positive emotions. The team responsible for the musical accompaniment, again gave players remarkable and atmospheric music fits perfectly into what is happening.

If we forgave the Fates of numerous narrative problems due to the polished mechanics, then do so with this game does not work. Echoes, Fire Emblem: Shadow of Valentia ignores the majority of the innovations that occurred with the series for twenty years. On paper this approach looks like a tribute to the classics, but it affects the variability of the gameplay and flexibility of the personal style of the passage in comparison with modern members of the series. Of course, blasphemous to accuse a remake to follow the original, but now this approach may seem outdated and order surface, and this will disappoint players who are missing the nostalgic stroke at the mention of NES and Fire Emblem Gaiden.


Overview Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Обзор  Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Over the last seven years the Studio Monolith Soft has become one of the main domestic developers of Nintendo. The company took part in the creation of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, A Link Between Worlds, Animal Crossing, Pikmin 3 and both parts of Splatoon. She helped open world The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, sending to the development of several dozen of its best specialists in the structure of levels and graphics. While Monolith Soft managed to release three major jRPG for Nintendo and two additional projects for Bandai Namco Entertainment. Fresh game Studio – Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – the subject of this review.

Obviously, the employment of a team of “Zelda” and influenced the change in the concept of Xenoblade 2, which is a fully seamless world demonstrated surrounded by clouds of peace Arrest. It looks like a vast white sea, the center of which is outgoing to the sky the World tree. Around it like a planet floating huge titans.

According to the story, the people once lived on top of the World tree under the protection of the Architect, the Supreme deity who created the Universe, but then was exiled and sent to wander among the clouds. Body massive giants became their new home. On their backs they built villages and cities that has allowed humanity to survive in the vast ocean.

Centuries later, the titans started dying, sinking to the seabed, and together with them into the abyss leaving whole ecosystems – forests, lakes, animals and human settlements. Sushi is becoming smaller, which leads to military conflicts.

Обзор  Xenoblade Chronicles 2

The main character – Rex – live on the tiny Titan, the old dragon, on the back of which is his house. The hero works as a diver and catches in the deep bosom of the ocean antique stuff and any useful items that can find. Selling these items Trade Guild Argentum, he sends money to his family from a distant village.

Once Rex arrives unusual order in person from the Guild master – he will accompany a group of people and help them to pull from the interior of the ocean some old artifact. Customers are the Drivers – people who know how to awaken the power within crystals and to materialize it in the form of Blades. Each Blade is associated with the Driver and has a weapon of extraordinary power and supernatural abilities, which can be sent to the owner via the essential communication channel. If the Driver dies, then the Blade returns to the state of the crystal as long as it does not awaken the next Driver, but forever lose the accumulated memories.

An artifact that was looking for customers Trade Guild, was the ancient spaceship, inside of which a glass capsule sleeping a beautiful girl and an old sword. Touching the sword, Rex engine starts, but immediately dies from a treacherous stab in the back.

Обзор  Xenoblade Chronicles 2

The consciousness of the Rex-tolerated in the vast green meadow, where the hero finds the girl. She tells him about the Elysium, the Paradise at the top of the World tree, and asks to take her there, instead of offering half of vitality. The discovery of the Elysium will help to solve the problem of shortage of land and to save the world from the looming war. Agreeing, Rex resurrected, receiving the companionship of the Pyre – ancient powerful Blade Aegis, created by the Architect.

The game’s plot develops with each new Chapter, revealing a shocking history of the planet and touching many different topics: resource wars, genocide, loss of loved ones, racism, disappointment in people and humanity as a whole. The main character acts as a good Samaritan, positive attitude which raises morale within the team and helps to overcome the difficulties that stand in their way.

Following the laws of the genre “Shounen”, Monolith Soft created the beautiful and dynamic screensavers with excellent choreography of the fights. In battles the characters perform spectacular blows in the air with cinematic time dilation and beautiful camera angles. These moments are interspersed with calm scenes that delight well written dialogues, revealing the depth of the characters.

Обзор  Xenoblade Chronicles 2

There are also purely humorous episodes, which are created in order to lighten the atmosphere, but sometimes they get controversial. Some scenes, like the moment with a wardrobe in the home of one of the characters, jokes about the one-eyed snake, a sleepwalking heroine or the advent of robot maids is really funny and unexpected. But a recurring joke Zeke in the first half of the game look like a stupid and clearly unnecessary fan service. Not to mention the monotonous phrases of the military of the Empire of the sea Again, but the latter is likely just a bug, not a feature.

Developers do not have enough time to work out all the episodes have the same quality, and some headpieces or even whole sections make no sense whatsoever. The sixth Chapter was a very strange episode, which was clearly demonstrated a problem in the logic of behavior of the main character.

In turn, the villains, in spite of the excellent design from Tetsui of Nomura, is pretty formulaic. Some answers to questions we never received and probably won’t get to the additions.

Обзор  Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Fortunately, the final Chapter did not disappoint and was really fun thanks to the beautiful and unexpected unfolding of the history of the world. The eighth episode of pleased powerful atmosphere, and ten had completed the whole picture of the universe of Xenoblade. Fans of the first part with the Wii (and New Nintendo 3DS) will be happy to know that the story XC2 has a direct relationship to the original. The world of Xenoblade 2 and his story is perhaps the strongest point of the game. However, all that is connected with the relationship of the main characters, got pretty formulaic to complete. On the other hand, connoisseurs of anime will appreciate.

If you have not played project 2011 release, it does not greatly affect the perception of the sequel – the plot XC2 quite self-sufficient, even in isolation from the source.

Although Xenoblade 2 is nominally an open world, but it is arranged quite differently than previous games in the series. If Xenoblade on Wii , the world has steadily expanded as you progress through the story, and the planet in Xenoblade X was initially fully open and seamless, like in Skyrim and the new The Legend of Zelda, then the sequel is more like Mass Effect.

Обзор  Xenoblade Chronicles 2

World map in XC2 looks like the solar system, and you can choose any of the available titans to visit. Move between them to happen in the story in the cutscenes on the ships or using manual teleportation to previously open areas.

The world of Xenoblade 2 consists of 13 unique locations. At first glance, only three of them on the scale comparable with the areas from previous games in the series and offer in-depth study. In this case, you get a complex multi-level area, which is truly breathtaking.

But as you explore the environment, you can find passages in the new area even on a seemingly small titans. For example, Temperantia when you first visit looks like a microscopic location with the beautiful backdrop that is entirely dedicated to one story battle. But you can jump off the arena and down at the foot of a huge dead beetle to get to the rocky valleys of incredible size, populated with enemies, chests with loot, collection items and secret passages. There you can find a military camp huge lizards, secret cult, the side of the boss level 100 and the whole area of the excavations of the ancient city, in which there will be a small saver. As a result, even the smallest titans are great. Their isolation from each other has allowed developers to create truly unique levels. Especially pleased with the inside of the titans Uria and Tantalum, which represent whole continents inside a giant turtle and a huge whale, respectively, with their special climatic conditions, landscapes and cities.

A system of bridges and hanging platforms in the middle of snowy mountains, ancient fortresses, which sit like rays a monster the size of a five-storey building, next swim even more impressive squid – looks simply unforgettable.

The archipelago of Letterii with his hovering above the white haze of the giant jellyfish turned out to be incredibly beautiful and spectacular.

The variability of locations Xenoblade 2 is at a high level. The game world is no time to get bored, delighting in new discoveries, plot twists and huge monsters.

Обзор  Xenoblade Chronicles 2

The last was particularly impressive. Enemies are beautifully drawn and flaunt voluminous textures of shells and scales, nicely reflecting the glow from the energy sword and other light sources. Most of the enemies blended into the scenery and is constantly moving within the limits specified by the authors of the zones. Opponents turn or even ignored. In some places the level designers have even created open the shortcuts and workarounds. But even if you killed in the game there are no penalties for death – characters just teleport to the nearest fast travel location.

Compared to XCX enemies in XC2seems to have disappeared from the hearing, so they will not notice if you move to the side or rear. System of magnetism strikes in the style of Final Fantasy XII left, but given the fact that the Studio has shortened the distance of hits, run away from the monsters became much easier. In fact, you can only get certain ranged attacks – usually flying opponents.

Monolith Soft has abandoned the structure of Xenoblade X with its obligatory implementation of sidquests to open new chapters of storyline: the promotion of history in XC2 reminiscent of the first part. So you may even forget about the secondary missions, and devote themselves to history, which will take approximately 70 hours. And you can explore the world, complete all the side quests, open and pump with new Blades. In this case, you run the risk of playing the game in about 200 hours. And at the end of 2018, the developers promise to release story addition.

Обзор  Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Many additional jobs are most often associated with unique Blades. Quest can act as their receipt, and the job that is available as they are pumping. The quality of these missions varies: someone was clearly paid more attention, someone less. Most often quest unique of the Blade affects only on field skills, or any one branch of abilities, but sometimes these tasks depends directly on the game entirely.

Some quests are unlikely to be completed before the end of the storyline, as they require high levels of skills. Strict execution sequence of certain tasks throws the hero into the most remote corners Alresta, where suddenly it turns out that the skill of the Blade are underdeveloped and need to go to another location for further pumping begins with the natural world.

You can learn more about your favorite Blade – each have their “Heart-to-Heart” conversation, the quest with fully voiced scenes, which somehow complements the knowledge of the world and mainly on the nature of the Blade. Thus, each unique Blade is more than a tool in battle.

Обзор  Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Developers familiar with the types of side quests in the course of events in the first half of the game. This includes not only the quests from NPC, where you are asked to find some items, talk to other characters or to kill certain enemies, but the control group of mercenaries. Under this there is a separate menu where you choose the area and a list of available jobs.

For each region, a list of missions for mercenaries. You choose specific, select group of Blades, the skills of which meet the required parameters, and send a detachment to perform a certain task. Thus, it is possible to pump Blades, are not involved in your party, to develop the regions and to obtain useful items, experience, gold for successful completion.

Naturally, while this is happening, you can go exploring the world, advancing the plot and other sidquests, but in principle, nobody forbids you to leave your console on and from time to time to confirm successful completion with the subsequent delivery of Blades for the new same mission.

Обзор  Xenoblade Chronicles 2

It is worth noting that perform special tasks in the missions of mercenaries, the player receives a key that opens unique items from sellers in shops, which improve some parameters of a hero, like run speed and the radius of collecting loot, or extend the gear for you. The latter, in turn increase the chance of receiving Blades of a particular element.

One of the strengths of the game is the variety of cities and their complex structure. An extensive network of lanes, often hides many small interesting locations and new quests, and the vertical orientation of such settlements, as the capital of the region of Uria, makes their study even more exciting.

Xenoblade 2 develops the idea of X with special field skills that open new paths, areas, and hidden chests on the locations. Exploring the game world, you may notice the field of energy for the closed doors that require the skills of a Blade of a certain level. Exposing the heroes of the Blades with the right skills, you add up the values of abilities and open the lock or passage to a new part of the scene.

Обзор  Xenoblade Chronicles 2

But even if the Blade is in the list of the Driver, the player still need to manually add it to the active command. To get to some places, it is necessary several times to change the Blades, in order to have the necessary skills. It’s pretty tiring.

If you have no sword or skill is pumped high enough, you can open it later. However, looks very strange decision 7 and 9 chapters, where you need the plot to unlock the passageway with a special skill of high level. Despite the presence of the desired Blades, you may not have enough flow field specific skills. In this case, you will have to raise them.

Fortunately, the developers did not close the possibility of traveling around the world at any point in time, and necessary to the plot of the ability to sway simply and quickly – literally in 5 minutes. Moreover, we’ve got all the necessary guides.

Обзор  Xenoblade Chronicles 2

The development of Blades is possible. In the first place is pumping Affini – radial-circular grid special skills, divided by type of action. Sphere with the lock open up new levels. Red and yellow areas represent skills that are useful in combat, like increase damage, ability to put a magical seal already in the middle of a combination or additional abilities, like lowering agro and automatic recovery of health under certain circumstances. In turn, the green sphere – the field skills that help during the study of the locations and missions of mercenaries.

To open the abilities you need to perform a certain task, under the specified skill. Of the skill is opened already during the passage, mostly different abilities that require the destruction of enemies, using certain skills in battle and collect resources at the locations.
Others can be tied to the consumption of favorite food, the shopping, getting new Blades, and even optional story scenes, which are opened in the locations marked with the icon “Heart-to-Heart”.

Обзор  Xenoblade Chronicles 2

A second important component of the leveling Blade is modification of weapons chips that fall out of enemies are on location and can be bought in special shops. Using a particular chip, you peroxide the arms of the Blade, changing its appearance and characteristics. Some raise the damage of auto-attacks and the chance of a critical damage, others increase the likelihood block the enemy attack. Naturally, the first option is perfect for attacking Blades, and the second for tanks and healers.

Additional improvements can be hung using crystals Aux auxiliary Cores that work as accessories for the Blades. There may be a variety of bonuses, from increased protection and attacks on certain types of opponents in order to renew the effects of the elemental combinations.

Battle Blades passed his gun to the Driver, be it swords, disks, wands, axes, axes, spears, guns, hammers, Katanas, balls or gloves. Some of them are just standing close to the enemy, and the part works well from a distance.

Each type of weapon unlocks four unique techniques for the study of Driver that can be upgraded using earned battle points. Switching between pre-set Blades directly during the battle, characters change class, weapons, and sets of active and passive skills, opening up new gaming possibilities.

Xenoblade 2 continues to develop the idea of combining techniques from the original game, so part of the martial arts can change the physical status of the enemy. Competently moving around the enemy and applying the techniques in the correct sequence, you will not only deal more damage, but destroy the armor, turn and throw the opponent into the air in the style of Devil May Cry to in the end to defeat the enemy on the ground. Each new status is increasingly weakens the protection, allowing you to quickly destroy enemies.

Обзор  Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Moreover, XC2 there is a new interesting special attacks. Each Blade is tied to a particular element: fire, water, earth, electricity, air, ice, light or darkness. In a timely manner using the basic techniques of the Blade and right into the rhythm, the Driver accumulates a special attack first, second, third or fourth level. The higher the level the more damage the enemy. But if you use these abilities wisely and perform the right techniques in the right sequence, then magic items will start a chain reaction which in tens times will increase the damage.

Rapid combination promotes a two-button system of orders to the party members, who are also hoarding magical attack and help in the ligaments. Bringing the combination to completion, you not only strike the enemy huge damage, but also put a special seal that blocks him or that ability. Element map with available development options combinations displayed in the top right corner.

Creating different combinations of the elemental attacks, you take on the enemy all types of seals, which can destroy the special chain attack. This gives you the opportunity to go to second, third and fourth round chain attacks, turning the battle into a riot of special effects and beautiful finishing. In this case, the damage is increased several thousand times, and allows you to destroy bosses in a matter of minutes.

Обзор  Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Given the fact that most bosses, like in Bloodborne, include rage mode upon losing half health, this mechanic becomes critical.

Developers continue to add new game features until the final, making the combat system of Xenoblade 2 most perfect in the series.

You are constantly discovering new Blades and thus set up your squad to taste. As noted above, the Blades are divided into three specializations: attacking the treating tank. Each of them gives its Driver improvement class, like a bonus to attack, defense or treatment. And since heroes can carry three Blade at a time, you get a significant boost in these metrics, if you choose Swords a profession that can greatly help in difficult times.

Обзор  Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Additional improvements you also get from food, which is bought in retail shops, bakeries and cafes and is valid time.

Developers didn’t forget about the gear that in Xenoblade 2 greatly simplified compared to previous games of the series. Slots only two, the clothes are not displayed on the character models. From enemies it falls rarely and then mainly falling only accessories and weapons running chips. So you don’t spend so much time on the selection of equipment. It might disappoint fans of the loot.

Surprisingly, the Japanese Studio continues to ignore the most convenient gambit system of Final Fantasy XIIand Xenoblade again disappointing lack of settings, the AI teammates. Most of the time they behave appropriately, but still can make a crowd in one place, getting under heavy enemy strike on the area, sometimes don’t notice the drop down with the monster kits and never pick up the wounded comrades, paying attention only to the fallen in the battle of the protagonist. As a result of run you have.

Обзор  Xenoblade Chronicles 2

The setting of the party in the initial stages can slow down the restriction in the transfer of Blades to other characters, though later Blades is so much that you always have plenty to choose from. Even at first glance, the faceless ordinary Swords can be interesting and very useful skill that will help in difficult times.

Sometimes it is Xenoblade 2 seems to be quite overloaded from the possibilities. Unique pumping one of the characters involves completing mini-games “Tiger Tiger” in order to earn special points that you can use to create a strong improvement. Given the fact that the developers don’t end up to explain how best to collect bonuses and kill enemies in this mode, you have to understand yourself. However, fully understood, can significantly improve the character, turning it into the ultimate Blade.

The disadvantages also include not always obvious solutions to the many side quests. Sometimes it’s just not clear what to do and where to go, so to complete the game 100% you will have to use online databases of knowledge on the game.

Обзор  Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Graphically, Xenoblade 2 looks uneven. Sometimes you marvel at the work of artists and level designers who have created the magnificent scenery with beautiful clouds and lighting effects, cute characters and a complex three-dimensional surfaces. And sometimes see blurry picture with flat textures, square surroundings and dull NPC.

In portable mode, the game sometimes looks quite weak due to the low dynamic resolution in heavy scenes and unscrewed the filter definition, so the TV play much more comfortable. It is hoped that in the future the technical part will improve with patches, including fix crashes in the main menu system. For example, one of the last updates the developers were able to optimize the location of the fourth Chapter, in which the previously observed strong subsidence FPS.



The soundtrack of the first part of Xenoblade Chronicles was received very warmly and got many lists of the best, therefore, to write the music for the second part, called the same composers, with the exception of Eco Shimomura, which was busy with other projects. The process was headed by Yasunori Mitsuda, who managed to realize his dream and work with the eminent singers of the Irish choir ANUNA, thanks to which the usual for the genre direction in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 was diluted rather unusual European medieval compositions. Overall, the soundtrack of the new game will appreciate the variety. Some tunes, such as theme locations Gormot, in common with the music of XC1, bringing a nice touch of nostalgia. Separate locations, for example, Tantalum, accompanied by absolutely amazing compositions: you will appreciate the winter theme, performed on acoustic guitar.


The main vocal themes in the game, “Last One You” and “Drifting Soul“, written by Yasunori Mitsudo and ACE , respectively, was performed by British singer Jen bird. Words composed personally by the head of development Tetsuya Takahashi.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – the most ambitious game Nintendo Switch, which is not enough polishing of individual items. However, due to the unique world, the best combat system in the series, beautiful music, developed characters and spectacular cutscenes from the game play. Despite some plot oddities, gameplay limitations and excessive animenorth, we had 2 Boxes of 150 hours and look forward to new games Monolith Soft.


Battle Royal in the bushes – a review PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds

Баттл-рояль в кустах – обзор PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

The story of awkward Deathmatch variations of DayZ, who suddenly turned into the most discussed and adored by the broad masses of game, even being early access, it is time to tell developers a little before bed. Because only in fairy tales happens to from rags to riches in less than six months, and on release you already danced all of the major princes of the gaming industry, rhythmically dragging the ground in the unforgettable “Dot”. From harsh life realities such miracles are usually incompatible.

Although it is actually no magic in the success of PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds not unless you count those clever marketing through Twitch-zombie and a conscious choice of a niche without explicit competition. Among battle-Grand pianos, kings mountain and other hunger games – entirely dead soul, to stand out against the background which is not too difficult. Enough just, who would have thought, is not to throw your project on the first build. Well, and smile a pair of triple streamers in the process, of course.

Our Korean Cinderella, all is forgiven because she is relatively playable and support, there is one. Even the coveted version 1.0 is infinitely far from completed, nothing more similar to a normal game in this genre simply does not.

Баттл-рояль в кустах – обзор PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Баттл-рояль в кустах – обзор PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

For absent now and bewildered about what we do, it is necessary to clarify. PlayerUnчто there (PUBG for short) – it’s about large-scale battles in the format of “Last Man Standing”. Every match about 100 people landed on the island, but still alive only have one. In the case of team modes, however, the concept of the last surviving stretches to the whole group, but the essence is the same: you are always in the minority. In the vast expanses of the playing card brand they all want to cut your throat, and your task is to this to protect the throat.

A simple rule is supplemented by two “but”. First, the equipment need to find their own. Launch party is actually naked, and the weapons, armor and medicine have already in place, scanning the area for randomly generated loot. Some point, of course, the Almighty Rand showered with Goodies other a little more abundant, so that a comfortable degree of risk at the initial stage ask for yourself quite easily.

For example, in some run-down farm, hardly anyone will bother, but the equipment there is likely to be so-so. You want all at once – go to the military base, fight with a dozen of the same fearless Robinson for the right to wear the best helmet in the game and fill a backpack with first-aid kits. And you can even ride on falling from the sky boxes with unique guns and enjoy the undivided attention of half the server. Entertainment provided under any whim.

Баттл-рояль в кустах – обзор PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

However, sooner or later to emerge from the shadows still make. Another local feature – a dynamic play area, inexorably skukozhivaetsya at an arbitrary point of the island. PUBG, like a rugged shepherd, gradually pushes a bloodthirsty bunch of players in a close ring, harshly punishing “Apostolov”, and at the end literally confronts the survivors heads for the final confrontation. In other words, perfectly adjusts the tempo within a single session.

It was enough to turn banal “varivestis” intelligent, agile and at the same time not devoid of tactics concept. If a two-hour collection of stew in DayZ through some impenetrable fatalism, here we have a well organized structure with a clear final goal in the competition disciplines a La Counter-Strike, and freedom of action in the manner of those of your survival games.

Any match in PUBG consists of a string of decisions every second. Try your luck in a dangerous area or to disembark at some distance from all the action? What is more convenient: the machine gun or sniper rifle? Needless to linger over the area? Whether to steal treacherously noisy “UAZ” under someone’s window? Where to go, where to go, whom to shoot and shoot if at all – have to choose so often that it is often not a choice at all, but a reflex impulse, which is creating a dozen new problems.

But new challenges – it is always very cool.

Баттл-рояль в кустах – обзор PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Cool because simultaneously you are (not)well-considered decisions are still 90-something hotheads. In the ecosystem where a significant proportion of the events given to chance, hundreds of grief-tactics – a powerful generator of custom situations, which you can think.

There are no games kind of “came, saw, conquered” at some of those stages always is something out of the ordinary. It happens that you came, saw, but still won because the enemy forgot to enter the area. It happens that hardly would have come, if not overturned next to the poor guy on the motorcycle. Happen dim dust on the outskirts of the port town and a full-fledged assault on the villages. Sniper duel and corridor shooting. Hide-and-seek in boxes and raids on the road. Sometimes Comedy, and behind it – a real Thriller when you for two or three minutes you forget to blink, looking for the last enemy between the trees.

In such scenes “Pubs” is especially strong. They are fun, diverse, ubiquitous and, to the secrets of success to a suspicious stromatopelma. Very easy to cut their adventures on the highlights that any woman zine will be understandable without having to explain context.

Баттл-рояль в кустах – обзор PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Warm-up with enabled voice chat is reminiscent of school corridors in front of the line.

Sometimes, though, for the variety to pay. The role of the loser of the number generator is also in store, and when it falls you only have to grit my teeth and endure the blows of fate. In some games of chance can obviously not be, because within two kilometers is not zapounidis any weapons and/or transport. In others, because the area favors campers, 30 minutes occupying the only house in the area.

But it is especially nice when the guy in the jacket runs through the wall and treats the fatal charge of lead from invisible weapons. This is the failure of the discharge is much more offensive and technical.

The revelation of the century: the game on early access still feels like a game from early access. Bluehole, of course, didn’t want to miss their own deadline, but a release stamp on the current build PUBG is also, you know, kind of a manifestation of incompetence.

Everything that can fail, and usually fails so far. Regular delays from the server to loose control, freezes, or noticeable input lag – the list of diseases is not only not declining, but increasing every patch. This is not to mention the fact that game on virtually any system.

And this is not to mention the fact that eSports are now good shooters, where you can naturally get stuck in the textures.

Баттл-рояль в кустах – обзор PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Баттл-рояль в кустах – обзор PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

The game just wasn’t done. Even in such mundane things as ergonomics and interface design, still occupying much more space than it ought, and visual range, which is to release hastily hung tear ENB filters the contrast and sharpness. Some of the available functions (Hello, zeroing!) and does not work. Do any other company it would have already been cooked at the stake.

Well, Yes that there, it is useless to argue before us the biggest phenomenon last year, and likely not the last event of the year coming. The most influenced by multiplayer drug a part of our team plays in PUBG more often than I want to admit, and it’s about something so says. Most likely, that with all its defects it is a good game. Suddenly exciting and quite original.

But that long-awaited genre of Kamerton – no, never. Will be better, and soon.


Review Of Forza Horizon 3 – Hot Wheels

Обзор  Forza Horizon 3 - Hot Wheels

With each of the new additions the developers of Forza Horizon were trying to surprise the audience. At first it was a rally-race for the sun-drenched soil of Colorado, then a trial under the showers of the Storm Islands, and after that slide on the snow-covered mountain landscapes. Now Turn 10 and Playground Games have gone further, proposing stylistic turn in the direction of the popular series of toys.

Обзор  Forza Horizon 3 - Hot Wheels

In Forza Horizon 3 – Hot Wheels shipping us to a small island near the main location of the game, where already built a special race track, breathtaking insane loops, curves and jumps. One look at the panoramic view of the island enough to know what would be fun.

If you ever see sets, Hot Wheels, then immediately realize what it was. Instead of the usual asphalt and unpaved roads to travel we have the plastic tracks, as if coming to the game from the toy store. But the race itself now happen not in the same plane. To drive in a straight line, to overcome the kind of “horseshoe”, while soaring 50 meters over the sea level, to continue to drive in the opposite direction to perform the “dead loop”, and then to climb along the serpentine, surrounding high mountain for Hot Wheels common.

Обзор  Forza Horizon 3 - Hot Wheels

In order to stay on the surface, doing a regular flourishes, it is necessary to maintain a fairly high speed. For this purpose the developers have equipped the route with special boosters. Once on this booster, your car will add an extra hundred to the index of miles per hour and guaranteed to cope with the movement upwards. Extra grip with smooth plastic track is achieved at the expense of new tires, which are available to upgrade any car. In the rest of physics unchanged and there is as always excellent.

The authors diluted the standard for racing ring race and a sprint from point a to point B jumps, loops and breakneck speeds. The new colors will sparkle the opportunity to create their own races. Now you can replace some sections of trails. However, these opportunities are severely limited. You can only change a few special tricks of the elements of the track that is colored blue instead of orange. It’s not much, especially against the backdrop of a series of Trackmania, but nevertheless introduces an element of diversity. Also from the original game and all additional content: a high-speed camera, a drift zone and jumping.

Обзор  Forza Horizon 3 - Hot Wheels

Progress in the campaign is due to the medals that you receive for winning or participating in certain events. Finished the race – keep the medal, managed to finish in first place – catch another one. And if you have fulfilled a special condition, all three medals will become your reward.

The same applies to these additional activities – each high-speed camera, the drift zone or the leap from specially prepared jump can bring you to the three medals. Reaching a certain threshold on the number of awards you unlock new events, designed for the higher classes of cars, which is similar to the system of Blizzard Mountain.

Обзор  Forza Horizon 3 - Hot Wheels

The multiplayer remained without any significant changes. The choice represented by free-riding and co-op events with friends, as well as the online Championships, part of the lobby of twelve rivals. But the degree of fun jumped because of the possibility to have a crush while in a vertical position relative to the earth.

Stone in the garden Hot Wheels I want to throw in the meager number of new cars. With the additions to the fleet of the game has added ten new cars. At first glance it’s not bad, but only four of them made in the style of Hot Wheels. The huge plastic orange tracks don’t really want to drive the SUV or American muscle car, because all of this is the main map of the game. Here we hoped to see as many toy cars, perform crazy stunts, drive upside down, and funny take off from the road after the group clashes.

Обзор  Forza Horizon 3 - Hot Wheels

But in fact, the only one who will probably stick to this idea, only the player himself. And among the opponents bots you will not find, with rare exceptions, hot-rod with huge wheels and a big skull on the grille, stretched a racing car with two engines, which seriously hinder the visibility from the cockpit.

All because of the machines opponents are chosen at random within the same class, and four cars available in the game five hundred is a drop in the ocean.

Обзор  Forza Horizon 3 - Hot Wheels

Graphically, Hot Wheels looks amazing. Section constructed with great attention to detail. Each of these is supported by iron pillars. Boosters, giving acceleration to the car, driven by huge engines, and plastic tracks nicely illuminated with sunlight, reflected in glass surfaces. Resulted arms and reach for photomode.

Forza Horizon 3 – Hot Wheels – is a bright arcade entertainment with insanely beautiful image, which leaves behind only a pleasant experience even after passing the final check-in. And then there is no desire to leave the game, the benefit remains as yet not won medals.


Library Steam: Life is Feudal: Forest Village

Life is Feudal: Forest Village is a game about happiness. And also about the lack thereof and about the fact that life will go on as usual, despite the fact that you’re unhappy. Life will continue, even when you rot the latest clothes and when you break the last hammer. Will resume when your village will grow trees, among which will warp wolves and bears. And you, by the way, also will not die, just the mood you got is so-so.

The important thing is to build a tent of mushroom, logging and fishing pier. Today we are not only in the forest, but also on the island.

Библиотека Steam: Life is Feudal: Forest Village

You need fan of economic strategies for happiness?

First of all — sandbox. Wild construction site, where the meadows grow resources where herds of resources and in which are buried deposits of resources.

FV puts the scenery on a satisfactory-plus. Plus – for your generosity. Ask card generator a hefty chunk of land, so do not worry about the lack of space for building, and the generator will fill you in a sea of so much black earth, that with the debut of the island never to come down. Only to build, build, build and build to new areas, to design a medieval highway and fenced hunting grounds.

All the disadvantages — insurmountable boredom of the landscape.

Cards need sparkle. Any center of attraction. For example, since we’re on the island, albeit sometimes the generator produces a sandy Cove. Or Vice versa, a steep rocky shore, from which to throw stones driven angry rock and unfinished algorithms bears. Or even in the woods from time to time to meet a peat bog. Or just a lake with carp. Or quite blunt the ravine, overgrown with some wild raspberries. Something that I want to reach out a hand of civilization. Want to build on a lonely coastal cliff the hut of a hermit, you will want to build in the Bay of a Port Royal, you will want to stick round lake fishing shacks.

No, nothing. A big cake of land with trees and monotonous banks. Happiness was close, but passed by. But – and so will survive.

After that begins the actual building, and here already in order. A variety of cubes in the designer perfect medieval town is fully paved. Pixel fortress on the real feudalism do not know absolutely nothing, and therefore, as one think to live in full prosperity: to eat meat, to wear fur to work with steel guns and live in communal houses. Forest Village infantile ignoramuses playing. The client is stuck in the building panel all at once, from double tents and huts of the collectors of pasture to a brewing production chain and metallurgical industry.

Apparently, fate has prepared a great future for my trainees, which the villagers yesterday without anything dominating in all conceivable spheres of human activity and decide the fate of the world, sitting at home on the unsinkable ship. It remains only to collect one hundred thousand million tons of helpful numbers and resources to build the dream of king for speed X10.

In the end, no one to bother us. At all. The success of the forest villages are so tightly enclosed in the hands of the gamer, from the inevitable success you just want to howl.

Библиотека Steam: Life is Feudal: Forest Village

Imagine that we quickly rode straight like a scrap of training regime, sighed in frustration, not finding in the game campaign and started a normal map with default settings. What can we ruin the game? In theory, there are two way to lose villagers. They can either not feed or leave for the New year without heating.

It seems that all. More forest people no-one can touch. They will walk in rags, beat stones and to cut the wood with your hands, eat only fish and mushrooms, to hate your life, but will continue to work and multiply. So severe people are afraid of even wild animals. The maximum that you allow yourself brown bears, grey wolves and other wild boars is exclusively for peaceful surroundings of the forest of civilization.

Issues of heating and food are solved in the style browser tycoon. At the start of the party laid buildings, four or five pieces. Stands out on a team of builders, and if not remove the timer, then for the next 20 minutes all you can go do other things. Then you need to allocate residents for the new jobs, and now it all. Then the peasants live by themselves, pass issued at the beginning of the game excesses, stop to enjoy Mondays, but don’t give up.

As an experiment I gave locked at the same time in the forest on the island people themselves, and went to the movies. And you know, nothing special happened. Abandoned the ruler of the foresters without special problems coped with the task to survive the two digital. Build yourself a couple of new houses, however, none of them guessed, so in addition to the vegetarianism and asceticism else miserable, I had to learn more and celibacy.

Here happiness has left me. Strictly speaking, the main challenge of any economic strategy (namely the building self-sufficient resistant to external threats to the system) have been overcome in ten clicks and twenty minutes of drinking teas. I didn’t want Forest Village.

A game turn was not necessary to me. Some inquiries a few moments the main menu, I still was able to find in Forest Village, some no, but a real puzzle. The client presented me with a new debut, with one starting a tent, just two people and a limited supply of basic resources.

Библиотека Steam: Life is Feudal: Forest Village

What and in what order do you do when you have nothing and no one, not once is not obvious, and this is the only mystery of the Genesis FV makes playing the game really. The trouble is that the real Christmas toy embodying the real gaming joy in the game exactly one. You found what in the forest is for E2-E4 — much immediately, Yes, but still — and won. And the promised Breweries, bakeries, fields of wheat, joyous, prosperous burghers… sooner or later they will come, is wanted.

Life is Feudal: Forest Village – this, remember, the game is about happiness. Hypothetical happiness that comes when you solve all the local economic puzzles, which are not, and still manage to build viable village, which long ago able to spend the winter without you.

PS If you really are bored, Life is Feudal gives always to play for each individual citizen. And personally kill the bear with one arrow, then two times to go from nedorazumenij carcasses to the warehouse and back. The pleasure is mind-blowing.


Overview Nioh – Dragon of the North

Обзор  Nioh - Dragon of the North

Japanese-samurai roleplay Nioh became the loudest statement on “Dark Souls not from the authors of Dark Souls”. The sticky tentacles of the new creation Team Ninja tightened the editor Gamemag more than a hundred hours of violent action, customize, build character, search for cleverly hidden secrets and the blood-tear prevoznemogaya harsh game design. At the beginning of may to the shores of the PS Store docked at the first paid DLC, Dragon of the North.

Обзор  Nioh - Dragon of the North

Before diving into the arms of history, it should tell you about the free patch 1.08dedicated to the game’s launch. The list of innovations is impressive. In addition to bug fixes and remade balance: full PvP (you can even fight 2×2), the ability to take two guardian spirits, new equipment, skills and even the right to turn William in juicy screaming girl. For such generosity and devotion of the samurai to the audience the Studio Team Ninja wants the polls to kiss and thank in advance to purchase add-ons, regardless of its content.

For modest submit to 700 rubles, we proposed the following range: a new class of weapons (odati), the third level of difficulty for the main campaign (way of the Demon) and a new story Chapter.

Обзор  Nioh - Dragon of the North

The first is quite simple. Odati – Japanese sword, katana different from the usual monstrous size. In the game he exploits the parameter “Force” and causing tremendous damage when not very impressive speed. To unleash this thing on the heads of enemies is extremely accepted. Particularly painful have opponents, and when pumping of the tree of skills they suffer from odati increased damage.

The complexity of the “Path of the Demon” certainly will please those who repeatedly paraproktit the main campaign and nothing can stop your enthusiasm, but to enable stacking New Game++ in the fee-supplements – at least a controversial idea.

Обзор  Nioh - Dragon of the North

The most delicious – it is still a new Chapter that continues the story of the confrontation of William and universal evil. Hard to put a hero in the Tohoku Northern region of Japan, where the local ruler with a stylish eye patch – date Masamune (aka the Northern Dragon) began to play with the Amrita, demons, and, in General, was a bad guy. The plot is set at the same level as in the original game. So don’t expect any incredible revelations. On the other hand, the story in Nioh has always been in the minor roles, the main thing is still the gameplay.

New region hardly differs from the previous six – nor the size nor the content. William once again susanti small settlements and mountain passes, which at this time graces abundantly drop-down snow. Storyline quests are only three, but in fact a full two. The third offers only bossfight. Additional missions, as before, all the same levels, but in a shortened and altered form, of the arena and the obligatory GIMP challenge with a pair of bosses at the same time.

Обзор  Nioh - Dragon of the North

Opponents, fortunately, a new diversified instances, forcing fairly at the beginning to sweat. Some Marines literally lose their heads and regrow in its place, the vile fire, poisonous materials UV free no-breathing tentacle, conveying the heartfelt greetings of the Las Plagas from Resident Evil 4. Through the streets walking tall demons with very unpleasant set of deadly attacks, and the old youkai ninja learned how to use firearms. However, a gang of old monsters and soldiers here, too, is not in short supply.

Bospital in Dragon of the North four. The Pantheon of Glabados Supplement assumes a samurai, a samurai, the samurai, the woman and the samurai, half-mutated centipede. The last is the most memorable battle in the entire DLC. And sorry, I’m sure many would not refuse battle with some impressive creature. The same date could have the decency to transform into a mythical reptile, but alas, it is dreary waving a pair of swords and a little magic. The tactics of the battle with the boss does not involve any of the highlights – would only have to teach of animation, look for “Windows” and solder back my two cents worth of steel. But for the victory over some of them you get new spirits: blue dragon, a centipede, allowing you to deal damage through block, and one spirit, which many will be glad to see.

Обзор  Nioh - Dragon of the North

In the main campaign Nioh authors tried to dilute the standard mechanisms of the interesting chips on the levels. In the sewers of William tore from the use of “leciak”, in some places, groups of strong contenders were scattered, when you have found and broke the magic crystal in the mines we were looking for ways to dispel the poisonous air in the port, lit the lights, to simplify a boss fight… In Dragon of the North has something similar – a fight with one individual can be simplified, slaying the gunners on the towers. Although with them even more fun.

Do not forget the developers and about quite a sensible design levels with well-hidden secrets, ambushes at every step and well-implemented shortcuts. The combat system is still the same fusion, and new enemies, well versed in the subject of your standard tactics. For example, painless bounce back almost never works, in this case the brat quite a lot of sneaky attacks. Bosses though inconspicuous, but at meetings with them, nerves still glowing white-hot, because it is difficult and driving.

Обзор  Nioh - Dragon of the North

Many shortcomings, such as easy style of the environment, reuse of the locations in side-quests and mostly faceless bosses, moved to and fro. To some extent, even worsened, given that this is the seventh Chapter, made in the image and likeness of the previous one. Speaking of cooking, the cake called Nioh want more berry filling, and adds a test.

Dragon of the North is a nice DLC for all fans of the Nioh, which slightly expands on the basic content and allows you to extend the fun of the project. Given the strong mechanics, the only serious disadvantage is the only duration. Otherwise, if you like the game, then you can buy the Supplement.


A review of Fatal Frame V – Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water

Обзор  Fatal Frame V - Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water

At the beginning of 2000-ies a series of Project Zero, better known as Fatal Framewas one of the worst in video game history. As time went on, the platform succeeded each other, there are new projects, and Fatal Frame until 2008 waiting in the wings in the shadow of eminent brethren. Exclusive system Wii fourth part, Mask of the Lunar Eclipse from Suda51, was never released outside Japan. In turn, a remake of the second part at sunset the life cycle of the system went unnoticed. Released on the Nintendo 3DS as the offshoot Spirit Camera does become a failure largely due to poor management, technical problems AR technology and the need to play in good light. And here before us is Maiden of Black Water, which promised not only to revive the lost heritage, but also to significantly shake up the stagnant genre.

Обзор  Fatal Frame V - Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water

The new part of the Fatal Frame not only refers to classic Japanese horror, like “Call” or “Curse”, but inspired by a very real place Aokigahara, where disillusioned with the life of the Japanese, despite all the efforts of the police, find their final resting place. However, in order not to compromise once again the symbol of Japan – Fuji, which is situated next to the spooky forest, the developers as a starting point, chose a different mountain – Hikami, which is now inhabited by ghosts and the representatives of the ancient cult.

To Maiden of Black Water , you play as one of three characters. Yuri Kozukata, which with the help of psychic abilities save for the missing residents of the town at the foot of the mountain; the author of the mystical stories of Ren HOJO and searching for long lost mother Miu Hinasaki. The characters are closely linked, that together with the numerous notes disclosing additional details, make divided into episodes of history similar to the Chinese puzzle. And although the game is quite leisurely in its development, the story of the Maiden of Black Water is capable of holding your attention from beginning to the end.

Following the tradition of Japanese cinema, Maiden of Black Water is characterized by a slow pace. The camera slowly glides over the everyday objects, focusing on details. Outside the window rain, Cup of tea breathing the steam on the carved table. Cool stillness pierces every second of this story. The characters slowly pick up objects, move around your home, slowly open the door and all also torqued forward boxes with forgotten kimono. This slowness applies to the entire narrative. You gradually explore dark forests, abandoned temples and hotels, solve puzzles… and everything is also slowly expelled the ghosts. Cautiously extending a hand to the magical character of the film or the drink can be attributed to the fear of phantom hands, which strive to pull you under the earth, but the same slowness during battles with ghosts looks at least strange.

Обзор  Fatal Frame V - Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water

The next problem is the overall linearity. If your time learning the game on an invisible leash is holding you to the correct route, showing all the main elements of the game, the limitations in the rest of the story is already a serious problem. Developers are not just allocated a separate button under the Ghost of Navigator that shows you the right direction, they still restrict all the other open at first glance the field of internal monologues. You want to see what is to the right of the main path? The character you will report that can’t go in that direction, just because she had to go to a hotel, home or to save someone. Restriction of freedom for a project built on research, is a serious mistake. Of course, in the last mission, the player finally give freedom of movement for all locations of the game, which was lacking from the beginning, but, in fact, all of the remaining thirteen missions, the authors really lead the player by the handle.

As if it may sound paradoxical, but the main problem of the game is that it came exactly on WiiU. Attempt to use the gyroscope, touch screen and other chips with this device ruin the gameplay, reducing it to an annoying struggle with a crooked system.

For example, some of the hidden items and objects should be photographed only under a certain angle. But in order to make the desired picture, the controller must rotate to the correct angle. During the game, WiiUgamepad is fully discharged in 2.5 hours, and rotate the device with cord, given the required degree, is quite problematic.

But even without the cord location the system determines is not always true, frame camera jumps, and when you start the battle, where the enemy quickly moves to the side or behind, sitting on the couch to turn the sight quickly becomes a real problem. Designed to remedy the situation STIK, but it does not give the desired speed, therefore, does not solve all problems. Authors definitely should have paid more attention to the management, making it more responsive and intuitive.

But that’s not all. To change the film in the camera to use a medicine or a cleansing from the contamination of the solution, you need to break through the ranks menu. Moreover, no one warns that ending the film – you just can’t photograph. Given that the screen flashes from enemy attacks, you can decide that you are cursed (in this case, you also can’t take pictures) and drink very expensive and rare healing potion in vain.

Обзор  Fatal Frame V - Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water

As with all games in the series, Maiden of Black Water the main weapon against the enemies is the camera, known as Camera Obscura. Not only do you search for with it, the supernatural activity, solving puzzles, and banish ghosts, taking pictures of them during attacks and exposing weak points. Using the camera at the right time, you can cause maximum damage to the enemy – Fatal Frame. However, the ghosts actively resist the expulsion, dissolving into the air and attacking from all sides, trying to destroy your character.

You may also avoid attacks, but it is not much help in the battle with the bosses. In addition to the endless film, there are four kinds of negatives, which differ in cost and inflicted damage. New cartridges you can buy for points, finding the area or to discourage ghosts. In addition, units of illusory experience can be used for leveling the camera, making it most effective against bosses and random spirits.

After long-awaited victory over a Ghost or group of ghosts, each of them can be touched and see their last thoughts and feelings in the form of video inserts, which then can be reviewed in the menu. As to the new features is Wetness Meter, the meaning of which is the gradual “soaking” of the player from the attacks of ghosts and weather conditions. Completely wet the character deals more damage, but more often subjected to attacks by ghosts and invasions of phantom hands. The controversial solutions include the abandonment of traditional Ghost List, consisting of photographs of vanishing and hidden ghosts, and the addition of the integer part about Ayane from Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden. The authors tried to force the gamer to exercise in hide-and-seek with ghosts, but this initiative was not successful because stealth is practically impossible due to improper control character.

Обзор  Fatal Frame V - Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water

Maiden of Black Water differs from the previous games, primarily the General tranquility of the place, no mortal danger for the player. Do you not feel re-experienced the massacre that took place in ancient times, you is not running crazed Ghost with a bloody weapon in his hands. The game is really atmospheric, it has a few scary scenes and moments, come across a good screamer, but to call it chilling or frightening to needles is quite difficult. Sometimes it is unpleasant, repulsive, sometimes nasty, overwhelming assaults. People by cutting his throat, hanging, corpses falling from the waterfall, the hair, dragging you into the dark waters, ritual murder, blood and cults – it’s all there, but no paralyzing fear. Although, of course, this moment may be unique to each.

Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water – this game is old school, which thanks to the miracle appeared in 2015 passed the position of the platform. The failure of management, linearity and backtracking could put an end to this project, but the dense atmosphere, well developed characters and the plot are able to deliver the desired pleasure. Just keep in mind that the game has some topics that are contraindicated for minors and people with weak nerves.