The release of Football Manager 2019

Состоялся релиз Football Manager 2019

Football Manager 2019 appeared in the sale, in which case immediately acquired estimates.

A game for those who love football, who is in a hurry, and who all the days and weeks consist entirely of free time (are there such people?), gets on Steam are surprisingly good rating: 83% positive feedback powerfully contrast with last year’s version, barely stretched by 60%.

Praising the game for the Russian localization, raised the value of tactics, for the great simulation games, which has ceased to look like a set of template scripts, improved graphics, new possibilities of communication with players, advanced statistics, a new, more convenient interface, and a new training regime, which was actually playing in the game.

Scold the Manager for, oddly enough, the minimum differences compared to the previous part, the random results of the games that have to fix the reboots, the characteristics of the players, not changed from last year, and for exhausting system injuries when players fail for many months, for example, for his team.

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