THE QUIET MAN gets scathing reviews

THE QUIET MAN получает разгромные отзывы

Cinematic action THE QUIET MAN, the Japanese experimenters from Square Enix, as expected, was absolutely garbage game that not only is that uninteresting, so also has a huge number of technical problems.

The press completely ignored this seemingly innovative game. Journalists so often do, in order not to spoil relations with major publishers, and Square Enix just like that. However, gamers who don’t care about relations, walked through the challenge, providing it in Steam, only 32% positive feedback.

First, buyers absolutely baffled deafness of the main character, because of what they showed long video sequences for 10-15 minutes without sound. This triggered a chain reaction of misunderstanding of the plot. The bulk of the Express announced that the story remained unclear, because on the lips they can not read. Secondly, the battle was named quite uninteresting. Well and, thirdly, the game was quite short, and three hours to completely pass.

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