Take-Two won a million pounds for the “wrong” opinion about RDR 2

Take-Two получила миллион фунтов за «неправильную» рецензию об RDR 2

A very amusing story happened with one of the reviews for Red Dead Redempion 2, whose author, but rather the publication was forced to pay millions of pounds due to the fact that the review contained prohibited information.

Article million posted a publication Trusted Reviews, which in August last year received secret information from corporate documents Rockstar on gameplay features Red Dead Redempion 2. And then the material is not given as confirmation of the information was not. But in February it is apparently found, resulting in Trusted Reviews has published an article about the fact that RDR 2 will be a Battle Royal and the first-person mode.

And this, apparently, greatly disliked the boss of Rockstar, Take-Two, which seem to have threatened journalists in the court, after which the link where the article appeared appeal that in the edition I’m sorry about the mistake, you know, violating your privacy, and are therefore willing to pay a million pounds to charities that Take-Two will show .

Thus, the industry has become the most expensive game in the world.

По материалам: gameinonline.com