New game by the creators of Limbo and Inside will be three-dimensional

Новая игра создателей Limbo и Inside будет трёхмерной

The head of Playdead, Arnt Jensen, said that he was tired of the limitations of the 2D format, with whom they worked all these years and wants to try something new.

The speech in this case goes about the new game this Danish Studio, which we know from such projects as final fantasy and Inside that (especially the first) was awarded dozens of various awards worldwide.

It is already known that the new game will be “a lonely science fiction, somewhere in the universe”, and it seems that she will show us 2D+: format well-known for the same Little Nightmares, where the characters can run not only on the plane in hand, but in depth. This makes running less comfortable, but expands gameplay possibilities.

But the rest of the game will retain the signature style of the Studio. Mr. Jensen admitted that he likes to leave room for the thoughts of the gamers, who not just play and think about what is happening, finding in this simple answer.

Neither the timing, nor even the name of this game has not been named.

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