In RDR 2 was forbidden to mention the names of the consoles

В RDR 2 запретили упоминать названия консолей

Posted online dictionary with forbidden words of Red Dead Redemption 2 continues to be under the scrutiny of the public.

In particular, after learning a few hundred words on which the developers have put a taboo, not only in the text chat, but in the other game mechanics, it became clear that the list contains words such as Nintendo, Xbox and PlayStation.

In other words, that you understand your riding a horse it is impossible to give not only a dirty nickname, but to name it after one of the consoles.

This happens probably because horses can be killed, and the horses can fight, giving passing hooves. Both may not look very pretty, if the horse will be called the PlayStation. There is a direct attempt to discredit the fair name of the console.

However, the caveat is that these words cannot be used in text chat, which imposes on gamers of a certain difficulty in communicating what they have to use more sweeping terms, like “console from Sony or Microsoft console”.

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