FIFA 19 without the silver medalist of the world Cup because of the greed of Electronic Arts

FIFA 19 без серебряного призёра ЧМ из-за жадности Electronic Arts

Former star striker Davor Suker, but now the head of the football Federation of Croatia from 2012 year, called greedy Electronic Arts company. That is why the Croatian national team – for a moment – the silver medalist of the last world Cup no FIFA 19.

As reported by the local press, the representatives of Electronic Arts approached the local Federation, but was offered too little money. A tiny amount of 100 thousand euros for the right to use licenses amused Mr. Suker, who has not consented to the appearance of the national team, noting that this situation lasts for several years, but pay more electronics stubbornly refuse.

A similar story actually happened to Iceland and to our Russian football Premier League, where officials also did not agree with Electronic Arts for the money, which, again according to rumors, also offered the same amount as the Croats.

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