A new rumor about Sunset Overdrive on PC

Новый слух про Sunset Overdrive на ПК

After may, there was a first leak from South Korea that Sunset Overdrive will be released on PC, now rang the second bell, when this game is in the PC version showed up on the website ESRB rating Agency.

The PC platform has been on the page with the shooter a few hours, while people do not pay attention to it, and the news is not picked up by journalists. Then fixed, leaving, as it was only Xbox, but osadochek, as they say, remains: why change the page it is not a new game, adding a new platform to then return everything back? It is unlikely in the Entertainment Software Rating sit jokers, so most likely this is the case when the smoke without fire does not happen.

Dizzying action game Sunset Overdrive was released on the Xbox One in 2014 year, earning from journalists, and from the players as a whole 8 points: not a masterpiece, but quite soundly. Since then, several times it was talked about the second part, but today the exact confirmation of the development continue there.

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