NPD: traditional life cycles of consoles came to an end

NPD: традиционные жизненные циклы консолей подошли к концу

The expert from research firm NPD, Matt Piscatella, said that the traditional life cycles of consoles came to an end, and times like those, when the PS 3 and the Xbox 360 ruled the roost in a period of ten years is not repeated.

Reflections of Mr Analytics is simple: the audience loves variety, and even the basic edition PS 4 Edition Fortnite was able to significantly boost sales as people immediately pulled down all copies of this, in fact, an ordinary PlayStation.

Likewise, a great show Xbox One’s and PlayStation 4 Slim, not to mention the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, X Pro. All these boxes have been successful, establishing in the minds of the producers of new distribution model.

In addition, the “games as services” also drew a line under the old life cycle of consoles, where people constantly want something new. And all this, in his opinion, will reduce the gap between the new generations of consoles that will appear more often than before. And, therefore, will have to pay more too.

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