Netflix showed Henry Cavill in the image of Geralt

Netflix показала Генри Кавилла в образе Геральта

More news from the Netflix camp, which is preparing for the filming of the series about the Witch.

At this time, the audience showed Henry Cavill – Superman yesterday, which is now trying to turn Geralt of Rivia, and shown, I must say, approved few.

A short video in which the actor comes out of the darkness, and then begins to drink something from a small bottle, Packed a lot of comments where, of course, passed over by gamers who associate this character with his playing.

In particular, citizens are unhappy with the fact that Geralt is too young, the fact that it was not canonical, not cat eyes, absence of beard, and not the quality of the wig, which was too tidy and, if you like, our bruised, which is good for cosplay, but not for this movie.

Mr. Cavill exudes the joy that awaits him. In a recent interview he noted that he actively meets with the image of Geralt, and he was ready to play it at its best. Well, still, it is rumored in one episode he will receive 400 thousand dollars, and if the show decides to take to the end, then eventually his account will be increased by 3.2 million.

However, there is one big caveat: familiarity is not through the books of Sapkowski, and not even in a video game, but through what was written by Lauren Schmidt – head writer of the project.

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