Kojima came to Valve Software hinted at Half-Life 3

Кодзима приехал в Valve Software и намекнул на Half-Life 3

Hideo kojima showed up in the United States, where he began a tour bypass game studios, photoshoots and Dating with the local leadership. On the day he visited Sucker Punch and Pixar, and now paid a visit to Valve Software, and not just visited, and gave a hint of Half-Life 3.

Moreover, it is believed that he did not understand what I did, when photographed with a Studio head, Gabe Newell is pretty emaciated, grizzled, and all the same positive eternal Director. The thing was that Lord Gaben and held up two fingers, indicating the symbol “Vic” and kojima – thumb showing, they say that everything is fine. The result is figure 3 – mystical song, where strongly avoid it, and not firing a Portal 3 or Team Fortess 3, Dota 3, or, most importantly, Half-Life 3.

Separately it is worth noting that tour Kojima had on the company, or otherwise associated with Sony, which apparently has something to do with the Death of Stranding, however, according to the American press, many of these companies produce games for the PC that was somewhat surprising, because the creation of Kojima exclusive for the PlayStation 4. Of course, we don’t know much, but something interesting is happening there by far.

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