In Fallout 76 found racism

В Fallout 76 нашли расизм

After the opened beta tests Fallout 76, the Network was laid out a sob story of one young man, who considers himself old fan of this universe, Eric, who put the children to sleep, got rid of his wife, and sat down, finally, to play, anticipating a lot of fun.

However, as soon as the game started, the unexpected happened: from the speakers came the voice: “Go make a normal, white hero!”. The author writes that immediately thought that it refers to someone from the NPC, but then it turned out that this is one of the Union’s neighbours in the shelter. He clung to him, explaining that with such a hooked nose and curly hair he’s too much of a Jew, which is unacceptable. So he needs to go and remake the hero again.

While the speakers could be heard the voice of a child who tried to argue with, as it turned out, his father explaining to him that this character really looks good, but he did not want to hear, give me this choicest expletives.

In the end, the hero left with no choice but to return to the menu and alter the appearance. And the worst part is that his game from the other room followed by his wife, who was in shock from such treatment.

At the end of the story Eric said that’s not blaming Bethesda, but wants the game has a mute function for voice chat.

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