Cooperative horror movie Blackout Club appeared in Steam

Кооперативный ужастик Blackout Club появился в Steam

Released early versions of cooperative horror film called Blackout Club, which we have told you in the last year, and which at the time looked quite promising. And it seems that the game is really good, because now, after 35 years of related it has a 100% positive feedback, which is quite a rare phenomenon for such a project.

Customers praise the developers for an interesting idea with the closing and opening of the eyes, when in the first case, see the enemy, but do not see the world, and Vice versa. More praise for the interesting stealth and atmosphere in the style of teen short stories by Stephen king.

What to the critics, the game went for not the most fashionable graphics, not the best-quality optimization for a modest Arsenal of weapons and recurring bugs.

To bring the project to final release, the developers promise over the next 3-6 months, after which the game will be a big map with lots of regions, new customizable characters, new weapons, and also possible to add PvP mode under the promising title “Stalker”.

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