Bethesda, again, apologizes for the problems with the beta Fallout 76

Bethesda опять извиняется за проблемы с бетой Fallout 76

Heap went. Over the last two weeks it already the third official apology from Bethesda before gamers. Had to apologize, of course, for Fallout 76, beta-the launch of which was accompanied by considerable technical problems.

The audience left the head of the company, Pete Hines, who said he apologizes, expressing hope that “this will be the last bump in the road”. He also said that faced with such problems, which, frankly, did not expect, although unpleasant surprises anticipated, but despite this they had to “push them” to reveal in spite of General discontent.

What could be so wrong? Well, firstly, the performance left much to be desired. Secondly, many people missed the tests because were unable to complete a download that was just stopped. Third, the glitches and bugs with textures and animations have also appeared.

In General, works developers there is still a lot.

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