In Devolver Digital has condemned processing in the gaming industry

В Devolver Digital осудили переработку в игровой индустрии

One of the Directors of Devolver Digital, Graham, Struthers, said that, despite the fact that RDR 2 will be a great game, Rockstar would do well to establish conditions of work in the team to, first, to avoid future similar scandals, and secondly, not to torture people.

For example, in most Devolver Digital, as stated by Mr. Struthers, nothing there. Moreover, personally, he always condemns processing and requires employees that they did everything within the time for which they are given real tasks. However, to realize this is not always possible since the company works with studios and just private contractors around the world, and sometimes, in order to control them, do you have to work hard, not having time to eat normally, or sleep because of the constant airplane flights.

However, in his opinion, from some degree of processing affects not only in major gaming companies, but indie studios, whose representatives are also forced to fit within the time grinding away for 15 hours a day, which of course is not good, because the really good games will come out only when all the developers a good health and mood. And then, of course, do not argue.

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