Khovanskii beer became one of the heroes of the new game help

 Хованский с пивом стал одним из героев новой игры про видеоблогеров

DMarket the company announced that it will release in the App Store and Google Play a mobile game about famous DHeroes help from all over the world, including the Russian youtubers Yuri Khovansky and Pozzi. In total, the game will be about 30 million help.

 Хованский с пивом стал одним из героев новой игры про видеоблогеров

Game mechanics will be similar to Hearthstone, but instead of magical heroes, players will play cards with well-known bloggers, the characteristics of which will be measured in terms of popularity. Gamers will be able to hold the card matches one by one, using a collection of cards.

Support for promising game projects is part of the global strategy of the company’s DMarket. Our many years of experience in the game industry, unique technology and service will help monetize the game and significantly expand its audience.— founder DMarket Vladimir Panchenko

DHeroes promise to release before the end of the year, but pre-order special decks of cards already available on the official website.

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