Developers Metro Exodus will answer your questions

 Разработчики Metro Exodus ответят на ваши вопросы

4 October will mark the opening of the exhibition “IgroMir 2018”, where we take an interview with the developers of Metro Exodus. You have a great opportunity to learn the details of the game that are interesting to you. Write in the comments your questions!

You are interested to know about Metro Exodus?

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Metro Exodus — the sequel to the popular series of games about survival in a post-apocalyptic Russia. Players will explore the wild lands that are dangerous not only mutants, but also the various bandits. The protagonist of the series, Tom and other survivors will go to the East to find a new home.

“Buck” will arrive on “IgroMir”! Gamers are waiting for the Metro Exodus, Kingdom Hearts 3 and a huge …Ask a question to the developers Biomutant

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