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Soon starts the exhibition “IgroMir 2018”, where we will be able to interview the creators of the action role-playing BioMuntant. To learn something that is fun for you, we offer you to take part in the poll or write your question in the comments.

You will be interested to know about BioMutant?

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BioMutant is a open world game, which deals with the development Studio Experiment 101. Players will assume the role of a small animal, like a Panda that can change your appearance with the help of prostheses and mutations. On his journey he will meet many huge and dangerous opponents, but the main purpose is an ancient tree, which the hero can either save or ruin.

In the new gameplay RPG Biomutant main character swallows a huge monsterisrael Darksiders 3 and Biomutant miss E3 because of the world Cup in Russia…Developers Metro Exodus will answer your questions

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