Removed Scum from Nazi tattoos

Из Scum убрали нацистские татуировки

Citizens of the gamers found in the simulation of survival Scum Nazi symbols. One of the characters on the back in the form of tattoos was a whole bunch of various scandalous characters, the superiority of the white race and other doctrines of Nazi Germany. And, it seems, was precisely the case when the signature transcendent realism has malfunctioned, and was not only unethical and offensive but also illegal.

And then it starts to get interesting. In Croteam, on all the indignant comments, replied that, they say, if you insult, some of the materials present in the game, then just don’t play it. Then followed the explanation: “If we begin to remove everything that offends someone’s feelings, then we would get a empty game with no weapons, blood, humor, curses, beatings, cannibalism and murder animals.” But then, when the storm cleared, and when it began to pay attention to leading gaming publications, the developers decided not to risk it, and most of these tattoos removed, saying that it was a mistake.

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Capcom can re-release the first Resident Evil

Capcom может перевыпустить первую Resident Evil

The main Resident Evil 2 remake, Kazunori also Kadai, after the announcement that Capcom is not going to make remakes of the remakes, but just want to bring back the old mechanics in new games, making them both exciting for gamers of different generations, unexpectedly hinted that a remake of a remake all the same can take place.

It is the first classic Resident Evil, released in 1996, the year became perhaps the most iconic in the entire series. So, it has been said that the game will be remake from scratch, but instead would take the already released remake of the 6-year-old, who received the star of Resident Evil 2, can dramatically modernize.

Any specific details Mr. Kadoi not reported, but, apparently, together with the development of Resident Evil 8, some part of the team will work on the re-issue of old projects. And there, perhaps, and until Resident Evil 3 that fans also has long and persistently asked to update, can reach the case.

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Star Citizen wanted to show for the money, but changed his mind

Star Citizen хотели показывать за деньги, но передумали

Tipster, Chris Roberts, who with his Star Citizen came up with 101 honest method of obtaining currency from the population, misfired. Akella missed – for the first time in many years. Apparently, the patience of gamers still has limits.

It was like this: the developers have planned an event called CitizenCon, an exhibition devoted to the game in the style of BlizzCon or QuakeCon. It would seem that planned, so do it. All will only. Suddenly, however, it became clear that for the right viewing thereof, Mr. Roberts wants to charge $ 20 per person. This decision caused such an uproar that Cloud Imperium Games immediately turned back.

Mr. Roberts made an appeal to the audience that he has invested a lot of money in this exhibition, hired a bunch of staff and produced a stream of higher quality, which was going to take a little money (to show chronically unfinished, unplayable alpha version). But since you are so evil, then it so be it, will make the stream free, but to fire personnel to raise the quality of the show.

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China will compete with online games for “children’s eyes”

В Китае поборются с онлайн-играми ради «детских глаз»

The harsh everyday life of Chinese gamers who were recently deprived of new games due to the simple refusal of their registration, become even more severe. This time, the President, people’s Republic of China, XI Jinping, stated the need for a sharp reduction in online games, and no less harsh control of the games produced. The reason? You will not believe: “Protect children’s eyes and allow them to enter a bright future.”

This is very bad news for Chinese developers a MMO, and sad for all the local fans of the genre, because together with the revocation of licenses already existing MMO-shek, the ones that remain will be placed in a rigid framework, including the notorious daily counter time, after which, the game automatically closes.

However, there is an alternative view, the meaning of which is that children’s eyes do with it. All because of competition. Local Tencent wants legislation to limit the emergence of new games that can distract people from the games available, and known to whom belonging.

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Valve know all the jokes about yourself and ready to answer

В Valve знают все шутки о себе и готовятся к ответу

Lead programmer card-trading game Artifact, Brandon Reinhart, talked about the fact that Valve Software are well aware of all the jokes, the bullying and the accusations against the company from the gaming community, which accuses them that they are sitting on a pile of money and don’t want to do anything else other than to count the profit.

It turned out that Valve is ready to answer that the last few years there’s been dormant because I was busy improving Steam, that went a lot of effort, and where it involved a huge number of people. And now that work is nearing completion, the company is ready to surprise: “we are Now in a place where we can once again invest in the game.”

Mr. Reinhart confirmed the words of Gabe Newell that Valve is preparing a few games, and the Artifact – the first of them. True, we need clarification: a minimum of one will be the game for virtual reality helmets, one is a game created by a third-party Studio Campo Santo, which we know from Firewatch. So, what to expect the imminent announcement of Half-Life 3 would be premature.

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The release diablotones Shadows: Awakening

Состоялся релиз дьяблоподобной Shadows: Awakening

On Steam appeared role-playing Hack-n-Slash action game called Shadows: Awakening, which has aroused interest among fans of Diablo and similar games mechanics.

At this point the shadow of have 91% positive feedback. Of course, the relatively small budget of the project is felt, but we still have one of the best games of the genre in recent months.

Customers liked: optimization, atmosphere, nice picture, decent variety of enemies, the story, the Russian-speaking, though the text localization, and the ability to change the hero class during the passage, made possible by his special demonic abilities.

Of the minuses were: not the most convenient controls, unusual and too original inventory, lengthy, slow and uninteresting battle, oddly enough, the plot is limited to the confrontation of different personalities living inside the main character.

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The Russian strategy Panzer Strategy left early access on Steam

Российская стратегия Panzer Strategy покинула ранний доступ Steam

Continue to follow in-game updates from local developers. This time we were pleased with the strategy Panzer Strategy, has left early access on Steam, and appreciated on this occasion, three times.

Along with the final release of the game added a new mission with the full campaign, new units, fixed rare bugs and a slightly reworked balance. That before optimization, it was at the height even at the alpha stage. All this was estimated at 79% positive reviews, noting the presence of Russian localization, greater tactical variety due to the terrain, the abilities of generals and an impressive selection of units, and also excellent performance: the game works perfectly even on computers that do not meet the stated minimum requirements.

The only thing that is puzzling is the price. If early access for the game asked for the 435 rubles, now its price has risen to 1350 years. Very impressive like – to be Frank – the humble indie strategy is not the most famous designers.

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CD Projekt RED spoke about the similarities between Cyberpunk 2077 and the GTA

В CD Projekt RED рассказали о сходстве Cyberpunk 2077 и GTA

One of the employees of CD Projekt RED, Philip Weber, joined the discussion with fans of the Cyberpunk 2077 on the official forum of the game, revealing a few new gameplay details, and in particular, confirming that when the project is created, the development team was inspired by the including GTA.

In particular, he was asked to comment on the message in the official Twitter of the game, where it was officially confirmed the availability of opportunities to acquire and improve apartments in different parts of the city at Night. Gamers are asked, they say, not from GTA was borrowed similar to what Mr. Weber said that they were inspired by this action as well.

In addition, he said that Cyberpunk will be a system of companions. What we showed in the gameplay video is just one of the missions where we put the companion in the story. The allies will come and go, sometimes they will come back, but the whole passage will be completely single without hiring bots like in Skyrim.

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