Battle Royale Zeus’ Battlegrounds now available

Королевская битва Zeus' Battlegrounds уже доступна

Yes, another game in the style of Battle Royale is already available in early access. Distributed in the Steam and available for download to all players for free. And now the action is performed, in which all users who log in to the game until October 5, will be given a special gift – the crown of the founder. Despite the fact that Zeus’ Battlegrounds is representative of the genre battle Royal, it has its own peculiarities. You have the role of a demigod who will battle in the great arena of Zeus. The player who survive will get their place on Olympus.

One match involved 100 players, and only one of them can become God. The game has a huge number of weapons in the style of Ancient Greece, of whom there are about 45 species. The whole project is geared for the theme of the day, which is very unusual for games of this genre. Here also there is flexible system of customization of appearance of the character, a large number of skills, a huge world and different seasonal events.

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In SCUM has been updated with the scary masks

В SCUM вышло обновление со страшными масками

Despite the sharp decline in online Royal rumble SCUM, developers are still consistently release updates with fixes and new content. This time they decided to add to the quality of equipment is the mask, which is made of human skin. She collected literally in pieces and sewn together with thick thread. Looks, frankly, very strange and terrifying. Another nice innovation is the ability to create pistols and shotguns from scrap vehicles. This decision is a great option for users who carry a lot of resources, but have no weapons for protection.

Came night vision glasses, so at night now to Wade through forests and other biomes are much simpler. Also, players were pleased with the addition of caves. All of them, you receive 30 pieces on the map, and each can be used, for example, to camp at a specific time or a full-fledged fortress. Here you can hide resources or to hide from players. And the last is a unique animation when you suicide. Now the player just dies and makes sounds and kochevryazhitsya.

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Mojang is preparing a new Minecraft universe

Mojang готовит новую вселенную Minecraft

Have not had news from Mojang, who in 2012-2014 has made a splash with its sandbox Minecraft. Recently, developers announced a new project – Minecraft: Dungeons. It is a kind of action game that is developed by a separate team in Stockholm. Here, players will have to visit a large number of dungeons to fight with different mobs. In dungeons you will find a large number of equipment and weapons to constantly improve the protective properties of the player and attacking.

As reported by the developers, the dungeon will be diverse, but will it be random generation or a choice of a dozen locations is unknown. As far as we know, even in the original version of Minecraft sometimes incidents occurred in the generation. Provides for single mode and multiplayer, where you together with your team to go in search of adventure. The project will release in 2019 on the PC, but the exact date is not yet announced. Most likely, immediately after the release of the game will receive modifications and various tools which will allow to expand the possibilities of Minecraft: Dungeons as well as the original version. Well, let’s wait and see…

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Endless Battle, the developers moved the release date

Разработчики Endless Battle перенесли срок релиза

Fans of MOBA-games, Endless Battle, was looking forward to the release of the project a few days ago, on September 27, but the developers soon changed the date of October 19, with the result that there was a lot of negative comments from fans in different social networks. And within a few hours on the Steam product page was the inscription Coming Soon. At the moment, any comments from developers have been received, and it’s sad, because fans of an interesting course of development, reasons for the transfer date. Probably it was postponed because of banal lack of time and a large number of bugs in the game.

Actually Endless Battle even now a large audience of fans awaiting the start of the project. The game itself belongs to the MOBA in which all the battles more similar to the standard PvP modes of any MMORPG. If you’re used to that in a MOBA already created characters, it’s not about Endless Battle. Here you create your hero, choosing his outfit, the detail customizing appearance. Just at the moment there are 5 different classes (knights, warriors, assassins, priests and mages), but in the future perhaps the list will be expanded.

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20th Century FOX has unveiled the first trailer of the film “X-Men: Dark Phoenix” (video)

20th Century FOX представила первый трейлер фильма «Люди Икс: Темный Феникс» (видео)

The company 20th Century FOX unveiled the first trailer for “X-Men: the Dark Phoenix”. The plot of the new movie will focus on the most powerful mutant with the most destructive force in Jean grey.

New work in the framework of kynoselen “X-Men” will talk about how Gina got the power of the Phoenix. In addition, the film will again show a magneto, Professor X and others familiar to fans of the franchise heroes.

The key role again played by: Sophie Turner, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Evan Peters, Nicholas hoult.. and Jessica Chastain. In the Director’s chair Simon Kienberg — producer had previously produced a few films in the franchise “X-Men” and two parts “Deadpool”.

“X-men: the Dark Phoenix” starts in theaters 14 Feb 2019.


The FPSRTS-hybrid Executive Assault 2 will appear on Steam in October

FPSRTS-гибрид Executive Assault 2 появится в Steam в октябре

18 October in early access on Steam will be a very unusual game, which is a hybrid of real-time strategy and first-person shooter.

It is called Executive Assault 2 as a logical extension of the original part, which was released in 2015 year and has gathered Steam very good reviews. And now, therefore, continued.

We offer manual creation of space stations with the layout of the compartments and the installation of guns, the command of a space fleet and infantry troops. This will alternate shooting the first person, including flights on a space fighter, a La Luke Skywalker. Above it all reigns a list of more than hundreds of available technology and multiplayer, which threaten to make a free and diverse.

Of course, this game looks pretty outdated, but fans of such, instead of having to wait for Star Citizen, maybe you should pay attention to this humble game whose creators chose a pretty bold release date, surrounding himself with powerful competitors.

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Hitman 2 will be released in November

Hitman 2 выйдет в ноябре

Became known release date of Hitman 2. Full season, without issuing missions every few weeks, will go on sale 13th November.

Along with this, the developers decided to remind the public about what it will be a great game. After Hitman: Absolution, which has become almost a corridor shooter, IO Interactive decided to slow down and returned the series to the roots.

And now each mission can be performed by several methods. In the mission where Agent 47 will have to eliminate the well-known racing driver, he will be able to connect to the car bomb, can incapacitate the brake system, or in an extreme case, shoot the victim at the time of arrival. The mission of the jungle hero will need to first Wade through the rainforest, where they will wait for poisonous insects, snakes, and predators, and then to be creative in order to reach the goal, for example, in Hitman 2, the guards learned to understand reflections in mirrors and shiny surfaces, as this will greatly complicate the mission in the jungle because of mirrors in the Palace, where the objective will be complete.

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In Fortnite, you may receive the mode capture the Flag

В Fortnite может появиться режим Захвата Флага

Dataminer digging in the innards of a video game, this time gutted a new updated version of Fortnite, which found something very similar to Capture the Flag, with which the developers are experimenting, and who, perhaps, are preparing to release.

Not to bore you with technical details about what and in which file has been written, we note that, apparently, we are talking about the full mode 5050 on a new map.

If something like this get implemented, it will be the biggest capture the flag at all in the history of game making, because, as a rule, such regimes are limited to a dozen participants, but not hundreds. Perhaps fans of the shooter is waiting for something entirely new. Maybe Epic Games are preparing multiple flags for multiple parcel maps, or something like that. But no information on this from developers were received, who prefer not to mess with something that works, leaving innovation in the case when the popularity of the game will begin to subside.

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The creators of Football Manager 2019 promise a unique system of training

Создатели Football Manager 2019 обещают уникальную систему тренировки

Pulled up the details of Football Manager 2019 games, which might want to join those who are disappointed in FIFA but still love football.

For a start the developers have announced a new chart. They added a system of studying video replays, which was first tested on the World Cup in Russia, in General improved appearance of the field, updated the interface, and paid attention to the animation of the players.

Then they added even more psychology. Now to talk to my players more often, and these same conversations will have a much greater effect.

And most importantly – they have added a fundamentally new system of training, which, it seems, is a game in the game that requires many hours of your free time. Here players will be able to pay attention to each member of the team, both the primary and the youth, picking up a special training mode individually in order to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Will all this tactical variety of the second of November.

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