Tencent is preparing a remake of Crossfire

Tencent готовит ремейк на Crossfire

Remember the popular online shooter Crossfire? Yes, it was “the bomb”, but is now one of the forgotten projects, you say, and you’d be right! That’s just giving him a second life. Tencent, along with the gaming Studio Smilegate decided to release a remake of the game, which will allow the game to reach the level of modern graphics and special effects. As reported by the developers, will transform the character models, locations, equipment. Also promised new modes and a large selection of weapons. And in the future and your own map editor.

The game will be called Crossfire HD that already sounds promising. The remake will initially be available in China in 2018 and later will get to other countries. Recall that Tencent has significant resources in terms of money, skills, experience, so you can expect a decent competitor to CS:GO. Just a question – do I have to? On the wave of hype with Battle Royale mode, you can simply not shoot, even if the graphics will be ten times better than modern games.

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