Warframe started event the Pyrus Project

В Warframe началось событие The Pyrus Project

Developers of Digital Extremes Studio reported that in a multiplayer game Warframe finally started a temporary event called the Pyrus Project. The main objective of this event is to unite players who will repair the Relay, which is in earth orbit. Such events involve a huge number of players, because alone complete it successfully will not work.

The story goes that the Relay station is one of three locations, which was destroyed a few years ago when attacked by Greenery. The hour has come when you need to cooperate all together and restore this station. Each player will have to collect a huge amount of resources, essences, and create some items and set them. In the process of repairing the course of events can interfere with enemy units that are not averse to select your items and stop the process of construction.

Overall event the Pyrus Project promises to be interesting, so please join while you can.

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There was a trailer Unleashed Bless

Появился трейлер Bless Unleashed

Not so long ago, the developers of the Round 8 announced a new MMORPG, Bless Unleashed, which is based on the universe of the popular project, Bless Online, however, has little in common with this game. To date, there have been no official trailers, therefore, to assess the capabilities of the Phoenix Unleashed was pretty hard. And then, finally, came the official trailer for the game that meets at least some of the user questions. In the video you can see the quality of graphics, combat system, characters, locations.

In General we can say that it looks very colorful, and it is to be expected, because the project is developed based on the Unreal Engine 4. Recall that the game is being developed exclusively for the Xbox One, and focused on the hardcore players, because the management console is not the easiest. On the official website of the project can already apply for the PTA, but the exact date at the moment, no. We know only one thing that Bless Online Bless and Unleashed at the same time will not work!

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In the Realm Royale will remove the class system

В Realm Royale уберут систему классов

Developers Realm Royale decided to change his game Realm Royale, which belongs to the genre “battle Royal” and is currently under development. If you don’t remember, the class system has always been a strong point of the games Hi-Rez Studios, however, in his next project, they decided to eliminate her, after focusing on Battle Royale. All skins that were available to different classes of users, will now be shared, so anyone will be able to change them. All abilities and weapons will be available to all players without any restrictions for classes.

What is most offensive – will remove all armor, and instead, it will be a kind of rune system. They will increase the stats of players in battle and give different bonuses. At the moment we know that the player will be able to carry a maximum of 6 runes. To create a perfect balance, the developers temporarily removed from the Realm Royale melee weapons, but add a choice of abilities at the start. You can only choose 1 ability early in the game, and another one, playing on different locations. The future promises to add a huge amount of new weapons, locations, kind of in-game currency “gold Chicks”. There will be additional mode for 40 players in two teams.

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Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 will be released in 2019

Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 выйдет в 2019

Developers Tindalos Interactive have announced the sad news: the project Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 will be released in September of this year. Release postponed to January 2019, as the team that works on the game, simply do not have time to eliminate all bugs and to produce the crude product, they do not intend. However, the wait is not too long, but during that time, we promise not only to Refine the game and add new features, for example, players will take the storyline in co-op mode.

Before the official release will be carried out a few tests, but the exact date of launch has not been reported. In General, the game Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 is pretty anticipated project and he has a huge audience of fans. The project belongs to the genre of fantastic strategies in real time. There will be 12 factions, three solo company, a large number of spacecraft, each of which can be customised, a huge selection of maps and multiplayer modes. Overall, the game promises interesting gameplay and constant development, entering new content. If the developers will release a really interesting and finalized the project, he can “shoot”.

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In Fear The Wolves do not have enough players

В Fear The Wolves не хватает игроков

Many developers who are trying to hypnoti to the modes “battle Royal”, very often “merge” on the first days after the release of the game, and the same fate may befall the Fear The Wolwes. It’s only been a couple of days after release, but now is not enough players to start the Battle Royale. Recall that for the start of the need to recruit 100 players so while some are waiting, others simply overlook. If you believe the analytical data Steamcharts, then for all days managed to simultaneously hold no more than 400 players online.

With so many players the project has all chances to repeat the story of The Culling 2 when on the second day online was reduced so much that no game session in the “battle Royal” could not be launched and the project is simply closed. Most games of similar subjects go raw, undeveloped, and instead collect money from users, developers need to finalize their projects and releasing them have more or less stable. Another problem of the genre of games Battle Royale is the cost. Not only that, they paid and the cost of them starts from 600 rubles. As a rule, the players are easier to play in something free and better, for example, Fortnite.

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In For Honor is expected to test and release the updates Marching Fire

В For Honor ожидается тест и выход обновления Marching Fire

Not long ago, Ubisoft gave all gamers free access For Honor, as the interest from the players has fallen dramatically after the negative reviews. Once the game became free – online dramatically increased and remained stable up to 40 – 50 thousand players. The developers immediately decided to please its fans and has presented a new free add Matching Fire test which is scheduled from September 6. It will last until the 10th of September and only then will be available on an ongoing basis.

In this Appendix we promise four new warriors of the fraction in Lin, namely: tiandi, NUS, the master and the monk. Also there is a new “arcade” mode in which can participate all the characters. Its main feature is a random selection of events and conditions for the battle. You will be able to play as a single player or in co-op with friends. Also players will be available in the system of perks, improved dialogue and visual effects. In General, Ubisoft promises to add in For Honor 22 new war. The official launch will be October 16th, so we recommend you to try it in test mode to not wait another month and a half.

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To Boruto Naruto: Shinobi Striker already available

Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker уже доступна

You are a fan of anime? Then present to you a multiplayer fighting game Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker from a third party. The game is officially available on all platforms: PC, Xbox One, PS 4. Here you will be given the opportunity to choose one of the popular characters of such anime known as “Naruto” and “Boruto”. If you do not want to use the options presented, you can create your own shinobi. The main objective of the game is fighting games, like PvP modes and a cooperative PvE-modes, where you expect large-scale battles with multiple bosses.

In Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker presents a huge number of interesting locations, special effects when using various skills, nice music, all in the usual anime. In the end, you’re not just playing, but as if involved in the shooting of another anime series. On Steam the game came out less than a day ago, and already has a large number of very positive ratings and reviews.

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LGBT accessories for the Apple Watch will not be sold in Russia

 ЛГБТ-аксессуары для Apple Watch не будут продаваться в России In June, Apple unveiled accessories for the Apple Watch, including the strap and the theme of Pride Watch Face that is made in the colors of the LGBT community. Website The Verge has found out that in the vastness of Russia, these accessories can not be bought.

Themed version of accessories for the Apple Watch was released with the aim to support the LGBT community and speak out against discrimination. A portion of the proceeds from the sale the company donates to protect LGBT people. However, Apple refused to implement them on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Apple accidentally revealed the design of the new iPhone. Let’s see how they vyglyadelo: Apple announces new iPhone, iPad and MacBook Air. Find out when

Possible cause is the law on “propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations among minors”. Violation of this law is punishable by a fine or imprisonment.

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Portal Knights has been updated

В Portal Knights вышло обновление

For the game the orange Knights, one of the representatives of the MMORPG genre, it was “Evil update”. This is one of the biggest patches released for this project. In the game a new continent and three bosses: the Observer, a Knight-hunter and the Queen of slime. Quests in Port of Caul, Witchwater, and Sea of Stalks will allow you to participate in three epic battles. Also Hintertown now you can go to the Guild of engineers Bodkin”s Point and find a new NPC, traders who have you can buy interesting things and additional quests.

If you play with controller, then you have another interesting option is the “Smart camera”. Its main feature is automatic following turns of the player, therefore now survey the location around itself easier at times. In creative mode added items kitchen theme and is an unlimited source of water. It fixed a lot of audio settings to improve stability, improved download Steam workshop items, as previously, if you remember, there were mistakes. Overall, the update brought a huge list of fixes and additions, more details of which can found in the Steam group. We also recommend to watch the trailer, published below.

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Apple accidentally revealed the design of the new iPhone. Let’s see how they look

 Apple случайно раскрыла дизайн новых iPhone. Посмотрите, как они выглядят Yesterday Apple announced the date of the presentation of the new iPhone, but after a few hours in the company was leaked. 9to5Mac reported that Apple left image and the names of its new smartphones. So, kupertinovtsy called the 5.8 – and 6.5-inch smartphones iPhone XS.

 Apple случайно раскрыла дизайн новых iPhone. Посмотрите, как они выглядят

At the presentation Apple will show a smartphone three. XS new iPhone have OLED displays, and will also receive an exclusive Golden color. The third handset will be a budget version with LCD screen.

iPhone 9 will be available in 5 colors. Among them are orange!

Updated iPhone to go on sale until the end of September.

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