Price and release date of Nvidia GeForce GTX 1180 from ASUS was lit in one of the shops

 Цена и дата выхода Nvidia GeForce GTX 1180 от ASUS засветились в одном из магазинов Vietnamese online shop H2 Extreme Gaming for a short time appeared a page of pre-order Nvidia GeForce GTX 1180 from ASUS. Users of the site managed to take a screenshot with the release date and price.

 Цена и дата выхода Nvidia GeForce GTX 1180 от ASUS засветились в одном из магазинов

 Цена и дата выхода Nvidia GeForce GTX 1180 от ASUS засветились в одном из магазинов

According to H2 Extreme Gaming, Nvidia GeForce ASUS ROG STRIX GTX 1180, will be released on September 28 of this year for the price of 1 530 $ (about 97 000). It is worth noting that this price is almost twice than the existing GTX 1080 Ti.

Lenovo has confirmed the existence of Nvidia GeForce GTX 1180Юрист: “Nvidia does not restrict the freedom of the media”Rumor: a photograph and features the Nvidia GTX 1180

Nvidia GeForce ASUS ROG STRIX GTX 1180 will have a chip GT104, 3 584 CUDA cores, 16GB of GDDR6 VRAM Micron, 256-bit bus and speed of 14.0 GB/s.

Nvidia has not yet confirmed the information, so the rumor may be a fake.

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Gothic 4 is in development

Gothic 4 находится в разработке

Great news for fans of the Gothic: the development of Gothic 4 officially confirmed! In Piranha Bytes has confirmed this fact, adding, however, that while the game is at the stage of approval of the concept that while their efforts are directed at improving ELEX, and that after that they may create ELEX 2, however, this is something.

It is noteworthy that Piranha Bytes do not plan to publish the Gothic alone, and it all depends on what you tell the publisher that you is likely to be Nordic THQ or Deep Silver. Much of this question depends on how good the Germans are in the belief of investors that Gothic 4 is what is needed in the modern gaming industry.

The idea to explore the world of Gothic, to consult with the fans and also to come up with an interesting concept for a new part, the user Piranha has put forward a month ago, and it seems that this initiative is not stuck, and has been developed.

The first Gothic was released in 2001 year and made a splash in igroproma. A year later came part No. 2, considered to be in the fan environment to be the most successful. Well, Gothic 3, released in 2006, is not justified, and was noticeably weaker than their predecessors.

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The Division 2 will be difficult Dark Area

В The Division 2 будет непростая Тёмная Зона

Since the announcement of The Division 2 at E3, somehow missed the question of the presence or absence of Dark Area – special PvP mode, the developers decided to comment on this fact, explaining that the Area will be, but not simple, but not easy.

In short, Ubisoft has correctly assessed the contribution of Dark Area in the popularity of the first part, the addition of which has made a lot of money, so in part No. 2 it will also, however, substantive changes, and to better understand the future appearance of the Area, the developers have invited fans to submit proposals. And last, I must say, did not disappoint, immediately began to propose the rejection of micropayments, a Battle Royale and may require the addition of zombies, which, in spite of, like, a viral series in the first part was not.

The release of The Division 2 is scheduled on 15th March 2019. The developers promise a huge map, with areas, the size of the entire map of the first part, as well as daily missions that de intended to ensure the unfading interest in the game for many years.

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Creator Battlefield 5 told about the bagpipes and the murder sword

Создатель Battlefield 5 рассказал о волынке и убийстве мечом

DICE producer, Andreas Morell, commented on the scandal around unrealistic trailer Battlefield 5. And review this turned out to be as ambiguous as the video itself.

So, Mr. Morrell said: “the Game must be believable. We do not create Parabank universe, or something like that. But if some special things could be used, we will add them. For example, in the study of the history of the First world war, we ran into a guy named Mad Jack Churchill, who was a British soldier, noted during the Norwegian campaign by killing an enemy with a sword. It was the only documented fact of the use of the sword in the war. And yet he was the bagpipes. So do not be surprised if we have included bagpipes in the list of items available for the equipment”.

And all this is fine, but what does Duncan Macleod and archaic war have to do with the Second world war, which began after 25 years a dramatic technological breakthrough – is unclear.

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Bethesda commented on the speculation of fans of The Elder Scrolls 6

В Bethesda комментируют домыслы фанатов The Elder Scrolls 6

Fans of The Elder Scrolls 6 has shown remarkable detective skills in an attempt to unravel the terrain on which the events will develop this game. It did not escape from attention of Todd Howard, who in an interview with Eurogamer, commented on this phenomenon.

In short, the Executive Director of the Bethesda admitted that the location had already been approved. That’s the first thing they did was determined with the world. And, Yes, it was founded in the teaser, there were a few hints, not simple, and mutually exclusive. Specifically, Mr. Howard says: “Yes, you can determine the place, but can’t do it on purpose. You can add some things, but you can remove them.” In other words, either it’s not Hammerfell and high Rock, since the role of the teaser is to deliberate misrepresentation, or the fans have long guessed, but Mr. Director just casts a shadow on the fence.

The most popular version says that the game will hook three locations: high Rock, Hammerfell, and, oddly enough, in Skyrim, because with its snowy expanses and started the video.

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Amazon tisera Bloodborne 2 and Splinter Cell

Amazon тизерит Bloodborne 2 и Splinter Cell

Still, it exists! The Italian branch of the trading network Amazon leaking the fact of the upcoming release of Bloodborne 2.

The page with this game appeared on the website of the store this weekend. Having hung a few minutes, she was, of course, removed, but to notice it in time. It is noteworthy that along with it came a page with a Sunset Overdrive 2, and the new part of Splinter Cell. In the section “release date”, all three games were listed to December 31, 2019, which means the Prime Minister, most likely, next year.

It is noteworthy that Sunset Overdrive 2 and Bloodborne 2. listed as exclusives for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, despite the fact that the first Bloodborne coming out only on PlayStation. As far as Splinter Cell, this game will be released on PC.

All this is perfectly placed to outline the abundant rumors that Splinter Cell has long been doing in Ubisoft, and 2 Bloodborne – From Software. In the first case, the head of Ubisoft, Yves Guillemot, has repeatedly talked about how the likes of Sam Fisher, and Ghost Recon no wonder there are costumes above indicated character, and that until Bloodborne 2, the photo with its main menu on the PC screen (yeah!) was leaked online two years ago.

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Hackers cracked the new firmware on the PS Vita

 Хакеры взломали новую прошивку PS Vita A hacker under the nickname TheFlow found in the new firmware version on the PS Vita vulnerability to hacking. The owners of the portable console with firmware 3.68 can now use the exploit h-encore activation not authorized software.

According to the hacker, the exploit allows you to play most games with PSP on PS Vita via emulator, which was discovered in may of this year.

Hacked firmware 5.05 on the PlayStation 4Хакеры found a fatal vulnerability in SwitchХакеры Nintendo turned Nintendo Switch the tablet on Linux

The exploit also unlocks additional features for your console, giving the user elevated privileges.

It is noted that after installing pirate firmware PS Vita owners can even use an adapter to support memory cards microSD. Recall that in the base PS Vita uses a memory card of another type.

We strongly recommend you to use pirated software.

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VR-technology is on the brink of survival

VR-технологии на грани выживания

Two years after the official arrival of the era of virtual reality, we can say that it ended, so, in fact, has not begun.

As we predicted, people simply did not want to play video games, put on a head a helmet, considering this device as an interesting experience, but no more. To say this is what we can based on the report of the analytical company ICO, which says that the interest in this technology over the past two years, fell 5 times.

However, the count was very specific: analysts simply examined the number of articles in the press, having concluded that about Oculus Rift, HTC Vive VR and PlayStation barely speak, and say, discuss news such as these, which, as you know, can not contribute to the growing popularity of virtual reality in the gaming industry.

However, there is one area where this technology can be said to have taken root. This is the adult entertainment industry, which enthusiastically accepted the arrival of the VR era, instantly saturating holders, hats related content.

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Rockstar – GTA 6 will be released in 2019 year

Rockstar – GTA 6 выйдет в 2019-м году

Does anyone believe that GTA 6 will be released next year? And it is this message appeared in GTA Online.

First, a news alert GTA Online, a pop-up on the side – a common occurrence for the regulars of this game. Then the update came, the discounts, the alert service works on servers. Well, there simply and without preamble: “a Message from Rockstar: GTA 6 will come out in 2019” and then the link to the official company website, however, nothing is said.

You would think that this is an April fool’s joke, if the window is not fried July. So here is the case when you have to wait for the official statement of developers.

Rumors that GTA 6 is in development, roamed the Network for a long time. It is almost a fait accompli. But the answer to the main question – when is the premiere? – no one has yet given. The most popular version says that the game will be released in 2020 year with the new consoles, but any hints from the developers on this score was not.

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The Chapter discussed the next Xbox console from Microsoft and work with Japanese publishers”

During the press conference of Microsoft at E3 2018, head of Xbox and Executive Vice President of Microsoft Phil Spencer (Phil Spencer) has announced that the next console Redmond Corporation is already in development. In the latest issue of Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu Spencer gave a few comments about it.

Глава Xbox обсудил следующую консоль Microsoft и работу с японскими издательствами"

2018 at E3 Phil Spencer stated that on the next Xbox game console works the same team that has provided high performance Xbox One X. currently, she is studying the architecture of the new device and experimenting with it. Speaking with Famitsu, Spencer explained that the project is primarily targeted at gamers and putting them in entertainment center. Currently, two billion people in the world are addicted to games on different devices, but the head of Xbox would like to give users the experience of using the most powerful and the best iron in the consoles sector. He understands the Microsoft Xbox One and have already made against her step with the Xbox One X, but would like to go a little further.

Today, Microsoft is communicating with several companies on the design of the equipment. According to Phil Spencer, they began to discuss what innovations are expected in the architecture of the iron in the future. Looking ahead, he knows that the game resolution is an important aspect and frame rate. “The journey to create the new device has already begun, and [Phil Spencer] always thinking about the possibilities,” wrote a journalist of Famitsu.

Глава Xbox обсудил следующую консоль Microsoft и работу с японскими издательствами"

But Phil Spencer has visited Japan not only to give an interview to a local magazine. Over the past few years many times he went to the land of the rising sun, to meet with representatives of the publishers. Executive Vice President at Microsoft works closely with many Japanese developers. According to him, they allow him to look at their projects until the release, and the creators of the games talking with him about your goals, Phil Spencer understands that communication is built on relationships between the platform holder and publishers.

The head of Xbox also believes that investments in artificial intelligence will be very useful to make the worlds of games and their characters more vivid. It is also useful for debugging your projects, as AI can simulate user actions during the passage.

Глава Xbox обсудил следующую консоль Microsoft и работу с японскими издательствами"

In conclusion, Spencer mentioned that he was pleased that Japanese developers support Xbox, and the local players will be able to enjoy even more content from their favorite publishers in the future.