For Fortnite has been updated

Для Fortnite вышло обновление

Today the developers from Epic Games has released an update for Fortnite, which decided to return a guided missile. In April, it was removed because of serious imbalance, but after a while decided to return, only now the characteristics of its now reduced several times. The players were worried whether it would be possible for her to fly again. Will please you – you can! This is a great weapon that can not only shoot, but move you from one point to another.

But it’s not the most important. In addition to the rocket added a new mode “Flying explosives”, but it will be available only a certain time. The main feature – you can fight only with grenade launchers and missile launchers. In buildings other weapons too, not to find, but can come across a jet pack.

Not impressed? Then we recommend you to try out a new weapon – sniper rifle! Single shot rifle called “the Eyepiece”, and has serious technical characteristics, allowing you to kill players from a distance. Has strong recoil, so you need to keep it tight. Available for new weapons will be from the 2nd of August.

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Now we know what it looks like battle Royale Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 (video)

Теперь мы знаем, как выглядит королевская битва Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 (видео)

Activision has released a new trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. Video fully dedicated to the upcoming beta testing.

The publisher promises ten investigators, six maps, six modes and an endless choice of new weapons. In the last part of the movie, the authors first showed a small teaser mode “Eclipse”, an equivalent to the Royal rumble.

Schedule of beta testing:

  • PS4 (pre-order required): 3-6 August;
  • Xbox One and PS4 (pre-order): 10-13 August;
  • PC (open beta): 11-13 Aug.

Pre-order Black Ops on the PC 4 access testing will be provided on the day before.

Private beta-testing mode, the Eclipse will take place in September. If you believe the rumors, the developers did not everything goes smoothly with the Royal battle.


New trailer for the Force Jump. It was dedicated to the heroes of Bleach (video)

Новый трейлер Jump Force. Его посвятили героям Bleach (видео)

Bandai Namco Entertainment unveiled a new trailer for Jump Force with the heroes of popular manga and anime series Bleach. All in the game we can expect three Shinigami.

Bandai Namco chose Ichigo, Rukia and Aizen. All three were Central characters in the first part of the plot of Bleach. In combat they will use their most well-known techniques. Some users are disappointed that they will only see these characters. However, the most active audience — the army of fans of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, which are still not seen in Jump Forсe their favorite characters.

The appearance in the game confirmed already heroes One Piece, Naruto and Dragon Ball. Release games to be held in 2019 on PC, Xbox One and PS4.



The new iPhone can do dual-SIM

 Новые iPhone могут сделать двухсимочными In the program code of the beta version of iOS 12 found mention of the support of two simkart. This information is a serious hint that the next iPhone model can become dual-SIM smartphones.

 Новые iPhone могут сделать двухсимочными

In the code there is mention of the status of second SIM card. Recall that the official announcement of the new iPhone to be held in September this year at the private Apple event, as it happened with many previous smartphones of the company.

iPhone 9 will be available in 5 colors. Among them are orange!The new iPhone can integrate advanced 7-nm чипыApple in 2018 will release an updated iPhone X in two variations and iPhone 9

If the new iPhone really will support two SIM cards, it can become a very useful innovation for many users that got used to a few rooms.

It is worth noting that support for two SIM-cards is mainly known for smartphones from Chinese manufacturers like Meizu and Xiaomi.

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In BioWare told about the size of the card Anthem

В BioWare рассказали о размерах карты Anthem

Creative Director of BioWare, Brannon Holmes, responded to a question from gamers with regards to the size of the card Anthem.

The question was about gameplay frame that lit up the map of the game. In particular, the questioner wanted to know whether all this card, or actually it is more, and if more, how much?

Unfortunately, to obtain a detailed response was not possible, but Mr. Brannon noted that the screenshot not the whole map, and the upper and lower part missing. In addition, the screenshot does not show the upper and lower levels a world, so to speak, high-rise. But in General, of course, a record he will not appear.

As shown earlier, the world Anthem will be far from 400 square miles of Wildlands Ghost Recon, or F. E. A. R. 3, because the developers have relied on the density of content and multi-level caves and locations high in the mountains.

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Published the gameplay of the battle Royal Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Опубликован геймплей Королевской битвы Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

The Network posted a trailer of the battle Royal mode from the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. However, in a rather conventional form: of a total of nearly two-minute video, pure gameplay gaining as much as 13 seconds.

Shown in the video, we learned that players will be ATVs, helicopters, homing, attack dogs, drones controlled, and powerful sniper rifle. Shows the bombing attack planes, it seems, hints at the existence of a zone of increased danger PUBG known as the Red zone. More characters will be able to jump out of Windows and overcome small obstacles.

All this served a dozen playable characters, six maps, new weapons, new equipment and the branding of Call of duty, which, despite a fair amount of mutation, there is still.

To join the game will be 3rd August. This day will start beta tests for the PlayStation 4. Testing other platforms will come later.

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Cyberpunk 2077 will be the most multilingual game of modernity

Cyberpunk 2077 будет самой многоязычной игрой современности

Representative publications the Daily Star, with access to the inner workings of CD Projekt RED, has revealed a few new details of Cyberpunk 2077, calling this game the most Mature and ambitious RPG of all whom he had ever seen.

For example, unlike the Witcher, where the representatives of different races and peoples spoke the same language, only occasionally inserting something from the elven or nilfgaardskogo in Cyberpunk, many of the characters will talk as they want, and sometimes their speech is completely incomprehensible. To do this, the developers even hired a whole team of Xeno-linguists, making up new languages and dialects, to understand that, you need to hire a translator or to get implants, a transfer directly into the brain.

Speaking of the latter: in some cases, the player will be able to place dental implants, allows the viewer to feel the sensation of a third-party character, which, allegedly, have to use some mini-games, among which there will be games for virtual reality helmets.

And yet, those flying cars we saw in the trailer will not be manageable, but they still can be used as a taxi.

More details should be expected from the exhibition Gamescom.

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Rumor: coming announcement of Fable 4

Слух: грядёт анонс Fable 4

After all the rumors that Playground Games make Fable 4, was not just rumors, but something much more hot.

The last few months, the creators of Forza have postponed the race and started something new, what is confessed by the head of the Studio. And now we learn that to take on the work of several eminent persons, famous for his work on role-playing projects. In particular, the ranks of employees have joined the citizens who worked on Mass Effect, Dawn, Horizon Zero, Assassin’s Creed, Star Wars Battlefront 2 and even Hellblade. It is noteworthy that they added someone Rob den Dekker, one of the leading engineers who designed the first two parts of the Fable.

Well, in the end, the Network was merged report that one of the Playground Games, apparently for the investor, in which it was said that they do Fable 4 that the game will be focused on the characters and the story that it will be open world and proper animation, created with the help of motion capture, for which they need to rent a special ground, which, in turn, the company needs “significant investments”. But money is not rust, because the whole process is supervised by Microsoft, which has the most money to burn. It remains to wait for the announcement.

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Controversial consoles ZX Spectrum Vega Plus failed

Скандальные приставки ZX Spectrum Vega Plus оказались нерабочими

Here you are storing money in foreign crowdfunding, and well, because many who put money to lose, simultaneously bringing the concern to your nervous system.

For example, citizens have invested on Indiegogo in a portable console ZX Spectrum Vega Plus, for a long time and persistently ask them to return the money because of the actions of the company, Retro Computers Ltd, the money collected, more and more like fraudulent.

First, they decided to remake the console, changing its name, then a few postponement, in violation of earlier promises, it turned out that about thousands of games they have installed or plan to install in the console, are used illegally, bypassing official license that already drew the attention of the U.S. Department of Justice. And then, finally, began to supply.

Of the 4,700 people gathered in the amount of half a million dollars in 2016 year, the first hundred received your purchase, and I must say, this does not happy. The build quality was bad, the games does not run, and some that do not understand control. So, the holiday for fans of the old games from the spectrum were badly damaged.

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Steam found mining game with a virus

В Steam нашли майнинг-игры с вирусами

It seems that the new Steam policy, aimed at the rejection of censorship and checks down by content developers, is beginning to bear its first fruits: completely inedible, even dangerous, both for gamers and for the store.

For example, recently there was discovered the game, engaged in the mining of cryptocurrencies due to the computer power gamers. Around one such serious scandal. In particular, a platformer called Abstractism, as it turned out, contained a virus that triggers the process, disguised as Steam.exe that actually load the system, helping himself to some mining digital money.

And although the game has been removed, it does not last. After it found and dismantled two more, and it’s not the end. It seems that with the new policy, Valve is only the beginning, so the days when we could safely install all types of content coming from Steam, have sunk into oblivion. In the future it is necessary to trust only proven developers and publishers of all, if you don’t want to burn my graphics card or processor.

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