Samsung Galaxy S10 will feature on-screen fingerprint scanner

 Samsung Galaxy S10 оснастят экранным сканером отпечатков пальцев After the success of the Apple iPhone X, which has an innovative feature is face recognition, Samsung has decided not to lag behind his rival and has already figured out what will surprise the human race in its future smartphone Galaxy S10.

Some Korean sources claim that the Samsung Galaxy S10 will be used on-screen fingerprint scanner. This will be possible thanks to the new scanner Qualcomm, working on ultrasonic technology based on the identity of Sapdragon Sense ID.

Samsung has launched an exclusive platform TV-like show to Gear VRSamsung and LG stated that it does not slow down old smartphonebased patented a smartphone with a double-sided display (photos)

This desire of the company to implement the on-screen fingerprint scanner may be due to the fact that ultrasonic sensors in recent years, almost does not affect the image displayed on the display.

According to rumors, Samsung Galaxy S10 can formally introduce in January 2019. Officially the company has not yet announced the details of their future smartphone.

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Announced Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Анонсирован Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Ubisoft decided to warm up the crowd before E3. Yes, and how! It announced the upcoming announcement of Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, whose events unfold in Ancient Greece, what, in fact, told some insiders in the last few months.

Simultaneously with the publication of a teaser where someone, someone, kick drops into the abyss, thick alluding to a similar scene from the movie 300 Spartans, the editors of one of the Greek gaming publications has announced that it has received from Ubisoft parcel with the remote control key in the form of an ancient Greek helmet, which all of a sharp, and probably will break all the pockets, but in the form of relics on the shelf will do just fine.

Then go unconfirmed, but interesting information: Ancient Greece the plot will be occupied no less than ancient Rome. Characters will be two: a man and a woman. However, their plot paths and skills will be different. Expect a lot of naval battles with an expanded fleet of various boats. Sushi will be less than in the last part, but will be a lot of sea. Well, the fight with the deities will also be available.

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How to survive in REND

Как выжить в REND

Game developers REND has published in his blog information to beta testers about how to survive in their game.

The gameplay in this going day will be similar to other games of this genre. There is also a need to monitor the health, stamina, thirst, hunger, temperature. For example, to have on hand drinking water, the need to build capacity under it. To cook to eat, you need to learn the recipes and prepare meals from raw ingredients.

But the developers went ahead and brought several unique elements. To REND the need to monitor the position of the sun and time of day, as all this will affect the environment. The developers also suggest a large interaction between the players, they want to see a faction that will create players.

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