The developers of Star Wars Battlefront 2 announced future updates

Разработчики Star Wars Battlefront 2 анонсировали будущие обновления

In the Twitter developers of the popular game Star Wars Battlefront 2 showed a road map that clearly shows which stages of updates waiting for players, what content they see and for what time periods is planned. There will be new game modes, characters, changes in the gameplay.

The first updates are waiting for the players in July, but not particularly significant. The dainty expect in the fall. The game will be Obi-WAN Kenobi and General grievous. Even the developers promise us to add some large-scale game mode.

Also nice upgrade will be the winter. Add Anakin Skywalker and Count Dooku. At the same time you enter a new location in the game – the planet “Geonosis. In August you are waiting for minor cosmetic changes in the gameplay: emotion and the winning gestures, which are used for credits or crystals. Just have to watch for updates and hope that the developers are masters of their words and will not postpone the updates.

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The “Sandbox” in Fortnite will not return until next week

Режим "Песочницы" в Fortnite не вернут до следующей недели

Company Epic Games has officially announced that the “Sandbox” in Fortnite will not run, at least until next week. Still fails to fully launch it, as there are numerous bugs and crashes due to the large wave of players.

Recall that the “Sandbox” was launched on the 27th, Wednesday, and managed to work a few hours. Due to the large flow of players began to appear problem, and later stopped working. In this mode, players can build anything your heart desires, and this can be done either in solo or with your friends with the use of friendly fire. In the “Sandbox” resources are going 10 times faster and also spawn more llamas and chests to loot.

As if the players did not expect the new regime (and the developers have promised a long time ago), to “Polish” it, unfortunately, failed and as wanting really a lot, developers will have to invest a lot of effort to re-start without any global failures and bugs. I hope that next week we’ll still be able to play in the “Sandbox”, well, now it remains to be content with what we have in Fortnite.

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Explosive skeletons-kamikaze in the Sea of Thieves

Взрывоопасные скелеты-камикадзе в Sea of Thieves

For the game Sea of Thieves came a new addition 1.1.4 and do not have time to complete the test Skeleton Thrones, start new Gunpowder Skeletons. It brought us new explosive skeletons that appear along with the gunpowder barrels in hand and run directly into players to undermine together with you. That is why they received his mark “kamikaze”. This is a very interesting event for players, which will allow not only to use a variety of ways to blow up the skeletons, but also greatly enhance your game skill.

Have powder kegs now got its own explosive force that can shake and in some cases even push ships. It is clear that the closer to the ship will explode a powder keg, the greater the explosive force. Yet there was such a thing as “fuses”. For example, you can hold a gun barrel, and players will be able to light a special fuse that will be active for 5 seconds.

The main purpose of the event is to help players earn currency that have not had time to accumulate it in the event of the Skeleton Thrones. If it comes to purity, this approach developers Sea of Thieves very good. This will help to maintain the activity of past players and attract new ones.

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Available free DLC Pretosaur Hill for ARK Park in Steam

Доступно бесплатное DLC Pretosaur Hill для ARK Park в Steam

Today was launched the first DLC for the game ARK Park, which bills itself as a project of virtual reality on SteamVR and Windows MR. The Supplement focused on the concept of flight, not only on dinosaurs, but also specialised air assets, so that the player could immerse yourself in this wondrous and beautiful world.

You can take a ride in the balloon, to get to the cable car or ride the aerial dinosaur Quetzalcoatlus, the largest flying creatures in history. The game also added 3 new maps of exploration: the mountain lake, an aviary and a crystal sky. One of the maps of battles the players have already nicknamed as the “Valley of Death”, which really immersed in the world of the Jurassic period.

Also added 14 new creatures and 8 subspecies. According to the developers, this extension reveals the full potential of the game and fully reflects all the features of VR-technology. Unfortunately, the voice acting and subtitles in Russian there. On that choice is only available 4 languages: English, Korean, Japanese and Chinese. Download DLC can all owners of the original game ARK.

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Cyberpunk 2077 called “the most beautiful game in history” which does not pull the console

Cyberpunk 2077 назвали «самой красивой игрой в истории» которую не потянут консоли

The representative of the British edition of Invision Community who attended a private screening Cyberpunk 2077, expressed regret over the fact that the game comes out on current-gen consoles, which the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will not receive a lot of interesting things, which could get on the new consoles.

For example, the present resolution in 4k. The fact that the game, though, and was shown in 4k, but in fact the permission was not real, but extended with the usual 1080-pixels wide. However, the “Cyberpunk looked amazing. Perhaps this is the most beautiful game that you actually ever seen.”

Next comes math: a PC that was showing the action, had on Board Nvidia 1080 Ti, which has an output of 11.3 Teraflops, while the Xbox One X will only issue 6 TF, and PlayStation 4 Pro – 4,2 TF.

And it is because of this very beauty journalist and complains that it was possible to wait a couple years, then to get a real masterpiece. And, you know what? Behind this proposal lies the undisguised envy of console gamers to the PC-shnik, because the latter, albeit for a lot of money, still can make Cyberpunk on all cylinders.

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In OVERKILL”s The Walking Dead will adaptive difficulty system

В OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead будет адаптивная система сложности

The creators OVERKILL”s The Walking Dead revealed some new details of this cooperative shooter.

For example, it was revealed that the game will have adaptive difficulty system, which will adjust the difficulty depending on the number of players in the group. The less people, the less enemies. So count on the fact that the pass four will be easier than one – not worth it.

We also reported on a new lighting system that de give the game a unique atmosphere, and make it very unlike the PayDay, despite the fact that many of the gameplay mechanics, the new project will inherit.

Well, Yes: despite the official system requirements in the form of Windows 10, the Eight and the Seven of the game will also be launched.

OVERKILL”s The Walking Dead – unfinished from Studio Overkill Software, which was first shown in 2014 year. And now, a few months before release, the game was criticized about the poor animations and overall graphics are rather weak, despite the fact that the developers claim that the game will look great, and what you see is an early version.

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Bloodstained Ritual of the Night came to the demo

Bloodstained Ritual of the Night дошла до демоверсии

Action-platformer Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, gathered on Kickstarter, for a second, $ 5.5 million, almost made it to release. In particular, those who in his time has brought money for the game, and it was pretty decent for $ 60, has received a playable demo.

In honor of this, the developers published a promotional video with gameplay footage, which looks great. And if you’re lucky, the game will be released on the PC and big consoles before the end of the year. Page thereof is already available on Steam, and on the basis of information from there, note that the game will be Russian localization, which will allow you to delve into Japanese ornate and pretentious anime story-dialogues.

It is also worth noting that Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night showed in greater detail at E3, but the display of this took place behind closed doors: an unheard-of event, like a conventional platformer-metroidvania. As a rule, private screening of honor only serious projects, with multimillion-dollar budgets, so Bloodstained, too, more than a serious game with a budget bigger than that of other three-dimensional shooter.

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Blizzard told about the reasons for the closure Project Nomad

В Blizzard рассказали о причинах закрытия Project Nomad

An employee of Blizzard, Rob Huber, spoke about the reasons for the closure of the game’s development called Project Nomad, which started to do back in the 90’s, and turned in the beginning. The reason was simple: not enough people, so some of the projects will suffer due to the transfer of employees.

Like the Chicks in the nest, fighting against each other for the right to life, some games that have had their authors and other interested people who lost in competition to be lost forever. And the same Project Nomad, which was supposed to be a role strategy in the atmosphere of science fiction, lost first StarCraft, and then World of Warcraft. In the end, time was lost, and development was abandoned. Perhaps – says Mr. Huber they did everything right, and, perhaps, the world lost a great game that would now be considered classic masterpieces, and the continuation of which would require fans around the world. However, we will never know.

Published, years later, the screenshot shows that the Project Nomad was very similar to StarCraft, with the only exception that the game was other races and other technologies. That there is only a huge creature, like the Brontosaurus, which is on the back perched a gun.

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Enthusiasts made a cartoon based on “the Witcher” in the style of “Samurai Jack”

Энтузиасты сделали мультфильм по мотивам «Ведьмака» в стилистике «Самурая Джека»

The animation team YouTube channel Mashed presented a short animated film based on the third “the Witcher”, drawn in the style of the popular cartoon “Samurai Jack.”

The action of the roller is divided into two parts — preparing Geralt for the coming battle with a Griffin (collection of components for alchemy, the imposition of the poison on the sword meditation) and actually battle with the aggressive beast.

In addition, the creators of the cartoon gave the tribute to the authors of the original work. When the witch makes the poison, you can see the poster wanted Jack dead or alive.


FIFA 19 will show the probability of valuable prizes from sets

FIFA 19 будет показывать вероятность выпадения ценных призов из наборов

Electronic Arts bend, but not break. In the heat of battle with luchboxes, the public was hooked and FIFA, in which these same luchbox thrive. In the end, the electronics didn’t break, but still went to some concessions, announcing the addition of future FIFA 19 special window, which will display the information about the chances of getting a particular type of content.

This, of course, talking about the kits in Ultimate Team mode. So now gamers will see, we hope, a fair percentage chance to drop any legendary cards, or just cards of a higher value. This compromise will allow the electronics to assert that “you know what to buy”, taking thus the sets from the category of cat in a bag, to the side, something like win-win lottery.

As practice shows, to obtain the conditional Ronaldo or Messi, you need to engage the probability to be significantly below 1%. And it does not mean that if you buy 100 sets, will eventually get 100% chance at getting some kind of superstar. It’s much worse than it actually is.

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