Dead Rising 5 can show at E3

Dead Rising 5 могут показать на Е3

Capcom has announced that they are working on to be shown at E3 two action. Actually there will be three, because one of them will be reissues of Street Fighter 5, and the other two, apparently, Okami HD for the Nintendo Switch 5 and Dead Rising for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

That’s about it, in any case, according to local Japanese press, which has denied the rumors about the screening of the remake of Resident Evil 2 and the new Devil May Cry. And at the moment the most probable is the presentation of Dead Rising 5, which, by the way, it may be something similar to a Battle Royale with bots as zombies. Not the fact, of course, but given that the developers of the Vancouver branch of Capcom promised some innovations in the multiplayer, particularly surprising addition of Battle Royal in a new part should not be.

Rumors about the upcoming release of Dead Rising 5, for some time been in doubt, for Dead Rising 4 performed very poorly. In the same game Steam has 50% positive reviews, and overall action showed a very weak commercial results. And it was last year. The experts believed that the series will be postponed for a few years, but I guess developers have other plans.

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RAM will make cheaper

Оперативную память заставят подешеветь

Right now the County court of the state of California, unfolds an interesting court case in which the defendants are Samsung, Nynix, and Toshiba. These companies are accused of conspiracy with the aim of raising prices on RAM for computers and mobile devices.

It’s very serious: a class action lawsuit involving the Antimonopoly Committee of the USA, poses a serious law firm, so that the defendants will not be easy. In short, they are accused of membership in a preliminary conspiracy with the purpose of increase of cost of RAM modules, which the company began to artificially limit the supply of products to the stores. Perhaps the three defendants will be added to the new company. Well, we note that it is hardly surprising if soon the same action will be served on Nvidia and AMD because they perform the same artificial restriction that has allowed to raise prices on video cards at least twice.

Yes, the price of the claim – $ 300 million: very good. If it passes, then look for the violation of the Antimonopoly legislation will be the most profitable occupation in law.

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The Forest leaves early access

The Forest покидает ранний доступ

Survival The Forest has finally left early access, which was exactly 4 years. It was a desperate and instructed the game of cons, but the developers kept his word, bringing this varivestis to version 1.0, release about this new promotional trailer.

In addition, the game will soon get a version for virtual reality helmets. This event is scheduled on 22nd may, but this is inaccurate.

The Forest – survival simulator in single player mode. The main character comes to her senses on the island, which came after the crash. Everywhere suitcases passengers with corpses, and out of the bushes inquisitive glance local natives – a very evil ogres bent on a necro-cult. The aim of the campaign is, you guessed it, escape from the island, which will have to work hard, learn a lot of crafts and even some caving, because under the ground the island is dotted with a network of cave tunnels.

Currently on Steam the game has 92% positive reviews, a very solid result. Simulator survival did better only on Subnautica.

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Total War Saga Thrones Of Britannia are evaluated press

Total War Saga – Thrones Of Britannia получает оценки прессы

Historical strategy Total War Saga: Thrones Of Britannia acquires mass estimates from the press ahead of the release.

In short, the game was met with mixed. Was and 9 key and 6-key. In the current average on Metacritic after 11 reviews the game has 7.7 points. Of the positive reviewers noted the improved picture, the excellent Russian localization, improved diplomacy, and high historical accuracy and atmosphere, reinterpreted technological branches and more diverse purpose in the course of the campaign.

Of the minuses were seen: a map, leaving no room for strategic maneuvers, a weak influence of diplomacy on event confined to a single military victory, poor descriptions of events without context, but most importantly – very weak artificial intelligence, which some even called broken, which is especially strongly felt in the sieges.

Total War Saga: Thrones Of Britannia is already available on Steam, where the game asked 1170 rubles.

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Cyberpunk 2077 could be the game from Microsoft

Cyberpunk 2077 может стать игрой от Microsoft

Two powerful news arrived from CD Projekt RED, where hard preparing for the upcoming agrarmarkt E3.

First, the company announced to show some secret RPG. No need to be a great gaming expert to suspect it Cyberpunk 2077. However, the fact that the game was presented in “the secret” gave the gossips the opportunity to reflect on the fact that the poles are preparing another unknown game, but this is unlikely.

Well, and, secondly, it became clear that CD Projekt RED will not act by itself, and the presentation framework Microsoft. The Studio will be released on green, Xbox-ovsky color the scene, and under the approval of the Phil Spencer will talk about their secret game. This is very alarming, and if we didn’t know that Cyberpunk will be released on PlayStation 4, one would suspect the game in the traditional exclusivity of Microsoft: Windows 10 and Xbox One that would just be fatal and irreversible disaster. But, the game seems to be, will be released on the PS, but the presentation of it in her presentation Microsoft still evokes a bad feeling.

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The rumor is coming a new part of Call of Juarez

Слух – грядёт новая часть Call of Juarez

With shooter series Call of Juarez interesting stuff happens. Originally the game was developed and owned by Techland. But then, as a result of financial problems, the franchise moved to Ubisoft. It was a few years old, but a couple of weeks ago Call of Juarez: Gunslinger vanished from Steam, along with other parts.

Causes of the disappearance were unclear, but yesterday, everything became clear: the series is back on sale, but as a property of Techland. Therefore, Call of Juarez has returned to native Penates. In other words, the deductible was paid. Animated Techland has decided to reclaim that Ubisoft had no choice. And, it is very, very similar to the upcoming announcement of a new part, or at least remaster some of the old ones. Another confirmation of this is the official statement old/new owners started formal speech about the great prospects inasnity that is loved by gamers all over the world.

At the same time, local Polish press reports that Techland at least two years working on two AAA games, which have not yet been disclosed. So that, quite possibly, one of them will be the new part of Call of Juarez.

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FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 will be released in late may

FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 выйдет в конце мая

Rumors that fans of FIFA are preparing new content in honor of world champion in Russia – confirmed. EA Sports has announced the release of FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 – the extension that will receive all owners of FIFA 18 all versions. To download it will be available on may 29.

The developers have prepared a new stadium, a special atmosphere, giving the feel a football feast, as well as numerous changes in the mode Ultimate Team, which will drive up the new card with the participants. It is also worth noting that the extension still will be Italy, Netherlands and the USA, which failed to qualify after failing to get out of their groups.

The idea is to produce add-ons for FIFA in honor of the world Championships and Europe – is not new. EA regularly produces similar content in the beginning, but it all is sold for money, because players had to buy CDs that no one give out was not planned.

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Fans Pokemon GO can deprive a driver’s license

Поклонников Pokemon GO могут лишить водительских прав

Terrible things happen in the community of fans of the Pokemon GO, which still continues to catch most of these pokemon.

What happened: the authorities of Illinois, Niantic Labs was asked to remove all pokeshippy and gyms of memorial Park in Arlington. The reason – crazy pokemon catchers disturb the peace of citizens, in the Park campers. Moreover, these same hunters find it possible to wander the paths of the Park by car.

Immediately joined the local police, whose leadership has declared that will fight with those who allow themselves to such. In addition, sitting behind the wheel of a car and stare at the mobile phone is dangerous, so Pokemon fans can still GO and deny a driver’s license.

Niantic Labs has already said that their game was conceived as able to pull people from their homes and send them for a walk, not in order to move from the computer chair in a car. Unfortunately, to deal with those who catches a pokemon, sitting in cars, they are not.

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