Xiaomi unveiled its flagship smartphone, the Mi 8 with a powerful 8-core processor

 Xiaomi представила свой флагман-смартфон Mi 8 с мощнейшим 8-ядерным процессором Company Xiaomi announced its new flagship Mi 8, which will be the most discussed smartphone of the company for at least the next year ahead. The device is presented in three versions for customers with different requests.

Smartphones Mi 8 are the heirs of the sixth version, the number 7 I decided to skip. The size of the model display diagonal is of 6.21 inches, with a total resolution 2248 × 1080 pixels, the ratio of the sides of 18.7:9. In accordance with the latest fashion trends, the screen is more than 88% of the entire frontal part of the body.

 Xiaomi представила свой флагман-смартфон Mi 8 с мощнейшим 8-ядерным процессором
 Xiaomi представила свой флагман-смартфон Mi 8 с мощнейшим 8-ядерным процессором
It is the first device equipped with OCTA-core Snapdragon 845 made at 10-nm process technology. It leaked specifications have already managed to impress all the journalists. In single-core and multi-core modes of the benchmark he scored 1875 and 5886 points, making it a direct competitor to processor Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (1833 and 6582 points, respectively).

On Board the smartphone is located 6 GB of RAM, the customers can choose from models with 64, 128 and 256 GB of flash memory cost 421, 468 and $ 515 in Chinese prices. It is possible to install 2 SIM cards. As a pre-installed OS uses Android 8.1 Oreo. Sales in China will start on June 5th, about other markets yet.

Xiaomi Mi 8 has all the features described above. Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Edition favorably back, done in a translucent style also here the fingerprint scanner is installed directly in the display and feature supported 3D Face Unlock. What to Xiaomi Mi 8 SE, then it uses a display with a diagonal of 5.88 inches and a Snapdragon processor 710. Other differences between the younger version is still unknown.

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Mobile game “Might & Magic: Guardians of the elements” is available for download (trailer)

 Мобильная игра «Might & Magic: Стражи стихий» доступна для загрузки (трейлер) To release a new mobile game from Ubisoft — Might & Magic: Guardians of the elements, after which the Studio has released a release trailer. The player will become a graduate of the Academy of Magic, to travel through enchanted lands and battle to dangerous enemies.

The combat system in “Might & Magic: Guardians of the elements” is a classic turn-based battles and allows you to fight against the computer or against a human player. The game is made in cartoon style and is fully translated into Russian language.

In addition to “Might & Magic: Guardians of the elements”, you can join and live classics — Heroes of Might and Magic III is also available on iOS and Android.

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Download Subway Surfers exceeded 2 billion

Загрузки Subway Surfers превысили 2 млрд Popular mobile game Subway Surfers companies Kiloo and SYBO Games noted a new record of downloads — game downloaded over 2 billion times.

Only last year, the title has garnered over 400 million downloads and the most downloaded titles of 2017. And in March 2018 Subway Surfers is the first game in Google Play, scored at the site of 1 billion downloads.

This year, the right holders of the franchise are planning to release the animated series and line of clothing and accessories on the motives of the Subway Surfers.


Became known, when will show the full power of the Nvidia GTX 1180 new generation

 Стало известно, когда покажут всю мощь видеокарты Nvidia GTX 1180 нового поколения In the network appeared the information, when to wait for the announcement of the new most powerful graphics card from Nvidia, which presumably will be called GTX or GTX 1180 2080. Date of the event at which to announce a video card that was leaked.

As it became known, the announcement of the most powerful in the foreseeable future graphics cards will be held August 20 at the Symposium Hot Chips (hot chips). Event organizers have already said the Rapporteur from Nvidia, who will talk about the new generation mainstring direction cards.

Rumor: Nvidia GTX 1180 will release in July, and in August-September will be released on…model Nvidia introduced the RTX technology for realistic lighting

As you can see, the name of the upcoming report is very abstract and does not give a clear understanding about what will be coming card. It is worth noting that the conference starts immediately after the exhibition Gamescom, which, according to rumors, Nvidia will perform in full glory.

As claimed by the rumors, which the network before, the new generation of Nvidia cards will use the memory type GDDR6, not GDDR5X. The graphics core will choose Volta GV104 will be used 256-bit bus. Video memory VRAM is 16 GB.

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The event “Time to play” for the first time look to Russia and will bring a new PlayStation 4 Slim”

Sony has announced that for the first time Russia will participate in the event “Time to play”. From 8 to June 18, you will be able to take advantage of offers for systems, accessories and exclusive games for the PlayStation 4.

Мероприятие «Время играть» впервые заглянет в Россию и принесёт новую PlayStation 4 Slim"

In addition, in our market on June 8 will be a special edition PlayStation 4 Slim, which will be available to purchase at a special price. Blue console “PlayStation 4 to play. Special edition” hard drive 500 GB on the top panel contains the PlayStation logo buttons in gold color. Included with the system rely two themed DualShock 4 controller features a touchpad.

“PlayStation 4 to play. Special edition” will be available at a special price (which has not been disclosed) only as part of the event “Time to play”, that is, for eleven days.

Мероприятие «Время играть» впервые заглянет в Россию и принесёт новую PlayStation 4 Slim"

In addition, in honor of the sale of “Time to play” will get discounts in the PlayStation Store on the popular game and network services, and held a contest with the following prizes:

  • special edition “PlayStation 4 to play. Special edition” hard drive 500 GB;
  • the starter kit PlayStation VR (includes PS VR headset, the PlayStation Camera and voucher code that allows you to download the game PlayStation VR Worlds from the PlayStation Store);
  • 12-month PlayStation Plus subscription;
  • 12 redemption codes PlayStation Store — the winner will receive their monthly throughout the year.

To participate you need to apply on the website of PlayStation, and then get at least a single trophy PlayStation 4 every day from 8 to 18 June — in the end you need to collect 11 trophies. The console must be connected to the PlayStation Network until June 19, 1:59 GMT, to track your progress.


Shows gameplay XCOM strategy Space Hulk Tactics

Показан геймплей XCOM-стратегии Space Hulk Tactics

Focus Home Interactive has big plans for the coming E3, but do not intend to marinate gamers remaining before the exhibition days. So their entertainment was presented to the full gameplay trailer turn based strategy Space Hulk: Tactics in the atmosphere of Warhammer 40 000 and with a focus on mechanics, are known for the same XCOM.

So, announced in February, the game has new details. The developers promise two story campaign for each of the warring parties, and the gameplay will be deeply tactical, whose sole purpose is to destroy all enemies on the map. Fights are generously seasoned with the rules of the Board game using special cards during battle. Will all this on the PC and big consoles before the end of the year.

Looks like Space Hulk: Tactics quite well. Some darkening of the picture due to the need to create the right atmosphere, partly kompensiruet vivid special effects and cinematics, that periodically turns the game into something like a first person shooter.

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Brendan Greene is afraid to make a new game after PUBG

Брендан Грин боится делать новую игру после PUBG

Pretty fun, made one governing Bluehole, Brendan green, who had complained that he was afraid to make a new game. All due to the fact that, no matter what he started doing, still get PUBG.

It’s actually sad. Mr. green complains that the influence PUBG so much that it will be reflected on his next game, despite the fact that it will be something completely different and unlike what was expected of him. He doesn’t want to make a game on three million simultaneous online. Instead, he had to do something, what he’d played for months and years. And, Yes, apparently this is some kind of MOBA, because especially for the development he pulled one of the employees of Riot Games, took part in the creation of the League of Legends.

Similar concerns were Dean Hall, the ideological mastermind of DayZ, which has long been afraid to do something new, and then, to avoid the temptation to cook something like DayZ 2, set simulator a mysterious astronaut.

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Mobile game series Troll Face Quest was downloaded over 100 million times

Мобильные игры серии Troll Face Quest скачали свыше 100 млн раз Titles of the franchise Troll Face Quest on mobile has gained over 100 million downloads. This was announced by the company and publisher Spil Games, noting that 90% of the installations of their games — organic.

“Our success to manage projects in real time and promotion in the stores. mobile applications,” said CEO of Spil Games the geirr Tim (Timm Geyer).

Spil Games was originally released Troll Face Quest in the form of browser games. In February 2015, the company had a series on mobile platforms, where it was warmly received. First mobile game — Troll Face Quest Sports — scored 1 million downloads within a few weeks after launch. Just 3 year Spil Games on mobile published 8 titles of the franchise.

Game series Troll Face Quest are a series of puzzles to care, the gameplay are full of rough humour, absurd situations and references to Internet memes and pop culture.


In Wolfenstein 3 will be open world

В Wolfenstein 3 будет открытый мир

A Holy place is never empty. Fallout, it seems, decided to turn the online project. But, how can that be with its open world and single player campaign? There is someone who will succeed and occupy a niche? Is. His name – Wolfenstein 3.

The fact that very interesting, made one Andreas Airport is one of the managers of the Studio Machine Games, which was acquired by Bethesda in 2010-m to year. So, Mr. Airport told the press that his company is now engaged in the Wolfenstein franchise – the hypothetical third part of this shooter, with the administration of Bethesda had ordered to experiment, and the developers just now thinking about how to put this game in an open world with a smooth departure from the duty of history security officer Blaskowitz.

In this case, the interviewee assures that fans need not fear revolution. The game would remain a first-person shooter, but will get more freedom. Such are the powerful news. Importantly, Wolfenstein not got the console Online.

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Game console Atari VCS raised more than $2 million on Indiegogo. Published specs

 Игровая консоль Atari VCS собрала более $2 млн. на Indiegogo. Опубликованы характеристики On 30 may launched a campaign to raise funds to develop a home game console, the Atari VCS. Crowdfunding campaign on the site Indiegogo and has already raised more than $2 000 000 (about 125 000 000), which significantly exceeded the expectations of developers.

 Игровая консоль Atari VCS собрала более $2 млн. на Indiegogo. Опубликованы характеристики

Until the end of the campaign remains about a month. Thus, we can only guess how much money the creation of the Atari VCS will gather developers. Initially, the creation of the Atari VCS was planned to collect $100 000 (about 6 200 000).

Technical specifications of the Atari VCS:

  • Materials: plastic, metal, wood;
  • OS: Linux (Ubuntu);
  • Connection: HDMI 2.0, Wi-Fi 2.4/5 GHz, Bluetooth 5.0, Gigabit Ethernet, 4xUSB 3.0;
  • Inputs: microphone, controller and joystick;
  • Memory: 32 GB, support external HD, SD card;
  • RAM: 4 GB DDR4;
  • CPU: A10 Bristol Ridge;
  • Graphics processor: Radeon R7;
  • Game chat: Skype, Discord;
  • Features: support mouse and keyboard, streaming on Twitch.

 Игровая консоль Atari VCS собрала более $2 млн. на Indiegogo. Опубликованы характеристики

The minimum required amount of funds that the gamers will get the console, the Atari VCS, is $199 (about 12 500 rubles) on Indiegogo. For $229 (approximately 14 300 rubles), the participants of the campaign will receive an additional set of console with joystick, and with a donation of $299 (about 18 700 rubles) will receive a collector’s edition, made in wood covered enclosure serial number and certificate of authenticity.

Ataribox renamed the Atari VCS. Became known the cost of the console

The console is due out in July 2019.

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