The creators of Shadow of the Tomb Raider criticized for selling a “pig in a poke”

Создателей Shadow of the Tomb Raider критикуют за продажу «кота в мешке»

Interesting things are happening around action Shadow of the Tomb Raider, developer who is accused of trying to sell a “pig in a poke.”

In short, this is the case, Square Enix has released a lot of screenshots of the game, which by today’s standards – is sheer nonsense, for, as a rule, as a preliminary screenshot has nothing to do with the quality of the final image. In addition to this, dumped the promotional video, even two. But a single frame of gameplay no one showed. The developers have already announced that gameplay will only show at E3, but the game is already in stores, where it serves to pre-order.

Many considered this unfair, and this weekend in the gaming press have accumulated obvious irritation the fact. So let’s see how to react to the Japanese. Perhaps fearing an early scandal, we show gameplay in may, because the game really promises to be very good.

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Michael Pakter, Microsoft needs to start making a single player game

Майкл Пактер – Microsoft должна начать делать одиночные игры

Perfectly made, Michael Pakter, disbelieving in the words of Phil Spencer, the main Xbox – which announced major exclusives in the future, for a new generation console.

Our favorite financial-game analyst believes that the exclusivity is actually not that important. Sony needs it was in the 90-ies, to prove that she’s better than Nintendo. Now buy the PlayStation more than the Xbox just because this device is good in itself, and the main thing – Sony did a great job on creating games for a single pass. This is its main advantage. Microsoft are more pressed forward on network projects, and this has weakened the position of Xbox in the world.

However, investing in single-player AAA games it’s not too late, because the gap between PlayStation and Xbox is not fatal: last year, Sony has sold 18 million consoles in that time, Microsoft, the figure is about 9 million, which is quite tolerable and mental retardation.

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Warcraft Total War came from the darkness of centuries

Warcraft Total War прибыл из тьмы веков

8 years for the gaming industry it’s almost an eternity. Is 2010 the year for a second, and when we talk about the games of those times, stroking a bushy beard and with a soft look to grandchildren. Now, from the darkness of centuries, after 8 years of development, the public beta got a game called Warcraft: Total War.

Warcraft: Total War – a global modification for Medieval 2 authors brought up a full-fledged, single-player campaign and as many as 22 fractions. The game’s plot focuses on the Third war of the Universe, which can be seen in the additions to Warcraft 3. In the well-known reasons, we do not give links, but to download the game can any skilled search queries in the browser.

Originally on Warcraft: Total War worked by one person. Then he was joined by another, then another, and completed the work a whole team of altruists who are not receiving money and working for the sake of ideas and their own satisfaction. In the end, Medieval 2 has acquired hundreds of new skins, new locations, and even got a new voice.

In the video below provided instruction on the difficult installation of this modification.

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In Devolver Digital revealed “the dirty secret” of creating video games

В Devolver Digital раскрыли «самый грязный секрет» создания видеоигр

The head of Devolver Digital, Mike Wilson, continues to rock. Before he could encourage developers to refusal to communicate with fans, among which is full of boors, as here, he already rips the covers the dirty secrets of the game.

According to Mr. Wilson, the dirty secret of video games development is that people are forced to work for 6 months, seven days a week, 12 hours a day, seven days a week without payment of overtime. Moreover, it is quite a common practice, which simply does not speak, preferring to remain silent. Union of game developers, as such, no: there is nobody to complain, so nothing will change. However, the desire to make faster and cheaper has led to the fact that games have become worse: people begin depression, families are ruined, spoiled health, loss of joy of life. All this is reflected in what they do. So, if you also want to go to the game developers, think three times before to make a choice.

Mr. Wilson notes that the problem is not only AAA, but also for indie studios. For example, during the development of Hotline Miami, four employees were hospitalized due to fatigue and depression.

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Cheaters in PUBG began to arrest

Читеров в PUBG начали арестовывать

In China are growing bloody repression. The invisible hand of the market is forcing local police to bear malice, driving around at night in black vans with the words “Bread” and catch innocent gamers desperately citarasa in PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds.

Despite the fact that the cheaters just wanted to be loved, not to mention the fact that it is children who need to understand and forgive, authorities already had arrested 15 people who are charged in the amount of the fine, the equivalent of five million dollars. His release in prison, he probably won’t cancel.

The reason is suspected in the creation of cheats for the above game, and in the aggregate, and the addition to them of the virus with a dissonant name Huigezi Trojan Horse that crawled into the computers of gamers, and have access to the information contained therein. This bloody repression, do not seem to end and we are waiting for new arrests.

Naturally, initiated by the developers of Bluehole, which does not specifically comment on the situation, in addition to the presentation of vague promises to do everything to overcome cheating in their games.

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Graphics of the third the Witcher worsened

Графику третьего Ведьмака ухудшили

As he tried to CD Projekt RED, and pull the third of the Witcher in ultra quality on the consoles, there could not, despite the desperate efforts of talented programmers: well, can’t the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, X Pro to show a normal picture in 4k.

Evidence of this is the rejection of the innovations that came with the 1.61 patch version for PS 4 Pro. The result has been unprecedented: the graphics of the Witcher had to degrade to save something like 30 frames per second and a more or less normal rendering range. In favor of this had to degrade the quality of detail of objects that do not fall in the direct field of view of the players. And, as a joke by the developers, they will have to reissue the game on next-generation consoles to achieve the same the best pictures, if it is decided that no 4k life. Well, while everyone will have to play with a resolution of 1080 to save yourself from unpleasant surprises.

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Hitman Sniper Assasin will be released before the end of the year

Hitman Sniper Assasin выйдет до конца года

Unexpectedly approached by the news on the new Hitman, which will be called Hitman: Sniper Assasin, and its release should take place before the end of the year.

This information lit up on the rating resources of Australia and South Korea, where it also became known that the game will work on PC and current-gen consoles, and that makes her all the same Danish IO Interactive, which, though separated from Square Enix, but was able to retain the rights to Agent 47 behind him. Well, and then there’s the Studio head, Hakan Abrak said that the new Hitman will be implemented several new features, and that the announcement of the game will be held soon, most likely at E3. Well, given that it again will be distributed seasonal and poepizodno, the release of the first episode before the end of the year looks fantastic.

The last part of the Hitman spread a very original way: the developers released one mission in a couple of months. In the end, between the release of the first episode and edition game version Edition Years, it’s been more than a year.

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TOP 10 most popular games on Steam last week, 23-29 April

TOP-10 самых популярных игр Steam прошлой недели 23-29 апреля

That began a new week, exciting holidays in may, and promises to be interesting and fruitful. As in previous weeks, however. And we start her, good old tradition, with a review of the hit parade Steam last week. Go.

Tenth place – Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia going to pre-order.

Grand Theft Auto V takes the ninth place in spite of time.

theHunter: Call of the Wild – the game the hunter takes the eighth position.

In seventh place is the timeless Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Tactical, turn-based strategy BATTLETECH, the rights of the newcomer, despite not very good reviews (72% on Steam), taking just two seats, the sixth on pre-orders, and the third – after the fact release.

Another newcomer in the face of frosty the strategy Frostpunk, snap off silver our hit parade. An excellent debut.

Well, PLAYERUNKNOWN”S BATTLEGROUNDS is again in first place, despite the fact that the rating of the game on Steam will slip lower and lower and is already at 45% over the last month.

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MOBA Super MNC closed due to the European data protection act

MOBA Super MNC закрывается из-за европейского закона о защите данных The creators fritupleynaya MOBA-shooter Super Monday Night the Club decided to close the project. Uber Entertainment has proven to be profitable to support the game after the entry into force of the GDPR — regulation on protection of user data, which will be operational in the EU since may 25.

Representatives of the Studio announced that the multiplayer game system does not meet the requirements of the GDPR and its processing will cost more than they can afford.

The developers have promised players a “farewell party” for which will give each user a Super MNC $10 thousand in-game currency.

The game server will go offline on may 24, the day before the entry into force of the regulations of the European Union.

According to the service Steam Spy, a number of owners Super Monday Night Club on Steam has up to 2 million people.

General Data Protection Regulation

Regulation GDPR applies to all companies processing personal data of citizens and residents of the European Union.

It imposes restrictions on the amount of data collected and the retention period and commits the company to protect this information from third parties.

For violation of the law companies can be fined up to €20 million or to recover to 4% of annual turnover.