Gravel racing simulator receives the first evaluation

Гоночный симулятор Gravel получает первые оценки

Expected by many racing simulator Gravel got his first reviews from press and gamers, which we can say that the game will not be a joy for fans of the genre for years.

The average rating by journalists was 70 points. Not very thick, and it is noteworthy that the criticism itself subjected to the main campaign, which many found boring and monotonous. Despite the fact that in the game there are different models of cars, excellent tracks, excellent physics, and in General a large fleet of vehicles, to apply it simply nowhere. To summarize the most common insights of the reviewers, the developers of the Gravel is accused of that in the pursuit of physics and the realistic picture is that there is absolutely forgotten, that make the game, not a simulator for training drivers.

In Steam well at the moment, two days after release, the game has an 82% positive reviews after a sad two dozen reviews from buyers. In General, it is difficult to say, you put Milestone S. r.l. this game plus, or try to forget it as quickly as possible.

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Bridgette became the new hero of Overwatch

Бриджитт стала новым героем Overwatch

As we predicted a few days ago, the daughter of Thorbjorn, a girl named Bridgette, became the new hero of Overwatch, we would like to congratulate all the fans of this shooter. Now pornographic cartoons dedicated to this game, added another character.

Bridgette – 27-th character. She was 28 years old. Where was she slacking before, and why not help folder in its hard case – it is unclear. In fact, it is the fighter class support, but with a focus on “tanking”, which provided a powerful armor, because Bridgette still the engineer.

The girl knows how to shoot missiles, heal allies, beat and throw back the enemy, some kind of bludgeon, to set before him an energy shield, which, by the way, can stun, so in addition to everything she is able to add armor to nearby allies. Much like modest girls.

Just have to figure out when players will provide the mother Bridgette, and part-wife of thorbiorn that once a family row, so to the fullest.

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Frostpunk will be released in March

Frostpunk выйдет в марте

11 bit studios stated that the social survival simulator Frostpunk will be released in March. The exact date is unknown, but the fact that the release will take place before the end of the month is already very good.

In addition, the developers revealed the details. In the Studio said that players will have “greater freedom in the endgame,” that is, fully developed, you don’t have to follow the previously selected channel. You will be able to change management policy, and see where it leads. For example, you can listen to what people say and do as they want, regardless of whether they are right or not. Well, you can build something like a police, totalitarian community. This will allow to erect security checkpoints to patrol the surrounding area and even to influence the election results, but will reduce the overall happiness of citizens.

Also became known the price of the game for Western gamers: 30 us dollars or euros. This means that in the Russian segment of the Steam Frostpunk be priced around 600-800 rubles.

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Left H1Z1 early access

H1Z1 покинула ранний доступ

Network shooter H1Z1, the pioneer mode of the Battle Royal, left early access.

He did this against the backdrop of dramatically decreasing audience and ratings. Steam for the last 30 days, the game rated 45% positive reviews. But, in General it has 61%, while in PUBG this figure is even lower – 55%. But really, in the last plays more than a million people, and H1Z1, this figure is unlikely to exceed 10 thousand.

By the way, the final release did not happen by itself, but together with the addition of Royal Auto mode where at war with each other 30 teams of 4 people each, which, of course, moved only by car.

But in General, we should not expect from the project something special after leaving early access. The game remains the same, with all the former advantages and disadvantages, so if you haven’t played, but now I think to try, then it can be done for the sake, perhaps, of Royal Auto mode.

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