StarCraft today marks 20 years

Сегодня StarCraft исполняется 20 лет

StarCraft, while not the oldest strategy (there are games and older), but this franchise has safely reached our days in the form of real-time strategy, without any alteration in the MMORPG, MOBA or any shooter. Moreover, the strategy is not simple, but very profitable and world famous.

Remember the game had on the occasion of the high-profile event: today, March 31, StarCraft celebrates its 20th anniversary. In honor of this Blizzard satisfied special event with the invitation of the famous players and giveaways, but in South Korea this festival, it seems, became one of the highlights of the year. Sorry, but the announcement of StarCraft 3, it seems, will not take place, but many of us were counting on it.

But generally, Blizzard is now the company, from which, as from any other gaming company in the world, waiting for high-profile announcements. StarCraft 3, WarCraft 4 and Diablo 4 – just what we all want from Hulda.

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In the United States plan to protect the streamers from the police

В США планируют защитить стримеров от полиции

In the United States decided to fight with a deadly pastime of American teenagers. Fun this is Swatting, and is derived from the acronym SWAT, which refers to the special police units dealing with the most hot and dangerous work. The essence of Swatting boils down to false reporting to the police about a crime in progress. Of course, with a title someone’s address.

Now, from this very Swatting more likely to suffer streamers, it’s one thing to call the police to someone unknown, and quite another – to him who leads the stream to see it with your own eyes, it’s so fun. And after last year after a similar prank in Kansas was shot and killed innocent people, the punishment for false reports decided to strengthen. And if before that was supposed to 17 months in prison, now 32 months, and in the case of someone’s death, you will sit for up to 20 years.

Kansas legislators, following the unanimous adoption of the amendments to the law, I hope that other States will also be adopted such measures.

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Bug in Far Cry 5 makes to start the game again

Баг в Far Cry 5 заставляет начинать игру заново

What Far Cry 5 will not be without bugs, it was immediately clear. It was enough to look at pre-release videos that we could see a lot of amazing things. But if visual bugs just ruin the game experience, the bug discovered on the days that rained all progress and was forced to restart a campaign.

The essence of the bug is that the game includes an automatic save instead of auto quick download. And, she does it in the case of the death of the character. In particular, the Network posted a video in which the campaign is stuck in a loop: the game loads for a second before falling hero off a cliff, then turn a quick download, and the hero falls again. Also with places being massive complaints that if you crash the plane, not having to leave before the crash, after the next boot it may happen that the aircraft is loaded correctly and the game will be broken. In General, the desired patches. Many patches. But it’s Ubisoft, so it’s fine.

Far Cry 5 received an average of 8 points and from the press and from gamers, and in General we can say that the game is not spoiled the common cereals, but before that, how come Far Cry 6, definitely it will take several years for the French should be able to do something that not would be accused of copying itself and internal plagiarism.

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External Valve blocks sale of skins in Counter-Strike Global Offensive

Valve блокирует внешнюю продажу шкурок в Counter-Strike Global Offensive

Valve Software decided to step on the throat of the external sites involved in the sale and draws skins for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The company is seriously complicated and slowed down their rotation, that will immediately hit anyone who earns the most skins.

The purpose of innovation is simple: the received item, the player needs to keep in inventory a week, and only then can sell it or change it. And if ordinary players, this decision does not affect, then those who use this shooter for selfish purposes, is reflected, even as. And so now all the relevant branches of the forum precipitated unhappy with the new rules, which Valve is unlikely to cancel, so many will have to live and earn in the new reality.

Valve is not particularly engaged in the debate, only said that the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in particular and the Valve Software in General, unwittingly, became the soil in which grow fertile fraudsters of all types, and what exactly the mechanism of trading and exchanges of pelts for a long time and completely captured by the rogue guys.

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Shadow of the Tomb Raider will be plunged into darkness

Shadow of the Tomb Raider погрузится во тьму

Drove new details about the upcoming Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

The game actually comes out the 14th of September. This is, so to speak, officially. Also the developers said that initially planned to release a trilogy and the next part will scolcum story of Lara Croft.

Despite the fact that the game will take place in South America, one of the main instruments of the heroine will remain an ice pick, so frostbitten it will have. In addition, players waiting for the Eclipse, which will not only provoke the resurrection of some ancient forces guarding the local pyramid, but will make the next part of the darkest part in the history of the series.

After the release of Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Square Enix will probably make a break for this franchise, making the choice in favor of something else, like Deus Ex. Not the fact, of course, that Lara is coming Adam, but the fact that the Japanese have already made it clear that the story of tomb raider completed, and its revival will have to wait a few years.

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Where The Water Tastes Like Wine called commercial disaster

Where The Water Tastes Like Wine назвали коммерческой катастрофой

Main Where The Water Tastes Like Wine – one of the most unusual games released in recent months, Janneman, Nordhagen, called the game a “commercial catastrophe” and expressed the assumption that on similar projects makes no sense at all to work.

Further direct speech: “At the moment I have earned on this game is$ 0. You may think that it’s not bad, but the fact is that the development lasted 4 years. The result is$ 0 for the year – already worse. And when you consider that during that time I spent 140 thousand dollars, get a real commercial disaster, despite the fact that the game is constantly written in the press, and to its creation, including the voice, were attracted by famous actors. However, at the moment it has sold less than I have Twitter followers”.

Given that subscribers Mr. Nordhagen little more than four thousand, it can be assumed that the recent report made at the Conference of Game Developers, about what the average indie game on Steam buy 2000 times, and while it earns about 12 thousand dollars, was close to the truth.

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The creators of God of War was inspired by Bloodborne

Создатели God of War вдохновлялись Bloodborne

We already know that the new God of War was created under the influence of the movie the neverending Story. Well, what about video games? Impressed by what the game did new God of War? And, the main development, Cory Barlog, has answered this question.

The game that inspired the creation God of War, which the developers wanted to make it look like his creation, called Bloodborne. Yes, Yes, no Dark Soul, namely Bloodborne. Why? Perhaps because the latter is also exclusive to the PlayStation 4.

According to the developer, the spirit of Bloodborne will really be felt, and that no one had any doubt about this, Sony will allow you to publish pre-release reviews 8 days before release, which is pretty rare, because usually the evaluation in these cases come on the day of release, if not later. Well, and here, therefore, the developers do not care, and it is certainly good.

Also, the developers have announced that they have paid great attention to secondary tasks, which in quality will not yield the main one. In particular, in the course of secondary missions, you can get a unique location with a unique atmosphere, or, for example, to fight the greatest enemy in the entire game.

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Factorio is about to leave early access

Factorio готовится покинуть ранний доступ

The “mathematical” having absolutely repulsive and received 98% positive feedback after 26 years of thousands of ratings Steam, strategy Factorio getting ready to leave early access.

It will happen on 16th April. But, if you’ve been wanting to join this game, but did not dare, then hurry up, because after release the price will jump by half. If it is now, you can buy for 500 rubles, then the price tag will be raised to 750.

Developers themselves report that “failed to achieve stability,” which are at the finish line and, after release, of course, does not stop supporting its draft additions, corrections and patches. That to increase the price tag, the developers noted that the cost of games is steadily growing, it is becoming bigger and more polished, so the team decided to raise the price.

Factorio – economic strategy, in which players are asked to undergo the entire process chain, ranging from the simple organization of the work of the farm, and ending with the launch of multi-threaded pipelines.

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GDC 18: Atari told about the retro-gaming system Atari VCS, but did not give her to play”

More recently, the company Atari has revealed the official name of their new retro console, the Atari VCS. Last week the system was demonstrated in the framework of the Game Developers Conference in 2018 in San Francisco. The company shared his opinion regarding the device, but the reporters in attendance did not manage to try any games.

GDC'18: Atari рассказала об игровой ретро-системе Atari VCS, но не дала на ней поиграть"

Employees CNet liked the design of the enclosure and the controllers. “Atari VCS looks like a product that you can be proud of and flaunt”, — the newspaper writes CNet. The only trouble is that the evidence of the operation of the device no. Atari brought the current system to the game developer’s conference — only layout. But he shared his interesting vision. “We all would like to make a BOOM, they say, she’s here, she’s amazing. This day would come, — said the Atari engineer Joe Moak (Moak Joe). — But today is not that day.”

Moreover, Atari is still not decided on the cost of the console and its release date. The reason for this including is that the AMD chip and operating system based on Linux still configured to work together.

GDC'18: Atari рассказала об игровой ретро-системе Atari VCS, но не дала на ней поиграть"

Chief operating officer Atari, Michael Arzt (Arzt Michael) apologizes for what he could not reveal any details, including the characteristics of the console. But it still paints a picture of the product: a tiny full-fledged Linux PC with the Atari logo and more than a hundred classic and re-interpreted a bit of games on Board. Atari will also open the door for third-party developers who want to try to convert old projects into something new. So prospective buyers should expect more of these games — one example is the Tempest 4000, the sequel to the arcade action remake of Tempest for the Atari Jaguar.

“We are actively communicating with the developers who want either to move their game on [our] device, or to enter into an attractive partnership deal to recreate and reimagine the classic our intellectual property,” said Arzt.

Atari still has a good relationship with almost all publishers of classic games, including Activision. Arzt says that even if at the start you won’t find the coveted project, it may appear on the VCS in the future. And since the device is, in fact, a Linux PC, you will also be able to play the game distributed in Steam — but while Atari not sure how well that will work though projects like Borderlands 2.

GDC'18: Atari рассказала об игровой ретро-системе Atari VCS, но не дала на ней поиграть"

The company reports that the Atari VCS will have a user interface for games and media like Netflix and YouTube (through the browser), as well as a full-fledged Linux OS that experienced users can configure. You will get the opportunity to connect a mouse, keyboard and any Bluetooth or USB XInput controller if you want, but VCS still offers a few of their accessories. One modernized version of the classic Atari joystick, is equipped with Bluetooth and the other in the manner of a modern gamepad Xbox One with asymmetric analog sticks. “It is impossible to introduce innovations in the controller,” said Atari CEO Fred Chesnais (Fred Chesnais), when asked about the similarity of one of them with a gamepad Microsoft.

GDC'18: Atari рассказала об игровой ретро-системе Atari VCS, но не дала на ней поиграть"

By the way, this controller is the reason for the first delay output Ataribox (working title Atari VCS — note). Atari told about an undefined problem with the partner-manufacturer of the controller, forced the company to postpone an initial launch. But, according to the artists, this is the only problem caused a complete audit of the project that led to the postponement of the start.

“When we started digging a little deeper, I discovered many things that were, maybe, 90 % of what we wanted,” said Michael Arzt. As the company said last week: “We were not prepared to go forward, even with the slightest deviation”.

Now Atari is considering whether to upgrade to a newer and faster processor AMD, what chip Bristol Ridge, which had planned to use originally. “Us as fans, it is very important to get it right. said Arzt. — [Atari VCS] will be released when it’s ready.”


HeroCraft will publish INSOMNIA, retro-futuristic version of Dark Souls developers from Samara

HeroCraft издаст INSOMNIA, ретрофутуристическую версию Dark Souls от разработчиков из Самары 2018-th may be the year of Russian RPG. In addition to Pathfinder and Ash of Gods on the virtual shelves will soon be INSOMNIA: The Ark. This story-oriented role-playing game from Dark Souls and Fallout. Its publication does HeroCraft Kaliningrad.

According to the publishers, INSOMNIA for them — one of the biggest publishing projects of the year. The contract with the developer, Studio MONO Samara — was signed last fall.

“All this time was actively working on the project we worked on the marketing, localization and other external tasks, while the guys continued working on the game itself,” — says the representative of HeroCraft.

The terms on which the trade was executed, not yet reported.

HeroCraft издаст INSOMNIA, ретрофутуристическую версию Dark Souls от разработчиков из Самары

The game itself is in development more than six years. During this time, the project managed not only to change the role system, but also to change the format. The developers abandoned the isometric view in favor of a third person.

Initially INSOMNIA has been created on money of the team. But after the first three years of operation, Studio MONO have successfully conducted two crowdfunding campaigns in a row. The amount of attracted funds amounted to $170 thousand.

For Studio MONO this is the first project. Moreover, the leading managers of the project have not worked in game development. Neither the first nor the second did not prevent the project to gain the approval of Chris Avellone and Brian Fargo.

HeroCraft издаст INSOMNIA, ретрофутуристическую версию Dark Souls от разработчиков из Самары

Masters can understand. The two main USP of the project is very quickly read. First, a synthesis of the classic in terms of storytelling crpgs with combat system reminiscent of the Japanese Dark Souls series. The second USP — retrofuturistic setting, which can be summarized as “Fallout in space”.

That’s just how it’s viable, we’ll know only after the release, the exact date of which is not. Details about the project can be found on his page in Steam.

If you have any questions on the history of the project, the peculiarities of its development, according to the terms on which they agreed to work with HeroCraft and as planned the project to advance, leave them in the comments — be sure to ask the teams.