Updated Dark Souls Overhaul Project made available

Обновлённый Dark Souls Overhaul Project выложен в свободный доступ

Among the fans of Dark souls there are, who acknowledge only the first part. Recognize, and often overplayed, but, unfortunately, already not a particularly beautiful game, began to look even worse. However, there is a cure – Dark Souls Overhaul Project – a global Assembly that replaces absolutely all textures in the game.

This is the Overhaul Project yesterday updated to version 4.5 and was posted online with the author’s explanation, which says that now in the game just replaced all textures to a higher quality. Indeed, if not particularly find fault, improved the picture sometimes looks worse than Dark Souls 3, and certainly better than the second part.

By the way, in addition to improving the textures, the mod adds completely new content in the form of weapons and armor. In addition, there are some alterations to the gameplay mechanics improved type of aiming and eliminate the problem of “phantom injuries”, when a character takes damage, despite the fact that visually the weapon of the enemy flew past.

  • Обновлённый Dark Souls Overhaul Project выложен в свободный доступ
  • Обновлённый Dark Souls Overhaul Project выложен в свободный доступ
  • Обновлённый Dark Souls Overhaul Project выложен в свободный доступ
  • Обновлённый Dark Souls Overhaul Project выложен в свободный доступ

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Update Extended Ops for Ghost Recon Wildlands

					Обновление Extended Ops для Ghost Recon Wildlands

PVP mode Ghost War Ghost Recon Wildlands will receive its third major free update 25 January, which will add a new mode called Extraction, and two exclusive cards. Coming out simultaneously on PC, PS4 and Xbox One update, called Extended Ops, also comes with new gear for pvp and base-game (including special costumes inspired by Rainbow Six Siege).

In the Extraction task of one team is to defend two highly significant targets (HVT), while the other team works to find and support one of the HVT to extraction. HVT must stay alive to win the match that pushes both teams to be more cautious and to think through their strategy on two new maps – Institute and Garage that will be available in Quickplay and Ranked.

In addition, Extended Ops comes with a host of additions and improvements, adding the weapons of the Fallen Ghosts to the main game (for those who have installed the DLC), as well as the mode of color blindness/monochrome and compass for coordination and navigation. Classes, maps and modes will get an updated balance, and this is only the beginning of what is included in Extended Ops.

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PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds started to block ReShade

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds начал блокировать ReShade

Several news about PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds.

First, it turned out that the game over 8 months of existence brought its creators 712 million dollars. The result is more than impressive, especially considering that the no campaign have been achieved, and a special, additional costs in Bluehole has not suffered. And in the second place, by the way, is GTA 5, which in the fourth year of life, suddenly broke the record of their own profits, earning 521 million, which is 9 million more than last year.

Second, was a one-time banned another hundred thousand cheaters. Banned permanently, well, good riddance!

Well, and thirdly, a new antivirus tool in PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds started to block ReShade is one of the few allowed earlier mods that make the picture more contrast. And this, despite the fact that the developers themselves said that ReShade they have no problems. In General, the situation requires further explanation, for the words – words, but the facts are there, so that not to fall under the ban, it is better to refrain from using this Toolkit.

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