Ubisoft took over the Dating simulation titles.

 Ubisoft взялась за симуляторы знакомств Ubisoft has announced that it bought 1492 Studio, a Studio that develops mobile Dating simulators, one of which is the game Is It Love?. This is the game, according to Ubisoft, is one of the most popular products for iOS in France and the United States.

Is It Love — is an interactive visual novel, a story about love between people.

 Ubisoft взялась за симуляторы знакомств
Ubisoft did not specify exactly how much money was spent on the purchase of 1492 Studio, but this acquisition certainly gives the company another advantage in the sector of the mobile market.

This transaction is part of our strategy to attract a new audience.— Executive Director of Ubisoft Mobile, Jean-Michel Children (Jean-Michel Detoc)

Well, given the recent acquisition of Ubisoft, it’s possible that soon the company will release some kind of Dating simulator or other mobile game on the theme of love ties.

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Zynga has released in India three-in-a-row based on the national culture of the country

Zynga выпустила в Индии три-в-ряд по мотивам национальной культуры страны American company Zynga issued in India Rangoli Rekha puzzle game: Color Match. The official launch was preceded by softlan, which lasted from August of last year. Rangoli Rekha targeted at Indian users: it has developed a local Studio, and the design of the game uses elements of the cultural heritage of the country.

In Rangoli Rekha: Color Match, the player picks of colored characters “rangoli” — colored ornaments of the ancient spiritual traditions of India. In addition, the game featured the chakras, the Hindu festival of lights Diwali and the like.

The issue Rangoli Rekha: Color Match says about the intention of Zynga to find its niche in the promising and fast-growing Indian market.

Last year the company announced its intention to double its presence in the Asian state. While Zynga’s Indian office in Bangalore is the second largest division of the company. Now there are 350 employees.

According to the company CII-TechSci Research, by 2020 the mobile audience in India will reach 628 million users.

In 2015, analyst firm SuperData estimated the potential of the Indian mobile market as comparable to the Chinese mobile market is the largest in the world by number of users.



Announced shooter Defiance 2050

Анонсирован шутер Defiance 2050

The announcement of the game called Defiance 2050.

2050 network Defiance is MMO shooter, Defiance sequel, released in 2014 year. The original is distributed on a shareware model and has Steam 76% positive reviews.

Well, the sequel, therefore, has better graphics, improved combat mechanics, a larger world and other innovations that should be any continuation of any online shooter. Beta tests games will be held in the spring, and the final release is scheduled for the summer.

Defiance events unfold 2050, 20 years after Archella – a global disaster that ended the war between humans and alien humanoids who planned to colonize earthlings, as befits good aliens.

As reported by the developers, they created the project based on many years of communication with gamers, with the fan audience, taking into account local wishes, and, as they hope, their wishes should be justified.

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The creators of action Ashen complicate communication between players

Создатели экшена Ashen усложнят общение между игроками

Until the end of the year the light should go out shooter Ashen – a kind of cooperative Dark Souls in low graphic. And now, about him came some interesting details: it turned out that the game will be deliberately complicated the communication between the partners.

This is related to the where explained that it intentionally did not add any text or voice chat. In addition, the characters have no faces and no mouth. This was done to ensure that the players are used for communication and coordination among the special, limited-edition tools in the form of gestures.

It has even come to the point that the characters no names no names and Paparazzing of Dark souls. This is probably correct, and such a mechanic will have a more authentic look than the writings in the chat.

This approach, as claimed by the chief for development, Derek Bradley, will cause players to feel more subtly the mood of the partners, and to establish between them as thin as possible understanding.

Ashen will be released before the end of the year on PC and Xbox One. Thus, with high probability, the game will be exclusive to Windows 10.

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NPD – PlayStation 5 will be released in 2020 year

NPD – PlayStation 5 выйдет в 2020-м году

Experts of the American analytical company NPD Group, studying market conditions, defined timeline, when in their opinion, should wait for the PlayStation 5.

According to NPD, Sony has no reason to release the console next year. PlayStation 4 and PS Pro great buy, and will buy in a year, but while sales, of course, will decrease, compared to the current year, not to mention the past. In General, you no technological progress, no rush: just business and nothing personal.

It is noteworthy that these same specialists, a year ago claimed that the PlayStation 5 will be released in 2019 year, but then changed his mind, after reviewing the results of the PS 4 sales during the winter holidays.

However, right now analysts leave yourself room to maneuver, stating that “the data indicate that release PlayStation 5 before 2020 needs.” In other words, can be released in 2021-m. So, if you are planning to buy a PlayStation 4, but fear that tomorrow will come PlayStation 5 can not be afraid – will not work.

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Battletech will be released in April

Battletech выйдет в апреле

The long-awaited unfinished: turn-based, military strategy Battletech will be released very soon.

A specific date, the developers are not called, the claim that it will happen in April. So, after a couple of months we will be able to join the same to this unique game, where before each shot you need to look at a bunch of instruments to study the numbers, trying to raise the effectiveness of the shot by changing positions, ammunition and targets, and then to press the desired button. In General, seven times on the door, once on the rails, as they say in the saying. Looking forward to it.

The game promises to be not just a war of robots in the distant future, but of the whole collection, which contains every little bit helps. For example, there will be a percentage system hitting the target from XCOM and system psychosis of Darkest Dungeon. In Battletech you have to manage not just giant robots and pilots sitting inside. The death of a partner will reduce its morality, various injuries of the combat vehicle will affect performance. In General, a real combat simulator for those who are friends with numbers.

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The Creator of Dragon Age talked about working on Cyberpunk 2077

Создатель Dragon Age заговорил о работе над Cyberpunk 2077

Suddenly, Michael Laidlaw – maternity creative Director of BioWare, who stood at the origins of the Dragon Age and Mass Effect, spoke about the cooperation with CD Projekt RED, and that, they say, is not averse to participate in the development of Cyberpunk 2077.

Mr. Laidlaw is now unemployed, but has already managed to confess his love to the universe of Cyberpunk in General. It is, of course, sees a problem in moving to Poland, but that will not do for his beloved work.

Well, and then Mr. Laidlaw compare the Witcher and Dragon Age. According to him, in America, many people argue which series is better, but in his opinion this can not be done, because they are very different.

For example, Dragon Age offers to create your own hero with a unique destiny, and the Witcher have a hero one. In the first case, it may be varied, but it may happen that the hero will succeed faceless, and his fate is no thrill. As for the Witcher, the developers are forced to capture the players ‘ attention on a single hero, and they did it very cool.

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Diablo 2 Remaster will be a problem with modern monitors

У Diablo 2 Remaster будут проблемы с современными мониторами

Bright made by David Brevik – one of the founding fathers of the Diablo universe, which is now Path of Exile improves. Now, in an interview, Mr. game designer said that Diablo 2 was a great game, passed the test of time, but in conjunction with modern monitors, it will be a problem.

To the question: – have you Heard anything about the upcoming restart of Diablo 2? Mr. Brevik said he could not comment on such things, despite no longer working at Blizzard, however, in his opinion, to modernize the game, without losing its advantages, will be extremely difficult. The reason is the resolution of 800×600, which acted enemies. As soon as they approached the hero, they started to do what he did. If you increase the resolution, it will break the behaviour of the enemy, and just go and redo it – quite difficult.

In General, it seems that Blizzard is really thinking, something like Diablo 2 Remaster, but the problem of stretching images without loss of image quality and the gameplay is apparently not a trivial task, and requires serious efforts.

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Sega accidentally uploaded the full version of Yakuza 6 instead of the demo

Sega по ошибке выложила полную версию Yakuza 6 вместо демоверсии

Epic blunder made by Sega, which laid out the demo of Yakuza action 6. Anyway, this was sure publishers. But in fact it turned out that this is no demo and the full game.

Indeed, in the prescribed form action weighed 36 GB. So much for the demo. But publishers not worried. There is established a special bar that will limit the progress to a certain level. So, this strap did not work. The game just continued on and on, and eventually goggles gamers began to share observations in Network that, some very long demo of it. But then the unintentional generosity was disclosed, and in the Sega stated that they had to completely remove the demo version of Yakuza 6 from the PlayStation store, because “We are as bad as you. We found that some players were able to unlock the demo version, and take advantage of our mistake we now analyze”.

This is not the first case when using the demo crack full license. That’s why some publishers prefer to do without them.

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Roach will be a key character in the TV series of the Witcher

Плотва будет ключевым персонажем в сериале о Ведьмаке

Lauren Schmidt, the rights of the writer the future of the series about the Witcher, which so far is planned only in the form of a single, pilot episode, has published a list of the characters that will appear on the screen.

Among them were: Geralt, CRIS, Yeneffer, Triss, dandelion, Regis, Cahir, Imgur, Vilgefortz, Milva and even Leo Bonart. However, separately pleased with the presence of Roach, which, according to Mrs. Schmidt, I have produced psychic abilities and in personality.

On the good news end, and come not very good. The fact that Mrs. Schmidt is very original views. When reading the description of the characters, got the impression that we have before us a family of superheroes as a teenager. All feelings, all tough, bright personality, we all protest and noble emotional outbursts, which are not understand by others. Well, that and Mrs. the writer uses spaces instead of hyphens, and so pretentious you determine that the description of the characters was more like some pathetic rap, and not on the actual characteristics of the characters. In General, it seems that the series of the Witcher is not for everyone.

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