Review Of Barbie Dreamhouse Party

					Обзор Barbie Dreamhouse Party

Left the project in 2013. The game is a small collection of mini-games with Barbie and her friends in as characters. Everyone knows the idol young girls is trapped behind the iron shutters together with friends in your own home caused by one of her friends that pressed the wrong button. Strange artificial intelligence house by the name “Closet”, appears to us a mechanical eye and mechanical arm hanging from the top, switched to “Party” and offers the maiden company to perform a series of tasks. The only way to switch the smart home in normal mode.

Information about the game

This game is aimed at girls aged from about four to nine years. Supports up to four players simultaneously. In addition to Barbie you can play for characters like Teresa, Nikki and raquelle. If the players is less than four, the remaining Unallocated characters are played by the computer.

Important information for parents: there is nothing violent or obscene vocabulary, but kuclo-like the main characters in the game — this is an extremely small person, which, apparently, are only interested in their own appearance, clothes, makeup and accessories.

First, the player must dress up your character. There are a lot of basic options. Other options open as it passes.

Mini- game

					Обзор Barbie Dreamhouse Party

Only in the game for almost ten mini-games. Their essence is who is faster or better cope with a particular task. There are challenges related to such things as:

  • Makeup. Each player is given three minutes to make up the greatest number. In this mini-game you need to be both quick and diligent.
  • Accessories. You must follow the quick prompts on the screen to change the details of clothes on your character. Some very small players, this job may seem a little difficult, as it requires a no response.
  • Cupcakes. These sweet items scattered around the kitchen floor. To win, you need to lay down on your table as many cupcakes.
  • Dancing. Need a little practice before you will start to receive. The challenge is to press on the buttons that appear on the screen. A little bit of skill and concentration and you will be able to cope with this task.

Other mini-games are similar to the above in its mechanics — is the collection and movement of items, tasks, time and reaction.

Summary of Barbie Dreamhouse Party review

While some adult game may seem strange and even crepaway, children should enjoy it. Best of all it will suit children from 4 years who see their older brothers and sisters play computer games too, and I want to try myself in this matter. Mini-games, though not distinguished by originality, but easy to learn.

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