15 minutes of gameplay MMORPG Ashes of Creation

15 минут геймплея MMORPG Ashes of Creation

Team Intrepid Studios has posted 15 minutes of gameplay MMORPG Ashes of Creation, where he again demonstrated the seamless beauty of the world game. One of the features is the possibility to create their own cities, and in the case of the unquenchable desire of the battle to besiege the enemy.

Full release date Ashes of Creation on PC unknown. Testing the game will last all the year 2018.

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Review Of Barbie Dreamhouse Party

					Обзор Barbie Dreamhouse Party

Left the project in 2013. The game is a small collection of mini-games with Barbie and her friends in as characters. Everyone knows the idol young girls is trapped behind the iron shutters together with friends in your own home caused by one of her friends that pressed the wrong button. Strange artificial intelligence house by the name “Closet”, appears to us a mechanical eye and mechanical arm hanging from the top, switched to “Party” and offers the maiden company to perform a series of tasks. The only way to switch the smart home in normal mode.

Information about the game

This game is aimed at girls aged from about four to nine years. Supports up to four players simultaneously. In addition to Barbie you can play for characters like Teresa, Nikki and raquelle. If the players is less than four, the remaining Unallocated characters are played by the computer.

Important information for parents: there is nothing violent or obscene vocabulary, but kuclo-like the main characters in the game — this is an extremely small person, which, apparently, are only interested in their own appearance, clothes, makeup and accessories.

First, the player must dress up your character. There are a lot of basic options. Other options open as it passes.

Mini- game

					Обзор Barbie Dreamhouse Party

Only in the game for almost ten mini-games. Their essence is who is faster or better cope with a particular task. There are challenges related to such things as:

  • Makeup. Each player is given three minutes to make up the greatest number. In this mini-game you need to be both quick and diligent.
  • Accessories. You must follow the quick prompts on the screen to change the details of clothes on your character. Some very small players, this job may seem a little difficult, as it requires a no response.
  • Cupcakes. These sweet items scattered around the kitchen floor. To win, you need to lay down on your table as many cupcakes.
  • Dancing. Need a little practice before you will start to receive. The challenge is to press on the buttons that appear on the screen. A little bit of skill and concentration and you will be able to cope with this task.

Other mini-games are similar to the above in its mechanics — is the collection and movement of items, tasks, time and reaction.

Summary of Barbie Dreamhouse Party review

While some adult game may seem strange and even crepaway, children should enjoy it. Best of all it will suit children from 4 years who see their older brothers and sisters play computer games too, and I want to try myself in this matter. Mini-games, though not distinguished by originality, but easy to learn.

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Mobile megahit Arena of Valor Tencent brought in $1.9 billion in 2017

 Мобильный мегахит Arena of Valor принёс Tencent $1.9 млрд в 2017 году According to a report by SuperData Research the mobile games market in 2017, brought in an income of $59.2 billion. The most successful project was a MOBA Arena of Valor, also known as the Honor of Kings, from the Chinese Corporation Tencent.

Arena of Valor brought the creators of $1.9 billion. On the second place is located Fantasy Westward Journey from NetEase ($1.5 billion), and the third Monster Strike from Mixi ($1.3 billion).

 Мобильный мегахит Arena of Valor принёс Tencent $1.9 млрд в 2017 году

The only game in the list, which was released in the year 2017, — Lineage 2: Revolution that brought Netmarble $980 million. The game is very successfully started at home and quickly conquered the Western market thanks to the notoriety of the universe Lineage.

In General, the global mobile market revenues increased by $14 billion compared to year 2016. The vast majority of them came from Asia.

Looking to the future, SuperData predicts that Asia, North America and Europe will together generate a revenue of $55.5 billion in 2018.

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Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia was released on Android and iOS

 Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia вышла на Android и iOS Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia, a mobile adaptation of Dissidia, finally released on Android and iOS in English. The game may not yet be available in some regions, as its release is happening gradually all over the world.

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia — multiplayer fighting game with RPG elements from Square Enix. Fighting it turn-based like the old Final Fantasy parts. The game is distributed absolutely for free.

Title the release coincides with the release Dissidia Final Fantasy for PlayStation 4 NT (30 January). We will remind, the main feature of the series is that it unites the heroes and villains of the FF franchise and pits them together.

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Michael Pakter believes unprofitable deal for Microsoft acquiring Electronic Arts

Майкл Пактер считает убыточной сделкой для Microsoft приобретение Electronic Arts

Rumors, publicized in the Western media about the appetites of Microsoft that de wants to buy all the world, and especially Electronic Arts, demanded experts. Well, and who have the chief financial analyst in the gaming industry? Of course, the famous forecaster Michael Pakter.

In short, Mr. Pakter believes that the purchase of a Microsoft electronics a stupid idea. His calculation is based on the fact that most of the money Electronic Arts earns on the PlayStation 4. And, if at the beginning of the two thousandth, when the Xbox was still on horseback, such a deal would make sense, now – no. The main items of income of the company at the moment – the FIFA franchise and Star Wars. Well, if all this will come under the protectorate of the Microsoft, EA, first, cease to operate Sony, and secondly, Disney and FIFA won’t like it also, because they will lose part of the income that the electronics they pay for the license.

In General, in simple terms, to eat such a big fish like EA, but the fish is quite bony and its subsequent digestion problems can occur.

Sorry, but hearings about purchase of Valve Software, Michael Pakter not commented.

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The creators of SMITE laughed at closing Paragon and invited all to yourself

Создатели SMITE посмеялись над закрывающимся Paragon и пригласили всех к себе

Hi-Rez Studios has posted a pretty funny video that in the end this is not shown because many are offended.

The meaning of the video in the ad MOBA-SMITE action, they say, it’s such a great game that, among other things, will be supported for at least another five years. Well, and then went acuity at closing Paragon, whose fans invited, saying that their game is much steeper. While the faces of the speakers it was evident that they are extremely happy about the failure of a competitor that angered many. After the developers released an official apology, they say, had nothing in mind and then went to the standard rant about the competition, and other matters. But we all managed to see what are all these cheers for the success of competitors. For when the deeds of competitors going downhill, some will not be able to keep from smiling.

In fairness, it should be noted that the authors of this video were the leaders of the gaming community SMITE that have a direct relationship to the leadership of Hi-Rez Studios have, though considered it a direct part of.

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EA will return microtransactions in Star Wars Battlefront II

EA вернет микротранзакции в Star Wars Battlefront II

Electronic Arts re-activates micro-transactions in a shooter Star Wars Battlefront II. This was confirmed in the company’s management.

CEO of EA Andrew Wilson (Andrew Wilson) mentioned the return of microtransactions in a report to investors in the 3rd quarter of 2018 fiscal year.

The company recognized negative role of a scandal because of luchboxes on sale Star Wars Battlefront II. According to Wilson, it was an enlightening experience. But EA believes that digital additional monetization in the game gives the gamers more options. Therefore, the publisher promises to return the mechanism obrabotal it to the needs of players.

On the eve of the financial Director of EA Blake Jorgensen told reporters that the sales of Battlefront II was 9 million copies of the 10 expected. Top Manager added that before the end of the 2018 financial year (until March 31), the publisher expects to sell 1 to 3 million copies of Battlefront II.

For comparison, the first part of Star Wars Battlefront 2015 publication by the end of the financial year (i.e. by April 2016) has sold 14 million copies.


Onrush gets a release date

Onrush обзаводится датой выхода

Racing action Onrush, announced last year, got a release date. The game will be released the 5th of June.

Call Onrush simulator – not dare, because it’s completely arcade-stunt ezdilka with jumps and spectacular accidents. Something like Trackmania Turbo, but with different types of vehicles including the buggies, and large SUVs and nimble motorcycles. Just at the time the developers promise 17 sequentially unlockable vehicles, which has still to be tested during the beta testing, by the end of winter, beginning of spring. And Yes, the game will be released only on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Such is archadeck, in which the PC-shnik not to play.

Onrush, despite the General lack of seriousness, makes the Studio Codemasters – renowned expert on the racing simulators. With its conveyor descended things like Grid and Colin McRae Rally.

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Razer has released a microphone for streamers Seiren Elite

 Razer выпустила микрофон для стримеров Seiren Elite The company Razer, specializing in the development of various devices for gamers, has released a USB microphone called Seiren Elite. According to Razer, a microphone designed for streamers that create high-quality content and need good sound.

Razer Seiren Elite has a single dynamic capsule and has a built-in headphone amplifier and a high pass filter which prevents low frequency oscillations.

 Razer выпустила микрофон для стримеров Seiren Elite
 Razer выпустила микрофон для стримеров Seiren Elite
 Razer выпустила микрофон для стримеров Seiren Elite
 Razer выпустила микрофон для стримеров Seiren Elite
 Razer выпустила микрофон для стримеров Seiren Elite
 Razer выпустила микрофон для стримеров Seiren Elite
 Razer выпустила микрофон для стримеров Seiren Elite
Razer notes that the MIC Seiren Elite is very simple to use. All you need to do is to connect your microphone to the USB port, after which it is ready for operation.

The cost of the MIC is at $199.99 (about 11 250 rubles) at the official Razer store.

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Bosses from the Code Vein called the harder bosses from Dark Souls

Боссов из Code Vein назвали сложнее боссов из Dark Souls

The Network was thrown out fairly detailed material on Code Vein from a journalist having a pre-release copy, which, apparently, could not resist.

So, characters will have three types of attacks: light, heavy and special vampire, which each class will be unique. In addition to melee weapons, some characters will be able to fire muskets, pistols and crossbows. Of course, there will be rifts along with the ability to block attacks.

The game, like bosses, called more sluggish than in Dark Souls, and ordinary bots easier, but bosses, in the opinion of the journalist much more difficult than in Dark Souls. Their clumsiness they compensate for all sorts of stunts with telepati and partial invulnerability. And in the end Code Vein was called a “slow-drawling Bloodborne co-op mode”. But without a living partner, as it turned out, you can still count on the company of the companion-bot, whose help will be invaluable.

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