The head of Microsoft told about the incredible response to Xbox One X”

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella (Satya Nadella) is quite optimistic described the success of the Xbox One X during the current season pre-Christmas purchases. At the annual meeting of shareholders, he told about the plans for the development of gaming business in the future and starting performance Xbox One X:

“We are mobilizing resources to take advantage of new opportunities in the gaming market with a market capitalization of more than $100 billion. This means that we are expanding our approaches to ensure that, in General, think about the games. To how the game originated, created, distributed, how they play and how they are viewed by end-users.”

Глава Microsoft рассказал о невероятном отклике на Xbox One X"

Mr. Nadella assured that Microsoft will continue to follow the path of integrating their in-game assets on all key platforms: PC, consoles and smartphones. Will continue work on expanding the number of Xbox Live users, and to bring them to new services like Game Pass and Mixer.

In conclusion, the head of Microsoft said that the Xbox One X is the most powerful and technically advanced console ever created, this season of winter holidays enjoys an incredibly warm reception from the fans of the Xbox. We will remind: the system has entered the market on November 7, and soon in many specialized retailers like GameStop began to be felt a shortage of supply. At the same time, NPD Group analyst Matt Piscatella (Mat Piscatella) stated that sales of the new console, Microsoft this year is likely to exceed the projected run up to 600 thousand units.

Глава Microsoft рассказал о невероятном отклике на Xbox One X"


A new trailer for Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (video)

Новый трейлер Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (видео)

Koji Igarashi has released a new video Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. This game is the spiritual successor to Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

The developer showed the weapon from the game, a few new accessories for the main character and even a new hairstyle.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night will be released on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PS Vita in 2018.



The Germans are going to take the loot boxes

Немцы собираются взяться за лут-боксы

The story of LUT boxes continues. This time joined the case Germany – the main country of the European Union.

Recently in the local Parliament had received a request from the so-called “free voters” who were asked to include in the agenda the consideration of the question from the loot boxes to equate them to gambling and eventually to assign them an age rating of 18+. The request, however, was not satisfied. And it would have scored, but joined the case, the Christian Social Union and the Social Democratic party who still believe that this issue needs to be studied.

It is noteworthy that the regulation of the gambling market in Germany is also at the local level. Each area can decide what license to give, and who not, that looks pretty interesting. In General, whatever it was, the tug-LUT-box-rope continues, and who will win – is unknown.

The assignment of 18+ age rating it’s not as serious as a complete prohibition of opening all sorts of boxes and cards in the video games, but still undesirable for interested game developers.

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Tencent will release not one, but two mobile PUBG

Tencent выпустит не одну, а две мобильные PUBG Make it two. Chinese publisher PUBG is developing not one, but two mobile version of the game.

Mobile gamers will get two versions PLAYERUNKNOWN”S BATTLEGROUNDS, and both are official. Chinese Corporation Tencent, in collaboration with Bluehole Studio announced work on two mobile games based on the popular “battle Royale”.

On their release, said the gaming analyst Niko Partners Daniel Ahmad (Ahmad Daniel) on Twitter.

Titles developing Studio Tencent — TIMI Studio and Lightspeed & Quantum Studios. Both games are created on the same engine as the original PUBG — Unreal Engine 4.

It is known that one version will represent a more or less accurate port of PLAYERUNKNOWN”S BATTLEGROUNDS, and the second will make it more arcade and add capabilities not available in desktop version. For example, moving at different boats and battles on the water.

Both games will be released in China. About their releases in other regions are not yet known.

Apart from the games official developers, there are a lot of mobile clones PLAYERUNKNOWN”S BATTLEGROUNDS from different studios. Among them Survivor Royale, Knives Out, Rules of Survival, and others.


The staff of CD Projekt RED complaining about harsh working conditions

Сотрудники CD Projekt RED жалуются на тяжёлые условия труда

And again, the Network dumped the revelations of the employees of CD Projekt RED complaining of unbearable working conditions.

Further, the direct speech of one of the anonymous members of the staff of the Polish of the Studio: “We used to laugh when I read complaints from BioWare employees about the fact that three months before the release of Andromeda they worked overtime and without days off, because a year before the release of the third of the Witcher we only worked. Moreover, the situation deteriorated from month to month. Many of us were looking forward to when the Witcher will end and begin Cyberpunk, but it all became even more wild and chaotic, and so in my Department, almost all want to go.”

It is unclear where to watch the local trade unions, as there is in Poland on the compliance with labor legislation, but complaints are very common, and they last for several months, so it necessarily result in anything bad in the future.

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View the teaser trailer for the mobile Playerunknown”s Battlegrounds

 Посмотрите тизер-трейлер мобильной Playerunknown's Battlegrounds After the recent announcement of the mobile version of action for survival Playerunknown”s Battlegrounds, the network appeared the debut teaser trailer of the game. In the video you can see a lot of scenes with gunfights, car chases, ships, helicopters, explosions, etc.

A game publisher in China, will be the company Tencent. It is worth noting that the mobile version for the Chinese region will receive some features to match the “values of socialism”.

About, whether there is a mobile version of Playerunknown”s Battlegrounds outside of China, while it is not reported.

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The creators of the new Call of Duty to ban players for catch the bug

Создатели новой Call of Duty банят игроков за ловлю бага

Remember the story about the banned player in PUBG, when he used the glitch with the missing houses? Then the gaming community was indignant. And for those who are bored without scandals reported by: Sledgehammer Games bans for the use of a glitch in the new Call of Duty.

In particular, a glitch occurs in the console versions of the game after the update 1.06, when in the barracks the player became available to the regime’s Prestige, despite the fact that to him he still has to spool. From the field said that one who caught and exploited this bug, was banned for two days. The message was responded to a few people whose accounts have also been blocked for two days or more for the same reason. The administration, by the way, has confirmed its intention to ban for catch of Prestige, so keep in mind because you risk to pay, being without guilt.

Prestige is a special mode for those who spool up to maximum level. After activation, the account of the player loses all past achievements, but instead, you receive the opportunity to earn new rewards, so to speak, in the elite battles.

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AMD released a major update Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition

 Для видеокарт AMD выйдет крупный апдейт Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition AMD made the announcement of its next set of annual updates for Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition. Along with the announcement the company also released a small teaser trailer, created on the basis of computer graphics.

Recall that in the last three years, the memory chips provides 70 software releases, support for running more than 75 games and over 50 new or enhanced functions with more than 250 million downloads around the world. Radeon Software continues to grow to become a leader in high-performance hardware and VR experience for gamers and game developers.— AMD

AMD Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition will include a huge number of new drivers that will be released throughout 2018. It is worth noting that the practice of annual release major updates AMD came a few years ago. In 2017, the company released an update Crimson ReLive, in 2016 — Crimson, and in 2015 — Omega.

Details of the upgrade are not yet known, but surely AMD has in store for gamers some new features and improvements. It is noteworthy that in November of this year, left the company Coduri Raja (Raja Koduri), which has long held the post of senior Vice President and head of AMD Radeon Technologies Group.

It is hoped that changes in the composition of the company will not affect future updates and improvements for GPUs Radeon.

The first release of the driver from a set of AMD Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition will take place in December this year.

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Injustice 2 – overview of the perfect superhero fighting game

					Injustice 2 – обзор отличного супергеройского файтинга

The developers, represented by NetherRealm Studios began to produce one good project every two years. For the second time in a row they present to the public another pretentious game series Injustice immediately after the bloody Mortal Kombat X. the first part was good, but not without significant flaws. Injustice 2 review which we have prepared today, is an improved and expanded version of the original.

The plot of the game

NetherRealm Studios usually pay special attention to the story element in their games. Not spared this trend and the project with a release date in 2017 (may 19 on PS4 and XBOX One, and November 14 on PC). Many fans of the DC approved the plot of the previous part. The story in Injustice 2 is the same interesting and worked. It continues the story of the universe, where Superman has turned into a brutal villain. Clark Kent is serving a sentence in special prison, and the world is slowly recovering from his bloody dictatorship. The calm lasts quite a bit since connected the proponents of the “common Land”. These guys are going to release Superman. At the same time appears on the horizon “Community” — the Union of villains, led by the telepathic Gorilla Grodom.

Some chapters of the game during passing mode of history allows you to choose one of the two fighters before the fight, which is reflected in the contents of cut-scenes. The choice of character in the final battle and do determines the ending of the story.


It should be noted in Injustice 2 review that the authors did a great job on the facial animations of the characters. This is especially noticeable in close-UPS. The environment is also not spared: the backgrounds are dynamic, there is always something going on. In General the graphics are pleasing to the eye. Juiciness the picture adds active real-time lighting. Not to mention Injustice 2 overview this small, but atmospheric detail, as the buildup of spatter and dust on the costumes of the characters.


					Injustice 2 – обзор отличного супергеройского файтинга

The combat system I must say this 2 the review is quite intuitive and malleable that should be appreciated by beginners. NetherRealm Studios do not have to rewrite the game mechanics from scratch, and continued to improve existing ones.

As in the previous section, each character has sparsely and the crown. When the fighter ends the first health bar, then after a missed shot, you can go to “collision”. The clash presents a small mini-game in which each of the players spends stripes “super meter”. Who put more gets a small boost lives. Opponent with a lower “rate” accordingly, it loses some health.

“Super meter” is an important element in the game. Knowing how to properly expend energy to achieve great success in battle. The rate of movement during combat has increased, so the battles become more dynamic.

A very positive thing in Injustice 2 the survey is that more than half of the roster are new characters. The game also has the ability to create your own character what a powerful editor.

Total Injustice 2 review

In the end, the players got a great blockbuster AAA class, one of the best among modern fighting games. The game is easy to learn, it looks nice, and most importantly its gameplay brings a lot of fun. Injustice 2 has everything for the perfect pastime both in single and in multiplayer.

The review had been completed. If you are interested in the system requirements of the game, they can be viewed on our website.

The justice League is in Injustice 2

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Announced two mobile version PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds

 Анонсированы две мобильные версии PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Announced two mobile version PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds, but they will be available only in China. As we wrote earlier, Bluehole and Internet giant Tencent have partnered to create a unique shooter for phones. Timi Studio will help you create one that will add a naval battle, and on the second work Lightspeed and Quantum Studio, and it is more like the PC version.

According to analyst Daniel Ahmad (Ahmad Daniel), both being developed on Unreal Engine 4 from Epic Games. Look at their trailers, you can visit here. Information on whether they will come out in the West yet.

PUBG is still in early access and needs to get out of it at the end of the month. Before that, December 12, will be released on Xbox One. In the 1.0 update, timed to coincide with the full release of the game will add a new desert map, the mechanics of overcoming obstacles, will improve the ballistics and much more.

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