A Review Of Farpoint

Обзор  Farpoint

Hype for virtual reality is gradually eroding, but PS4 continues to out various projects for the gadget PSVR. The company Sony , in conjunction with independent Studio Impulse Gear, founded by former employees of Electronic Arts, offers to be in the body of the pilot of the space Shuttle and go on a dangerous adventure through an alien world in search of a missing scientific expedition.

Обзор  Farpoint

Before the game you are offered to be the camera calibration PlayStation and designed specifically for VRshooter from the first person controller aiming PSVR. It is similar to the monolithic machine, in which is mounted a modified version of the PS Move and navigation controller, and several new buttons. The device comes as part of a special bundle with the game, which is released at a price of 6 000 rubles.

If you wish, you can play Farpoint on the DualShock 4, but given the overall concept, to shoot huge beetles with a light gun significantly more interesting. Developers are asked to move away from the camera and stand on the glowing spot on the ground, to determine the dominant hand and to choose growth. That’s right – Farpoint implies that you will stand, not sit. In a sitting position the game is difficult to track the position of the controller, if it is in the bottom of the screen, which is very strange considering how well it works Until Dawn: a Rush of Blood.

Обзор  Farpoint

After quite a long introduction in which you introduce the characters in a non-interactive scene in the first person, you go to another planet and start looking for survivors. The authors are trying to copy a scene action, and so instead of dynamic Thira, you are just traveling through the corridor deserted locations, examining the pieces of the shattered space station.

The control is made closer to a standard first-person shooter, so you need to move manually, using one of the analogues of the new controller. This in turn causes the feeling of motion sickness, and over time – nausea, especially when reversing, which greatly disappoints and discourages play. The game resets the progress in the case of exit to main menu, so you have to overcome nausea and to close the episode or start the next run.

Обзор  Farpoint

Fortunately, to the level of ruthless bagged in last year’s Robinson: The Journey does not reach. The authors try to create conditions so that you do not have to unfold – even the enemies that can jump you back, come back, but in fact the standard structure leads to the fact that you really want to explore the surroundings.

In the options prudently left rotation feature through the flickering, which can be a lifesaver for many gamers.

On the other hand, the authors of the game clearly should have taken into account the specifics of VR, to simplify the mechanics and focus on dynamic dash with a fixed camera and automatic movement, as did the developers of Rush of Blood.

Обзор  Farpoint

Enemies at Farpoint look like beetles of different shapes and sizes. Some pretty fast and prefer frontal attacks, others you fill up with mucus from a distance. In the latter case, you need time to shoot down flying through the arc of the projectile so as not to damage.

A game heavy armored “tanks”, huge beetles with a hard shell, the destruction of which will have to switch to a strong shotgun. In this case, it is necessary to raise the machine up as if you get a second weapon, which hangs from the character on the back. It does not always work, so you have the support button “Triangle”.

Обзор  Farpoint

When you overheat the main gun, you can quickly switch to the shotgun. The latter, in turn, is recharged manually. Timely switching between trunks and the control of overheating based local battle system.

The weapons also have a secondary fire mode, like firing a rocket or grenade that can be useful if you are attacked by several larger opponents. Extra shells should be selected for locations. Given the bellboy the environment, they are hard to miss.

Обзор  Farpoint

Standard shooter mechanics by the standards of the genre, but thanks to VR , you get an additional dip. It is a pity that unlike Resident Evil 7 or Until Dawn: a Rush of Blood, the developers at Farpoint does not create the necessary tension, forcing you to run empty and devoid of interesting events locations, where almost nothing happens.

Theoretically dilute the gloom had holograms of characters that when scanning start scripting a scene in the style of Half-Life 2. But the script is primitive and dull, the characters destroy any desire to follow the development of history. All of these scenes only delay the time, depriving you of the dynamics and the desire to move on.

Обзор  Farpoint

Not without technical problems. Sometimes the game can run screensaver in which you fall through the ground, the button Options for the alignment of the frame in PSVR does not work and you are forced to watch the events somewhere from under the floor.

On the third level Farpoint malfunctions resulting in part of the buttons in the menu have stopped working, the weapon slid somewhat to the left and aim was impossible.

It is also worth noting that the opponents like to fall in the pit and shoot the wall, but it only simplifies your life.

Обзор  Farpoint

Graphically, the game looks decent, sometimes delighting beautiful and atmospheric landscapes uncharted planet. The damage effects look good, but sometimes you can see bad loading of textures, terrible models heroes without space suits and washed the shells of huge beetles. Although in General it is good by the standards of the VR level. In turn, music is not remembered.

Despite our hopes, Farpoint was primitive, boring and not the most interesting shooter that lacks dynamics and is not the best way works with PSVR, disappointing even on the back of an outstanding start line of the device. If you want fun to shoot with glasses virtual reality, it is best to pay attention to Until Dawn: a Rush of Blood, provided that you have not played the spin-off of the popular youth horror film. As for the Farpoint, the final rating could be lower if not for the quality Aim Controllerthat comes in the kit.


Aloha, Alol: review Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon

Алоха, Алола: обзор Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon

Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon are essentially the same Pokemon that come out every few years with improvements to modernize the franchise.

Diamond and Pearl in 2007 were the first steps to demonstrate the capabilities of Pokémon on a console with two screens. In Black and White surroundings became clearer, the pokemon began to move in battle. Graphics even more prettier in X and Y: battle pokemon become three-dimensional, improved the portrayal of the characters. Sun and Moon got rid of the stadiums and their coaches in favor of more exciting and long adventure.

Алоха, Алола: обзор Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon

I apologize for the terrible quality of the screenshots. Nintendo closed the service Miiverse, through which it was possible to make them. And hack my 3DS I do not want.

Disadvantages of Sun and Moon was uncomplicated formulaic narrative and habit of the game to drive the player’s hand in the simplest of moments. Coming a year later, Sun Ultra and Ultra Moon offered was enough to cause a desire to look at the game a second time.

From the first minute most surprising visual changes: vegetation is now bigger, juicier colour and lively scurrying everywhere local. In the sky birds fly, on the ground stretch the shadows, and the camera always tries to show us that there in the distance.

Алоха, Алола: обзор Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon

Musical themes are amazing, and the melodies and rhythms of each new city is not boring.

The basic structure of the Sun and Moon remained the same. Are you a trainer pokemon in a new tropical region of Alol. Traveling through the Islands, you make friends, make enemies, go through tests of increasing complexity. Mini-games and battle here reveals its full potential.

In the mini-game Mantine Surf you control the Mantyn, performing tricks and taming the crests of the waves. The photo club Ally you can take a picture with the chosen pokemon. If you’re only familiar with older games in the series, such things will be new.

In the beginning of the game “pokédex” will improve the pokémon Roth, and it will be a “roomdecor”. You would be able to establish a relationship, and he even starts to speak with you, but also ask questions when you get to know each other better.

In General, Pokémon Ultra Ultra Sun and Moon there is a growing emphasis on the interaction with pokemon, whether it be simple games or doing side tasks like searching for hidden pokémon or capture this species.

Алоха, Алола: обзор Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon

At first the Islands changes quite a bit. Reworked some of the testing. One of them will ask you to find ingredients for dishes, but with totem pokemon to fight still have. And this time players will be able to get the totem creatures (large versions of normal pokemon) in his collection.

On wormholes now you can move in ultra-space (and thus catch legendary pokemon from previous games). I was promised a different pokemonov, but actually in the game not so much. Catch all — quite feasible task.

Action Ultra Sun Moon faster and goes directly to the game, but not as fast as I would like to have experienced players. Now the coaches will choose the first pokemon almost immediately, without any need to watch the cut scenes and get to know the characters.

Алоха, Алола: обзор Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon

The plot in General has become better, has a good study of the characters and clever references to older games in the series. Cons: the answers in the dialogues have almost no effect on development, and your character is always smiling, even when everything around is scared or upset. And patience to the third island, the game stops being so linear.

We can safely recommend Ultra Sun and Moon anyone who missed the previous part. But despite the fact that in the game a lot, I can’t say that the sequel will immediately appeal to fans of the series. The game starts slowly, the first stages skip will not work. But if you get involved, the game will find enough content made with attention to detail.

Everyone needs to decide for themselves whether to return to the Alol. It’s not a huge update in the franchise, which we are waiting. On the horizon looms a new part for the Switch, and probably Ultra Sun and Moon is the latest exclusive “Pokemon” in the line of Nintendo DS.


Driver NVIDIA GeForce WHQL 388.43 improves performance in Doom VFR

 Драйвер NVIDIA GeForce 388.43 WHQL улучшает производительность в Doom VFR After AMD NVIDIA released a new driver for its graphics cards, which will improve performance in a shooter Doom VFR. In addition, according to numerous requests from NVIDIA back to NV Tray in this release.

Driver NVIDIA GeForce 388.43 WHQL also adds/updates the two 3D profile: Escape from Tarkov and Claybook. Was fixed problems on Optimus laptops in Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. The driver also fixes a few bugs and glitches.

Download NVIDIA GeForce WHQL 388.43 here.

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Overview F1 2017

Обзор  F1 2017

In season 2017 track and calendar of the Royal race remains the same, but the cars have become wider and now more like a huge expensive yachts that stand in Monaco. It seems that a return to the world of high speed will appreciate, but every year you see the same rake…

Обзор  F1 2017

Despite the high speed, a series of games about racing kings in the past few years stalled on the spot. Real championship “Formulas-1” with an almost complete dominance of team Mercedes (this year, modest hopes and Ferrari), hybrid engines, new rules and updated cars – all this is somehow reflected in the game. But there is a mismatch of reality: in contrast to this championship F1here race cars McLaren go more stable and even faster.

The new part has as a Career and individual events, but it is interesting to mention the historical events and the Invitational event, where a player is offered a simple job that will make you sweat, after all, do they have driving a true formula of the classics, like car Renault 2006, which won the championship Fernando Alonso.

Обзор  F1 2017

As always, the Central place F1 2017 is a career mode where you can create your driver, choose a room, enter a name, choose the country and a helmet. Game catch the previous years and proposes to use the same driver. However, edit character no one bothers. We’ve replaced the helmet and its color. The rest of the pilot remains the same.

Compared to last year career not much has changed: added new animations and interactions with the team. The game is slightly deepened in the paddock and even more shows the lives of a team of F1 from within.

Обзор  F1 2017

But perhaps the most important change in comparison with previous years – updated system improvements and upgrades. The command center of research and development works in four main areas. The cars of different teams allocated different directions. For example, McLaren-Honda ‘s Achilles ‘ heel is the engine, so, sitting behind the wheel of the car, the first points earned in the course of practice, qualifying and the Grand Prix, literally stumbled into the power plant to get new items in 2-3 weeks.

In the case of the leaders (Ferrari, Red Bull, Mercedes) growth is of course easier, but there is something to upgrade during the season.

Обзор  F1 2017

Like last year, the game has a number of tasks – mini-games in which you can earn points for development. They are given to perform in practice, qualifying and the race: a successful drive – a pledge of good development teams and better cars. Among job – training and the exact route on the path, ride with minimal tire wear and saving fuel for a certain time, qualifying pace and a special race to determine the optimal racing strategy.

Important for this season and especially for the above-mentioned McLaren-Honda is on the car you can change the details of the power plant, but busting them is fraught with fines of a few positions at the start. Every piece has a resource which should be carefully monitored. However, the cars in the game are not very realistic in terms of damage and receive the fine for the replacement of unnecessary parts is extremely difficult.

Обзор  F1 2017

From the point of view of gameplay it is important to note the different procedures in the race. For example, the start can be configured with a warm lap to drive the track once again, bring the rubber in the operating temperature, try the brakes a couple of times, and even speeding up to maximum speed, check the operation of the transmission and engine. The start procedure has also become more complex: we need to keep the grip and regulate gas to the desired number of revolutions, and when the lights go out – drop the clutch and slowly drive to the first corner.

Surprisingly, in the first race – the Grand Prix of Australia – on the track appeared machine security. And as such dangerous situations did not happen, so we did not understand what was the reason behind the emergence of the pace car: like a small gathering and a light rain. In any case, we are talking about the game, and no broken car, no residues we have not seen but 2-3 laps driving behind the safety car, and a round blew the whole peloton.

Обзор  F1 2017

Artificial intelligence is behaving quite arrogantly and makes seyfti car at a hurricane pace, and since the rule of ten cars distance between cars, the player will also have to seriously strain and push the trigger at the floor to at least keep up.

We played with the complexity of the AI 67 out of 100. This is a fairly high difficulty, but it is not so much in the ability of the computer racers, how many in desire to play Billiards, Carmageddon and Destruction Derby combined. To defend the rules against the mad max Verstappen (it somehow had the most encounters), Perez, Magnussen and the other is not just difficult, it is periodically necessary to use flashbacks, because that’s how they easy movement of the wheel carried You off the track, incidentally depriving the car parts, does not climb in any gate. Sometimes you have to lie very hard to impact. However, you can try to fight nice, going to turn parallel courses and later trying to slow down the enemy. At such moments, the game delivers a genuine pleasure.

Обзор  F1 2017

Physics has remained the same: the car is driven quite simple and generally predictable. A challenge appears only while riding in the historic cars in races at the invitation. That’s where cars behave more or less unpredictable and really fun to play: you have to work the gas and brake, to catch the car in the turn and so on.

Graphically, the game is already a year that appears in the top League: 60 frames per second, perfectly traced slopes and marshals with flags. It is worth mentioning the work of Codemasters on the part of the draw new cars – all executed in minute detail.

Обзор  F1 2017

Unfortunately, facial animation of the riders and team members remained at the same low level. Moreover, the characters are familiar to us from previous installments: PR Manager, race engineer – voice and an almost square face without emotion remained the same.

As for the audio – play happy: the sound of the engine, working transmission, race engineer – this is all well conveys the atmosphere of the races, as the Intro of the official broadcasts of F1 with the voice of David Croft, commentator of TV channel Sky Sports.

Обзор  F1 2017

Codemasters once again tried to update the F1, but every year the game gets more boring as real racing “Formula 1”, where one or two teams fighting for titles. In 2017, an attempt is made to allocate in F1 some RPG-component – tree of a proof, as well as the rest of the previous parts of the competition within the team. But the game needs a fresh look. From the next part we are waiting for the processing of physics and add realism. Until now, the majority of accidents associated with the player and the artificial intelligence that rushes at You like a bull to a red rag, and almost ignores colleagues. Want to see the cars broke regardless of the player. And if we chose McLaren Honda, then kindly start another country with 45 positions of the fine, because the engine is blown. The same goes for other teams because when you go at a fairly high complexity and jostling for position, surprised when he saw the car of the weakest teams of the season – Sauber F1 – somewhere in the middle of the peloton. All the problems mentioned above give an improvement, but they have long annoying players. As well as the release of the game at the end of August, when it’s been half a season (11-12 the Grand Prix). Unfortunately, this vicious circle of production Codemasters can not break, but did not even try because they have legs.


PES 2018 – overview Fatima 2017 from Konami

					PES 2018 – обзор футсима 2017 года от Konami

Comes again this time of year. Football season is in full swing and the developers of football simulators provide us with your updated game. But it seems that this year in the gaming community there has been a notable anticipation of new futsimov because neither FIFA nor PES has not made any big statements about any revolutionary new features. This creates a problem for reviewers: to understate the rating the game for what it is very similar to its predecessor, even if the latter was really good? Today’s PES 2018 review will affect this time.

The message innovations

Of course, no one will argue that sports games are quite difficult to be annually supplemented with new elements. Understand that the only reason Sportcity filled up with sequels every year and have a fixed date of exit is the need of the market. People will buy these games no matter what. Though the revolution in improving the game sometimes happen, last time it was with PES 2016.

In last year’s game had added quite a bit new. This year there is the same situation with a lack of ideas. However, it should be noted in the review, PES 2018 as part of the gameplay still feels like the best football game for consoles and PC. The passage of this game brings lots of fun.

					PES 2018 – обзор футсима 2017 года от Konami

From the little that the developers have changed the game in PES 2018 review should be noted downshift in the direction of realism the game speed. Not that last year’s “PES” on the dynamics was similar to tennis, however, put in order the speed in the new game, was able simultaneously to implement a more skilled and precise dribbling. Words to explain the feel of dribbling in the review of PES 2018 is impossible, you will understand only personally played a couple of matches.

The second important innovation is a function of Real Touch+. This feature works very well and allows the player different ways to take the ball any part of the body of the virtual player depending on flight speed and height.

New Pro Evolution Soccer by far bypasses the FIFA 18 on the part of the animation. The movement of footballers have become more fluid and natural, bonding virtually disappeared. It is not surprising that in this year the system requirements of PES have grown several times in comparison with last year.

What else should not be skipped in the review of PES 2018 is that in multiplayer mode you can now play 3 on 3 with friends or random players.

PES and licenses

The only advantage that has always been the “FIFA” game over overlooked with regards to annual sequels is at least, what “FIFE” one can forgive many flaws in a persistent update commands. So the game justifies its existence. At the same time wait for the custom patch for Manchester United and other teams in the PES to finally see the real compositions of football clubs is so-so prospect.

The lack of official licenses does not affect the quality of gameplay, and still is the main reason why Pro Evolution Soccer can’t get to the level of sales “FIFY”. To be fair, the latter seems terribly unfair, considering the fact that “PES” feels like the gameplay has always been better than the creation of Electronic Arts.

Summary of PES 2018 review

To sum up a little review of PES 2018. Sometimes the new “PES” seems indistinguishable from its predecessor, but at a slower realistic gameplay and improved controls make PES 18 undoubtedly the best game of the series. In addition, there are some useful improvements in the Master League, as well as excellent graphics, physics and animation. Let the game in contrast to the “FIFY” and not fully licensed, but the gaming experiences it is clearly a cut above.

Game trailer from E3

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The Elder Scrolls Online – free week and a jackpot of 20 houses

The Elder Scrolls Online – бесплатная неделя и джек-пот из 20-ти домов

In ZeniMax announced the attraction of unprecedented generosity: The Elder Scrolls Online today, and on the 6th of December will be absolutely free. Anyone will be able to load the MMORPG, register, and receive a gift of 500 coins for purchases in-game store.

But that’s not all: for completing random dungeons, the developers promise gifts in the form of some special loot boxes and additional lottery with the main prize in the form of 20 houses or 20 Pets. Those who the jackpot will not get just get from the loot boxes weapons, armor, Pets, and other attributes of happy life within this fantastic world.

As it usually happens with similar action, the game fell by 50%. Right now on Steam for the gold Edition of The Elder Scrolls Online asking 1849 rubles: a lot, but still much cheaper than usual, so that those who wanted to join the project, but still can not solved, have a great opportunity to learn what it’s for TESO is, and whether it is their money.

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Driver AMD ReLive Edition 17.11.4 fixes a crash issue in SW: Battlefront 2, and improves performance in Doom VFR

 Драйвер AMD ReLive Edition 17.11.4 исправляет проблему сбоя в SW: Battlefront 2 и повышает производительность в Doom VFR AMD has released a new version of the driver Edition, ReLive 17.11.4, which fixes the problem of failure in the multiplayer shooter Star Wars: Battlefront 2, and improves performance in Doom VFR.

The driver also adds support for Oculus Dash. As for failure in the new game from DICE and Electronic Arts, it occurred when switching display modes in the settings Crossfire. If you are faced with a similar problem, be sure to download the new driver AMD.

Download AMD ReLive Edition 17.11.4 at this link.

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Announced remaster Battlezone 2

Анонсирован ремастер Battlezone 2

Older gamers hooked game turn zero recall shooter Battlezone 2, which at one time competed with itself is Unreal. So, this game will get a remaster that was announced by Studio Rebellion.

Updated Battlezone 2, with new textures will be released next year, it seems, only on the PC. And, by the way, there will be multiplayer for up to 14 people with support of cloud technologies and cooperative game between the owners of GOG and the Steam version. Support for mods is going to be available.

For those interested as soon as possible to join the classics, we inform you that on the website Rebellion is a set wishing to get on the closed beta. You must register and wait (if you’re lucky) invitation key.

Battlezone 2 is one of the best games of 1999 year, developed the still-existing Big Boat Interactive, which continues to contend on this franchise, releasing in 2016 a strategy Battlezone 98 Redux, brought together in the Steam 91% positive reviews.

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Doom VFR ahead of release still looks pretty bad

Doom VFR накануне релиза всё ещё выглядит неважно

Doom VFR comes out tomorrow, the 1st December, but despite this, the game looks just as bad as a month ago.

Doom VFR is adapted to the virtual reality helmets of the last Doom, with a completely different story, a different hero other levels. Invited to play for the scientist, who was killed during the invasion of evil spirits, but preserved consciousness inside a computer system station, which allowed him to move into the robot and to repulse the enemy.

Main gripe with the game rescourse movement, difficulty with maneuvering to Dodge the shots, too arcade shooting and still lost the texture of the weapons. And it is unlikely the situation will save the addition of a few classic maps.

But Bethesda seems to have finally decided to move all their games to the needs of virtual reality helmets, which didn’t get how whatever good projects, really became hits in their field.

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Rumor Red Dead Redemption 2 will loot boxes

Слух – в Red Dead Redemption 2 всё-таки будут лут-боксы

Network flashed a lovely rumour that Red Dead Redemption 2 will loot boxes.

The reason for the hearing is in the speech of the head of Take-Two, Karl Slatoff that has suddenly taken to protect these loot boxes, saying he did not consider them an element of gambling. Instead, they say, fits the definition of “key”. The key is that the players are discovering new opportunities.

Mr. Slatoff wants to explain to us what the sky will likely not blue and the grass, to be quite accurate, not very green. According to him, if the game will be interesting, and from loot boxes will drop really useful things, there are no problems with micropayments at anybody will not arise.

It is noteworthy that in October, Executive Director of Take-Two, Strauss Zelnick also talked about loot-boxes, in the sense that it is concerned about the excessively negative perception of this phenomenon.

In General, the smoke without fire does not happen. In Take-Two is clearly preparing the ground, and most likely it is under the RDR 2.

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